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Calling SOAP Web Service from Java


Calling a soap web service from a java desktop application

Hi, Does anyone know how to call a soap web service from a java desktop application? I've seen examples using Apache Axis, but it sounds like Axis needs to run on a web server and we are trying to avoid that. My initial thought was that, "of course w

How to expose a SOAP web service from HCP

Hello All, Currently I am trying to create a SOAP web service within a HCP Java application to allow backend systems to consume data stored in HCP. This is the planned scenario: 1. Create data in HCP - therefor I am using JPA and a oData Model. 2. Ba

Calling a Web Service from Java

Our java guru (who is out sick....AHHHH) created all the calls that are needed to access the web service that he has running. For example the call getLongList(String user, String password) will return a list of all outstanding transactions. He made a

Problem in calling XI generated Web Service via Java Web Dynpro

Hi experts, I have problems with calling a web service, which was created by XI. I have already tested the web service with Altova XMLSpy. The Web Service works fine. But when embedding this web service into Java Web dynpro application no message flo

Call web service using Java code

Hi all, Sorry if this question sounds stupid. I am new to web services. I am having a web service written in oracle, using soap-api. I want to call this web service in Java application, parse the result and save it in the database. Can anyone please

Discovery web services in java uddi registry via php-pear

I have published my web service in java uddi registry and I want to discovery this web services via php-pear. The pear code has not the setting about this uddi registry. The pear code for IBM and Microsoft registries are: 'IBM' => array( 'Inquiry' =>

SOAP Web Services in JDeveloper

Hello! As you helped me with my other problems, I hope you can help another time: A SOAP web service that was already running, won't do that anymore, but shows up the following two error messages: [SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:IOException; msg=R

Best SOAP Web Services Architecture for E-Commerce

Hi there, I have developed an E-Commerce system following the normal way of developing Java web applications (all classes and JSP files in one Eclipse web project). I want to modularize the application, I want to split the application into two applic

Questions on using a SOAP web service's data in a Crystal Reports report

I'm attempting to create a report using CR 2008, accessing data from a SOAP web service. I've run into a few problems, and need some advice. 1) CR doesn't seem to support WSDL files that use relative URI imports (for example, I have a relatively comp

How to access .asmx Web Service using JAVA? Newbie

Hello Experts, Currently, I have a project where in I have to access a ,NET web service. It is made of C#. I just want to ask how will I start the accessing process? I made this simple equation on how my project is. Java Project + C#.Net Web Service

How to consume the Abap web service in Java web-dynpro

Hi Everyone, I want to consume ABAP web service in java web dynpro. so when i tried to create model in java web-dynpro, it gave me an error message saying "Invalid WSDL or WSDL not found". i think this error message is because, to access the WSD

SOAP web service: null parameter if namespace not declared in envelope

Hi guys, We are exposing a SOAP web service on WebLogic Portal 10.0. The service has one method which takes a single parameter. The service works correctly if the namespace is declared in the envelope element, but it is unable to map the request corr

Infopath 2013 SOAP Web Service Data Connection - Error: The file is not a valid XML file

Here are the steps to replicate the issue I'm having when adding lists.asmx or any other SharePoint web service in InfoPath 2013. This web service opens fine in the browser from my desktop. My account is a farm administrator and is added to the web a

How to move data connections with SOAP web service in different environments in InfoPath Forms 2010

Hello, I've an InfoPath Form where I've around 10 SOAP web service data connections. They are calling a custom web service for a custom business process. The web service URL has a query string parameter which identifies whether it's a Test web servic

SOAP Web Service Authentication configuration

Hello, I've got a little problem with Web Service authentication configuration. I'm working on the SAP NetWeaver CE EHP1 7.11. I also have a XMII application deployed on the server and there are some SOAP Web Services(over XMII Transactions) that req

Schema Data Type in SOAP Web Service while using Integration Gateway in SMP 3.0

Hi Experts, I was working on Integration gateway component of SMP 3.0.3 where we can have oData services which connect to different data source from SMP and finally we have to consume from SMP. Here I have an SOAP Web service where there is Schema Da

SOAP Web Service +  Custom Login Module issue

Hi Guys, We faced an authentication issue in our project. Could you please give any advice how the issue could be resolved. Environment: A simple SOAP Web Service on top of POJO class created in a Web Application. The web application deployed to the

SOAP/Web service based repository manager

Hi, We would like to implement a repository manager using SOAP/Web service messages to connect to the document store.  The solution will have to support most opperations as the WebDAV repository manager supports.  TREX has to be able to crawl for ind

SOAP web service

I want to query data from a SOAP web service using Lookout, for example: SOAP Service URL: http://localhost/QueryService/QueryService.asmx ..NET Remoting DLL: [INSTALLDIR]\bin\QueryService.dll I need to write a program "Soapclient" using VB or C

Timeout when consuming a SOAP web service

Hello, I'm quite new to Labview and I'm trying to consume a SOAP web service created using a very simple WCF example, but I keep on getting a WebException because of a timeout. The web service has been created using the example from the WCF getting s