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caml query orderby not working


CAML Query with ECMA script, ORDERBY not working

Hi, I'm trying to get this CAML query to order by created date.  Seems like no matter what I do, it shows me the oldest items first.  Here's my code: function retrieveListItemsInclude() {     var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext();     var oList

Value does not fall within the expected range while passing a spfieldlookupvalue in a caml QUERY

i have to pass a column from master list -single line of text - and this will be the lookup of another column in another list splist1---> column1 [ free text] splist2--> column2  [ lookup column of the above list -splist1] now am writing a  caml que

Caml query using managed metadata column

hi,  I am having a console appln, where i want  to pass the one paramater in the form of siteCol1:subsite1:subsite2  where  siteCol1:subsite1:subsite2 is the path of subsite which is in MMS. Can i pass this string paramter to the splist which contain

CAML query return Two Events that are the same

Hi, when I run a CAML query for a recurring event in a calendar I get the same event returned twice steps to reproduce create an event in the calendar view as a recurring event set the series of event to all day events set the occurrence to daily  ru

Caml query to retrive keyword from rich text field

hi friends i am using below caml query to retrieve data from title field and Rich text field(Definition)  <View> <Query> <Where> <And> <Or> <Eq> <FieldRef Name=\'Title\'/> <Value Type=\'Text\'>'+letter+'<

CAML Query to Sort SharePoint list items based on Modified date

hi , can we sort sharePoint list items based on 'Modified' column, the sorting should be done up to milliseconds level. currently i am using CAML query as below <OrderBy><FieldRef Name='Modified' Type='DateTime' IncludeTimeValue='TRUE' Ascending=

Retrieve All records and display in Report using CAML query in Report Builder if Parameter value is blank

Hello Experts, i have created a report where i have one parameter field where user will pass parameter(e.g. EmpId). As per parameter record will fetched to report if no parameter is passed then it will display all records. I have done it by taking Sq

Sum and group by using CAML query

Is there any way to get the SUM of values with group by ID using CAML query? I have a custom list, in that I have ID and Value columns as below       ID         Value1      Value2       1             10             4       2              5           

Join two list with condition using caml query in SharePoint 2013 with client object model

Hi, Want to join two list to get all fields from both list. Am new to sharepoint and sharepoint 2013. Am working in sharepoint 2013 online apps. Am using context.executeQueryasync to load list and get items from list. Am able to get items from single

How to check all items are not null in CAML Query?

HI All, In a CAML Query, i got three items. In all three items, a particular column(Closure Date) should not be null. How to check in all three items, where 'Closure date' is not null? Thanks in advance!Hi, Try this: "<Where><IsNull><F

Order by most recent date not working in CAML Query

Hi, I am trying to pull items from an announcements list and I would like the results sorted by most recent first, but it is coming back as least recent first. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the query? I even tried "Modified" and I get t

Retrieve all items in a list by caml query then write it to a word file page by page

Dears, Greetings I have some code which will retrieve all items of a list with caml query. Now i want to generate a word file with all these retrieved data. I am using foreach here to get all the items in a SPListItemCollection. Now my question is ho

Get managed metadata column name in CAML Query

Hi All, In my pages library, I have a managed metadatda column named "MyProduct". When I try to retrieve this in my Caml query, the column data is displayed in a different format like : System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,Syste

CAML Query In Clause Problem

Hi,  I'm using CAML query to retrieve data from custom list in SharePoint 2010 using In clause. I'm creating the <Value></Value> tag dynamically and its working fine.  But sometimes I get a weird, no data fetch, error. I investigated on this a

Caml query to check current logged in user - SharePoint designer

Hi, I need to create a caml query in SharePoint designer to satisfy the below conditions. If the logged in user (current user) is a member of a specific group. e.g. Group Name = ISS Owners, ID=5 (OR) If the logged in user (current user) exists in ass

CAML Query Using CSOM in PowerShell

Hi, I am trying to retrieve list items based on certain conditions using CAML query. I am using CAML query in Powershell using CSOM.​ The issue is no matter what condition i provide, it returns all list items. Any help would be highly appreciated. Th

URL data type in CAML Query with Client side object model

hi, How do I write a CAML query to filter list items based on the URL field using it's Description? Same with REST API. How do I construct a REST query so that filter list items based on the URL data type using it's Description.Hi Cooltechie, Thanks

CAMl Query -CSOM - Display Modified date of list Item in a required format

Hi All, I want to display last modified date of a List Item. I am getting the value in this format :  Tue Feb 25 23:06:57 PST 2014 How ever, I want to display it as : Tuesday 25th February 2014 Please suggest how to achieve this. Any informative arti

My Library Column does not exist when I execute a Caml Query

Hello, I am new to SharePoint programming.  I am trying to understand how I can access the documents in a Library Folder and obtain the field values for each document in the container.  With this in mind I have pieced together the following code from

Filter SharePoint list items using CAML query as same as Like operator in SQL Server.

Hi , I have filtered SharePoint list items based on Name using CAML query <Contains> . Now I have a new requirement is to filter list items using Like operator in SQL. But Like operator is not in CAML. How do I filter list items using CAML as same a