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How to automate digital signing PDF Files in batch

I am trying to find a way to automate as much as possible the placing of a digital signature on a set of PDF documents.  We have Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.1 and the machine has MS Office 2003 with Vista Business.  Here's a scenario:  A set of documents exi

Enable Adobe Reader to Digitally Sign PDF created with Acrobat Pro 9

Hi All, I am trying to figure out how to enable adobe readers to digitally sign PDFs I create. I currently have Acrobat Pro 9. Customer Support said that I need to save it as a "Reader Extended" format, but I cant find this option anywhere. Any

Digitally Signed PDF crashes Mail and Preview

I've run into an odd situation - if I try to send a digitally signed PDF file using the Mail app or even view that file in the Preview app, those apps crash. The PDF files are created in Adobe Acrobat Pro version 9.1.0 (for the Mac). My Mail and Prev

Can I open reader and digitally sign pdf in flash?

First off let me say, I have 0 experience with Adobe Flash or Adobe Air, so this may be a dumb question or I may not even be asking in the right place.  I currently have an application which uses Adobe Reader to digitally sign PDF files.  The PDFs ar

Acrobat 9 Pro - Add watermark to digitally signed pdf?

Greetings, Is there a way to add a watermark to a digitally signed pdf using Acrobat 9 Pro? I was able to do this using Acrobat 8, but Acrobat 9 restricts this change. Invalidating the signatures is not an issue as the watermarked copies would be con

Problems printing a digitally signed PDF

Hi I'm having problems printing a digitally signed PDF on a dell 968 AIO printer. It works fine on the a majority of printers but we have had reports of issues with other models as well as the dell printer. The PDF prints fine when opened in Adobe Re

Digitally signing pdf documents

We want to digitally sign pdf documents that are generated in the printing service / AS. (rwclient is used on the client machines to access the printing service.) The digital sign should be on all generated pdf documents, with no intervention by the

Can IXOS (OPENTEXT) handle digitally signed PDF documents

Hi All, we have requirement where we want to store digitally signed PDF documents in IXOS (OPENTEXT) server and view them using IXOS viewer.  I have tried to save one digitally sighed PDF but it was also password protected and I was not able to open

Is there a way to optimize a digitally-signed PDF?

Our HR department gets resumes from applicants and emails these resumes to school principals.  They optimize these pdf's so that they are able to be emailed without going over the size limit of the users' email boxes.  They are starting to get a lot

Best practice to verifing digitally signed PDF (signed using localley generated ceritificates)

Hi, I have signed a PDF using a locally created Microsoft Digital Certificate inside my organization. As part of the approval workflow, I emailed the signed PDF document to another person in my organization (within the same network) for review and fi

Create digitally signed PDFs

Is there a way to create digitally signed PDFs by using the options at the "Print" menu to "Save as PDF" that is available at certain apps ? If there is no built-in solution by Apple, which applications do you use to digitally sign PDF

Where should the Green Tick get displayed in digitally signed pdf files in whom the Signature has been validated ?

I have Windows 7 & Adobe 11 installed on my P.C (Apart from other Software) . Recently I downloaded Digitally Signed .pdf files & validated the Signature with Trust Certificates . However , the Green Tick Mark is coming on the left-hand side of a

How can I convert digitally signed PDF's so I can combine them into a single multi-page PDF?

We are an architectural firm and we receive drawings from consultants as PDF's that are digitally signed.  In order to combine all of our drawings into a single PDF, we currently send the PDF's to a printer, have them printed, and scan them as new PD

Can no longer digitally sign PDF's with Adobe Reader 9

On our government network some of us have been upgraded to Adobe Reader 9 but now we can no longer digitally sign some PDF files. People with Adobe Reader or Pro 8 can. Here is a link to one of the documents: www.unl.edu/nrotc/Nc3065.pdf I'm also att

Cannot open digitally signed PDF's with Acrobat but can with Reader.

My users have PDF files that have been digitally signed by other users.  When opening these files with Adobe Acrobat Pro, it crashes the application.- a generic referenced memory error on some systems, a DDE server error on others, or a font capture

Problems with digitally signed PDF FORM

Hi everyone,    I am having a situation as follows: I have a adobe form that is digitally signed. In Adobe 9 once it is signed, the two properties are set as - 1)Document assembly not allowed 2)Changing the document not allowed. By saving the pdf int

Authenticate Digitally signed pdf on the server

Hi, I have a scenario in which the client has pdf which is digitally signed by client and sends to the Web Application server for Validation of the pdf. I want to know a couple of things. 1) How to authenticate the pdf on server side? 2) What are the

How to digitally sign PDF document in VB?

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to open a PDF file and digitally sign the document (with the electronic signature info showing on the bottom of the last page) programatically? Thanks K> (1) When I download the SDK, it only has a setup file whi

How to digitally sign PDF document in VC?

Hi all, i want know how to open a PDF file and digitally sign the document programatically in vc? ThanksDo you mean a tool other than Adobe Acrobat or Reader?  Since this is the Acrobat SDK, your users would already have Acrobat installed and can sig

How to edit digitally signed pdfs

How to edit signed pdf ? am getting the message that you are currently viewing a signed version. All editing and interactive features are disabled. Save a copy and reopen to edit this document , please help how can I remove this signature or disable