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can't see apps in itunes library


Deleting apps from iTunes Library and IOS Devices at once.

Hi there, I tend to delete all unneeded apps from iTunes library on my Mac, because when I delete them from there, it just take one syncing session to deleted them from all my other devices. But recently I noticed that this way is no longer helpful,

I can't install apps on my iphone using itunes from my PC ! I've downloaded the apps from itunes store. When I try to drag apps from itunes library to iphone, nothing happens. What should I do?

I can't install apps on my iphone using itunes from my PC ! I've downloaded the apps from itunes store. When I try to drag apps from itunes library to iphone, nothing happens. What should I do?Try downloading the apps from your phone App store > tap

How to backup purchased app to itunes library and restore

How can I backup purchased app to itunes library ( version ) , what I had found in google was old version with different format kindly advice , thanksConnect your device to iTunes. The device should show at the top right just next to the i

How can I transfer apps from iTunes library from one computer to another?

I have been unsuccessful in transferring my music over to my new MacBook from my PC Windows Vista. I even subscribed to MobileMe, but it wouldn't work! So, I have decided to take the time to copy all my music to CDs & do it that way, but how am I goi

Can't See Apps in Itunes Library

This has to be an easy fix, but I can't figure it out. My computer crashed over the weekend. Everything is rebuilt, but I can't see my iphone apps in the itunes. I looked in the directory and they're all there, but they just won't display in the libr

Getting apps from iTunes Library to iPhone after a restore.

Hello thanks in advance for your answers. I did search the forum but did not find an answer I could work with. My iPhone 3GS was acting up and I was told to restore it. Before restoring, I transfered purchases, synced the phone and created a back up.

Apps in itunes library?

Should all the apps I've downloaded/purchased on my iphone be in the itunes apps library?  When I pull them up from my Imac i don't see all of them that are on my phone.  I thought everything you pruchase should be there.  So I can transfer them to a

Transferring downloaded music from an app to iTunes library

I have music on a music downloading app that I would like to transfer to my iTunes library, and on the previous iTunes version I could do that, but now iTunes looks all different and I can't figure out how to do it now. Does anyone know how do this?W

Cannot Move Apps from Itunes Library to my touch

Have a touch with software version 1.1.5. I have downloaded apps and they currently reside in a folder in my Itunes library. However, there is no Apps tab under my "device" and I cannot get the apps to synch to my IPOD Touch. They are only on my

Transfer app to iTunes Library

I want to update my ipad to the latest version of iTunes. It is advising me to transfer my purchased Apps to the iTunes Library.  Can anyone tell me how to do this (I have the Brushes app)? Right click on your device on the left side in iTunes and cl

HT204088 How do I move purchased apps to iTunes Library so that I can download an upgrade to my iPad?

When I plug my iPad into my Mac to download pictures the first thing it asks is to download an upgrade to the iPad but It says I need to move purchased apps to the iTunes library before proceeding, how do I do this??  And while I'm here is there an e

HT1386 Cant sync apps between itunes library and computer...apps show up but grayed out

When trying to sync apps from itunes to ipad they appear grayed out and you can't select them. *confused1.  on the pad, settings, general / restrictions.  make sure that is not on. 2. if you have multiple devices syncing from the same computer, make

Anyone know how to delete an App from itunes library?

Hi All, I have a number of Apps that I have tried to remove from my itunes account. These are just games that I no longer play or have never played. First I tried selecting the App in itunes, then Edit/Delete then it will ask you if you want to remov

Migrating vs manually transfer vs network transfer of files, apps and itunes library

So I've tried searching and going through the forums first before I actually commit to a certain "Method Of Transfer" but could not really find what I'm trying to accomplish. So I hope some of you fellow memebrs could shed some light and advise

Can't drag and drop apps in iTunes library after a restore

Came back from an update (having transferred all new purchases off my ipod before updating) to find ipod completely empty, and needed to restore! (ipod only 2 months old) Initially couldn't drag and drop any of the library back into restored ipod, bu

Im on windows 7 i have an iphone 4 i have itunes on laptop but cant open any apps in itune library   any ideas

hi i have a laptop with windows 7 my phone is an i phone 4 i have installed itunes on my laptop i can download all the free apps but when i double click them in my library none of them will open my apologies im not very computer savvy thanks for any

Unable to move ALL my apps from ITunes Library to my new phone

I just restrored my 4s from an old backup. My Lib has 75 aps but the new phone only pickedup up 44. Aps Syn is enabled. Please help.Are all your apps compatible with the iPhone--are some iPad only apps? Have you tried resynching? Have all your apps b

How do I permanently delete an APP from itunes library

I've tried selecting the app and then clicking delete and clicking app and selecting edit (the delete field is not an option) ?Command Delete.Read other 2 answers

Cannot get apps from itunes library

apps will not load and after many minutes my ipod shuts downThanks Dave. I'm getting increasingly frustrated because twice I got some way with a sync of apps and then got error messages. One was that the iPad had 'disconnected', which I just don't fo

How to restore my iPhone apps into new iTunes library ??

I formated my PC recently and forgot to backup my iTunes library,when new login to iTunes on formated PC, the "Apps" page still can see all my Iphone Apps that installed before but all the apps icon on right hand side show in non active icon, wh