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Unidrive SP CANOpen PDO

Hello,  I am currently working to control a Control Techniques Drive system via LabView and CanOpen, such that the drive system acts as a vehicle emulator. So far I’ve been able to read and write different parameters from LabView to the Control Techn

Warning 1073094668

Hello, After building two industrial applications with success, I am working on a third one using LabView 7.1, PCMCIA CAN series 2 board, CANOpen library and a few CANOpen nodes. Time to time, I get the following warning message when I restart my pro

How do I use more than four PDOs when working with NI-Industr​ial Communicat​ions for CANopen?

When I call CANopen TPDO Create.vi to create TPDO objects I can only input PDO1 through PDO4. How do I work with more than four PDOs? I see the other forum thread using an older version of CANopen, but it does not appear to directly translate into th

Motor Controller communication via PDO CANopen

I am using a Mattkeg Servo position Controller (MDR2300) to control a PMSM via Speed and Position control. The motor controller uses the CANopen protocol to receive commands from the NI Realtime Controller. In order to send the speed, position, veloc

CANOpen Library - Limited number of PDOs ?

Hello, Here's my story :         I have a CAN network grouping 13 CANOpen nodes ( motors, I/Os, pneumatic valves ) and a NI pcmcia adapter in my PC. I use LV 7.1 and the CANOpen library to build a nice application to automate all this.         For ea

CANOpen Communication NI cRIO 9022 (9853 CAN module) - MAXON EPOS2

I'm implementing a velocity control loop on two Maxon EPOS2 70/10 control units,  interfacing them with a NI cRIO 9022 (CAN module 9853). To this aim, I'm using the libraries from NI and they work quite well: for each EPOS2 I can read current, positi

CANopen troubles

I'm having trouble communicating with a CANopen module (Selectron AIC711) I have here. I doesn't seem to respond to any message I send to it, and I'm starting to wonder if it has a malfunction (or if I've misunderstood the CANopen concept completely.

Are CANOpen cycle-time​s required for SDO communicat​ion?

Hi All, In order to perform a particular action (Home stages) I send a sequence of 3 SDO commands to a positioning stage. These stages are using a FOR loop to a series of 15 stages. I am using a high-speed card with 125000 baud rate. When sending thi

CANOpen-Message with NI-USB-847x

Hi, i trying to build up a communication between LabVIEW and a Festo-Tool. The Festo-Tool accept only CANOpen-Message-Protokoll. I've got only the NI-USB-8472. I need to send only 2 commands: "go in Operational-Mode" and "open or close a va

How does NI support CANopen devices?

In what way does NI CAN card support CANopen architecture?How do i implement CANopen architecture using available NI CAN cards? Kindly give me some suggestions!It´s relatively simple to build your own CANopen VI`s based on the NI CAN driver from NI. 

NI CAN + CanOpen Library limitations (same as Copley?) - explanation?

I've been reading that LabVIEW CANOpen Library and NI CAN cards have a 50-object limit and up to 300 can message buffer limit, in which if these limits are reached, error messages will insue. Does this hold true for using the Copley CMO?  Instead of

What is ths maximum PDO read buffer size using the Series 2 CAN cards?

Does anyone know the maximum size for the PDO read buffer when using a Series 2 PCI NI-CAN card?Hi The maximum size for a single PDO does not depent on the series of your board it is depending on what else you are doing with the CANopen Library. The

Error -1074388947 with CANOpen Emergency Create

Hi All, I am attempting to control 15 positioning stages using CANOpen. The newest feature intend to add is to add emergency monitoring to handle errors etc. I have tested this with one stage and all seems to be functioning. I am using the CANOpen li

Examples for canopen library

Im new to the canopen and even can. I have purchased a NI high speed xnet card and the canopen libarary and installed them with xnet 1. Ive struggled with this so far and believe a better background might help. I cant seem to find any examples to run

Why do I get error "-1074388952" when using CANopen?

Hi there, I built a VI to communicate over a PXI-8461 with a servo controller from SEW-Eurodrive. I use the LV CANopen Library, please see the attached VI! When starting my application, I use the init case, during runtime I change the settings of the

CANopen Basics cRIO

Hello, I'm trying to use this example of CAN open with the cRIO but i'm having some difficulties!  I'm using a cRio 9022 with chassis 9116 and Fpga CAN module 9853 and I need to comunicate to a LinMot controller using CANopen! Has someone used this e

CANOpen - sample rate problem

Hi, I am using the CANOpen toolkit to communicate with a sensor which can be set to a sample rate of 1kHz. Before I've used the standard Frame API and there I've received my PDO-objects every ms. Because I want to make the programming more easy I wou

Howto build CAN-devices with CANopen Library

Hi We're two students working on a project to simulate CAN devices connected to a master. We have to "build" these devices in LabView. We've been working with the CANopen Library and the Channel API. We would prefer to use the CANopen Library, b

CANopen with single board RIO sbRIO 9606

Hello, I am searching for any support considering  CANopen functionality applied on single board RIO sbRIO 9606. There are some tutorials for cRIO using FPGA, but is it possible to translate the known PDOs or SDOs to the format which can be than used

CANopen TPDO Read.vi takes 8 to 9 seconds (NI-Indust​rial Communicat​ions for CANopen with NI 9881)

I am using NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen with a NI 9881 CANopen module on a cRIO in LabVIEW 2011. I am trying to read a PDO from a slave device. At the moment the slave device is not fully functional. That is, the PDOs are not being transm