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A simple problem with sateful Session beans

Hi, I have a really novice problem with stateful session bean in Java EE 5. I have written a simple session bean which has a counter inside it and every time a client call this bean it must increment the count value and return it back. I have also cr

Bean as User Object

Can I make bean as my user object when I use JSP calling Beans??? The scenario is as following: I hava 2 JSP pages, name JSP_A and JSP_B. When I click submit in JSP_A, I'll call beans to do some setting and validations, and in the same time, will pas

Display an object of Image type or Byte Array

Hi, lets say i got an image stored in the Image format or byte[]. How can i make it display the image on the screen by taking the values in byte array or Image field?Thanks rahul, The thing is, i am generating a chart in a servlet and setting the ima

Confusing about CMP

I am learning Entity Bean by myself now. During the study, I find some questions which confused me a lot. Can you help me? My questions almost focus on the CMP( container-managed Entity Bean) 1.The Transaction for the CMP, I just wanna know when the

I want use an ArrayList into a DataTable in JSF application, but the JSP gi

jsf code <h:dataTable value="#{EmpBean.lDocumentos}" var="TBean" id="TablaDoc"> <h:column> <f:facet name="header"> <h:outputText value="N�mero"/> </f:facet> <h:outputText v

Why i canot deploy cd.jar when using JBoss on linux

Hi,friends I have successfully deploy the interest.jar on my linux box.But when deploying cd.jar it tells me that "Could not deploy file:/usr/local/JBoss-2.4.3_Tomcat-3.2.3/jboss/tmp/deploy/Default/cd.jar, Cause:org.jboss.ejb.DeploymentException: Bea

Set Property to javaBean using JSTL

Hi all, I have a custom object variable that I read from the session using JSTL. <c:set var="someObj" value="${sessionScope.myObj}" scope="page"/> Now i wan to set the obj into my JavaBean. <jsp:useBean id="myBe

Referencing EJBs by name

Hi all, I have the following problem. In my application I have a stateless session bean that needs to create and use several other session beans. In theory, I would have to include ejb-local-refs to all beans that I intend to create in the ejb-jar.xm

Message Driven Bean - Resource Ref

hi Can anyone guide me with the steps in creating the resource ref in the Message Driven bean. When i run i get the following C:\Sun\Projects\simple>appclient -client MSBApplicationClient.jar JNDI lookup failed: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No

Resource Ref's settings of a CMP bean in SAS PE 8.2 - Deploytool

Dear all, In the deploytool of SAS8.2, in the [Resource Ref's] tab of a CMP bean do I need to set anything here to enable the CMP bean to connect to the database? I already have a JDBC source registered in the server and it is called jdbc/mydatasourc

How to refer table bean in button action

Hi, I'm new to adf, but having good knowledge in OAF. In OAF i use to refer a component by using OATableBean tbl=(OATableBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("<component id>"); now i can handle my table using tbl object. Like the above how to h

Ejb-ref element references to other beans

Hello, Can anyone tell me what ejb references to other beans are for? (ejb-ref element). I am completely missing the point and would be grateful if someone could tell me why I should have the overhead of writing this: <ejb-ref> <ejb-ref-name>e

How to lookup EJB3 beans using JNDI names without defining ejb-ref in DD?

Hi Kenneth, I am just continuing the topic: How Lookup SLSB from other SLSB? <HELP> http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5117484&tstart=0 (my original forums account failed, so I am using new one) if I am not seeking portability I shou

Do i need to set Resource Ref's in teh deploy tool for a CMP bean?

Hi, I have a CMP bean which i have deployed, it doesnt work, in the server log shows the following. [#|2005-03-10T14:13:21.046+1030|WARNING|sun-appserver-pe8.1|javax.enterprise.system.container.ejb.entity.finder|_ThreadID=16;|JDO74004: Bean 'PersonEn

Javascript refer to backing bean getter

Hey all, So I have a a little javascript going on and I'd like to have it grab a constant I have in my backing bean. I was wondering what the easiest way to do that would be. This snippet is in a .jsff that makes heavy use of my backing bean, GIQDBac

Error while deploying a message driven bean

I am deployeing a MDB which is done successfully but the message is not retrieved(No message in teh queue). The following description is given in the log file. #1.5#0016E6197593004B0000000B000013040004288DE20D6CD8#1170489754872#com.sap.security.core.

Problem calling a session bean (EJB 3.0)

Hello, I'm new to netbeans and J2EE. I'm using NetBeans 5.5 Beta 2 and sun application server 9 pe. I created a new enterprise application and i'm trying to access a Session Bean (Remote and Stateless) from the app-client (outside the main class). Th

Errro when referring a Bean in Sender file adapter

Hi I have created a sample code and deployed in  the server and when i refer that in the sender file adapter module processor using the naming format localejbs/sap.com/com.vas.mod/GetFileNameBean where com.vas.mod  is the EAR Project name GetFileName

Remote Delta link setup problem with Bean / Access Service

Hello, I am trying to setup Remote Delta Link (RDL) between two portals. (Both portals same version - EP 7.0 EHP1 SP 05 - are in the same domain) I already have the Remote Role Assignment working without any issues. The following have been done succe

Problem with java beans and jsp on web logic 6.0 sp1

          HI ,           I am using weblogic6.0 sp1.           i have problem with jsp and java beans.           i am using very simple java bean which stores name and email           from a html form.           but i am getting following errors: