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can't type in visual studio


Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Project Error : The partial project item type does not have a value for this property

Hi, I am getting this error from visual studio 2012 whenever i try to create the following project types: - Workflow Custom activity - Web parts The error is as mentioned below "The partial project item type does not have a value for this property&qu

Visual Studio 2013 deploying incorrectly the content types of a document library

Hello everyone.  I created a SharePoint farm solution in VS 2013. I add four content types (say, C1, C2, C3, C4, based on the Document content type) and I create a couple of document libraries (say, L1, L2). Now I add C1 and C2 to L1, and add C3 and

"The root activity type is invalid" while importing a xoml generated by sharepoint designer in visual studio

I am facing a problem with Visual Studio. Following what I did: Copy and modify a workflow in sharepoint designer 2013 Import the generated files (xoml, rules, config) in a Visual Studio 2012 module Build I cannot build nor package the solution, gett

'{' Key not working with Apple Keyboard in Windows & Visual Studio

Good morning, I've been bugged by this forever now and tried it with Windows XP, Vista and 7 now on my macPro & (the latest version of) Bootcamp: I can type the { and } brackets just fine in most windows apps (e.g. start > run etc), but in visual s

How do I put a project using nmake (or other make util) into a visual studio 2013 project?

I'm not asking how to convert it over to visual studio's internal setup.  I want to use the custom build feature to build the code prior to building the current project so that the library generated will be available to the project. Steps I've used I

Access sharepoint list form visual studio

I am trying to access share point  site as data source in visual studio .I am getting below error.Please help me resolve this error. The HTML document does not contain Web service discovery information. Metadata contains a reference that cannot be re

Adding URL to Task in Visual Studio / C# SharePoint Workflow 2010

I have a custom SharePoint Workflow (2010) using Visual Studio. During my task creation, I am populating my task using the .ExtendedProperties.  I get how to do it with strings, numbers and boolean. Now I want to add a URL (link) to the task.  I have