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call transaction syntax in sap abap


New to Enhancements and Modifications in SAP ABAP

Hi experts, Could anyone has a tutorials or ebooks on this topic? I need to learn more about this.. tnx in advance!!!Hi Enhancements and User Exits User exits (Function module exits) are exits developed by SAP. The exit is implementerd as a call to a

SAP ABAP Certificate

Hi all, What advantages has the abap certification? Could you please send me questions that has been asked in previous exams, if you have. Email: [email protected] Thank you very much. Deniz.Hi Hope it will help you. Reward if help. ABAP CERTIFICATIO

Reg calling Transaction code in Webdynpro ABAP

Hi All, Can I call Transaction code in Webdynpro ABAP Portal Application. If so, how can this be possible? Can anybody give me a lead? Thanks. Kumar Saurav.Hi, The most easy Way is here: 1) Test any Webdynpro Application from SE80 when the webdynpro

Syntax error in ABAP Query

Hi All, We are facing syntax erro with ABAP query. We have a infoset/query which is perfectly working in one system and we downloaded the both infoset and query from this system.But the same query when it is uploaded to other system is not working. I

SAP ABAP Client proxy Errror occured when determining the Business system.

Dear Friends    I am trying to push data from ECC to PI and then MS-SQL Server. My SAP scenario is ABAP Proxy to JDBC   I have created on Enhancement Implementation for AS01 ( Asset Master creation). Here I am calling my ABAP proxy and uploading ANLA


Hi All, I am Working as an sap ABAP Consultant, As i want to move to the advance programming like ABAP HR ,WORKFLOW i need some suggestions to go learn it in best way. I need the best books for sap abap hr ,workflow mainly press books. Any suggestion

Sap-abap faq's

hi,   i want abap faq's which is used to face an interview, please help me, the different types of questions asked in the interview. please send an attachment to my mail my mail id is [email protected] thanks and regards chandra sekhar.1. How data is

Is it possible to use Adobe Interactive Forms in SAP (ABAP) Trial Version?

Dear All, i need some help concerning the usage of Adobe Interactive Forms in SAP (ABAP) Trial Version. I installed SAP Netweaver 7.01 (ABAP Trial Version) and i would like to use the Adobe Interactive Form editor (transaction SFP). Is this trial ver

Filter on SAP ABAP Initial Loads

Hi all, I'm trying to put a filter on the pass "ReadABAPuser" of an ABAP Initial Load. My SAP ABAP System has over 10000 users and I need only part of them. I tried so to add "FILTER" entry (as on ReadABAProle for example) on Source ta

Certification for SAP - ABAP

is there any certification for SAP-ABAP ???Hi this will help u. certification .. This is link from SAP about ABAP certification http://www50.sap.com/useducation/certification/curriculum.asp?rid=351 http://www.sapteched.com/india/confactivities/certex

What is best for my career: Sap ABAP or Sap BI

Hi Experts, I am Rajesh, done my bachelor degree in Information Technology, having 4 years of Exp as a Mainframes Programmer in a Banking Software company. my job containts 30 % understanding the product 40 % Analysis 30 % Programming my career Goal

Iam new to this SAP ABAP,help me out..

hi iam jyothsna, iam interested to learn SAP ABAP course,could u tell me ,how it will help me in my future prospectus ,how can learn this in a very easy way , because i dont have basic knowledge about this. thank you.Hi, http://www.sappoint.com/abap.

Create Transaction for web-dynpro ABAP

hi    Can you help me in creating a transaction for web-dynpro ABAP. thank you.If you want a SAPGUI transaction code that will launch your Web Dynpro ABAP application then I suggest creating a parameter transaction code that wraps around the SAP stan

Whats the important of "  table-type  " in sap abap?

hi, i am ahmed. abap fresher. i want to what use and importance of table-type in sap abap which comes in                            datadictionary                             V                                    data types V---- V                    

SmartForms (SAP - ABAP)

Hi Friends, Can anybody tell me how to search exact user exit to write code for workflow ? I am waiting for ur reply....... Thx and Regds, bapi bobbyhi, n order to find out the user exits for any tcode, 1. get the developement class of the tcode from

Which combination has best flavour M.Tech+SAP ABAP/BI Or else MBA+SAP ?

Hello forks, I shall be thankful if anyone can assist with me the below point -- Which combination has best flavour M.Tech+SAP ABAP/BI Or else MBA+SAP ? Regards, Tejas Oza. <<Moderator Message: Look at Rahul's answer below. Thread Locked.>> Me

How to check syntax errors in ABAP Queries

HI Guys, How to check syntax errors in ABAP queries, Can please provide the T-Codes. Advande thanks to everybody. Thanks, GourisankarHi with these you can check syntax errors and performance points Hi these all are doing t he same thing that is check

How to add a transaction code in SAP?

Hello, i just installed SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP 7.03 SP04. but when i login with a admin user that i created, i dont see any transaction codes under acoounting folder. 1-) how can i add transactions codes to SAP? ( to add invoice, order

SAP ABAP (AFS) Developer-Bristol,PA-6 Mons Contract

Hi, We are looking for an experienced SAP ABAP Developer to work in an Apparel and Footwear business solution (AFS) implementation. Job Title: SAP ABAP Developer Location: Bristol, PA Pay rate: Open Length: 6 Months Requirements: - Must have AFS (App

Configure SAP ABAP as service provider using SAML holder-of-key

Hi We are trying to configure "SAML Holder of key" between Microsoft (as a service consumer) and SAP ABAP (as service provider). The service provider/SAP ABAP is release 7.11 and we need to configure this component. We have found SAP note 125482