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Capital Expenditure Application Deployment Error

Hi , I am getting Deployment Pending error on Capital Expenditure Application(9.3.1Version) like Detail : Initiating Product Action... Inspecting Deployment History... Generating Headers and Callback Information... Generating Application Data... Prep

Application Status Report

Hi Team, Request you to provide a document explaining all metrics available in Application Status Report. Thanks & Regards, Karthika RHi, I'm not able to find a document explaining all metrics available in Application Status Report too. You could ope

How to determin who/what set application status "UNAVAILABLE"?

Hello Experts, I've had users reporting that Application is unavailable during normal business hours... Surely, when I've received those reports it was back to normal. Is it being logged anywhere who (user) or what (process) set an application status

How to change the application status back to build and run

hi , i changed my applications status to run only .. and now system is not allowing me to change the status of my application back to "build and run" any help is appriciated.. ThanksI found the solution for my problem as go on below track and ch

ISE 3315 show application status ise taking so long

Hi, I have a brand new ISE 3315 appliance  running , whenver I try to issue the command "show application status ise" , it takes so long time before it shows the output ..the same when I try to start or stop the application .. I would

Web Application Status thru Command Line!

Hi, How do i find the status of web application thru command line? I dont find a direct and easy way to get to know the status of a web application. In websphere it was straight forward. Any help from BEA team would be really appreciated Regards, C R

Who can I contact about my iTunes U Application status?

We have submitted an application for iTunes U  for our teaching hospitals. Saint Barnabas Health Care System in New Jersey. It's been after 14 days, and we have not heard back yet. Who can I contact about our iTunes U application status? We are locat

I applied for AppleCare work from home 7 days ago and haven't received an email regarding my application status.  Anyone know how long this takes or if I shouldn't expect anything?

I applied for AppleCare work from home 7 days ago and haven't received an email regarding my application status.  Anyone know how long this takes or if I shouldn't expect anything?I have no idea how long it takes. I applied for one several months ago

Recruitment - Application Status

Where do I add a new application status in Recruitment? Thanks, SanaHi Sana, You can add/change the appication status in table T751A. The IMG path for the same is as below Recruitment - Applicant Selection - Application Status -Change status texts..

Application Status Report_App Advisor

Hi Team, We would like to know what exactly the Previous,Current and average values refer to in Application Status Report. Please verify the below screenshot for reference. Thanks & Regards, Rajesh CHello Rajesh, Here is the description of Applicatio

Tracing Application Status Thru database

Hi, I'm facing some problem with the application. To trace out this problem is there any way to find out. How the table is accessing from the database table while connecting the application. Assume that you are connecting application to database that

Application Status is IMPLICIT_STOPPED

I am troubleshooting getting my Portal application to start, and in Netweaver Administrator i can see that the folllowing applications: sap.com/com.sap.portal.fpn.accessservice sap.com/pcd_bizc_authoring sap.com/pcui_gp~xssfpm sap.com/pcui_gp~xssutil

Application status

hi, how to find the application is running or not.is there any query for find the applicatin status thanks with regardsselect * from fnd_application select * from fnd_application_tl select * from fnd_product_installations In the last query, the statu

Application - Status Menu Plugin, Advanced Interfa...

Status menu plugin to control GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi (turning on and off, state informing (on, off, connected)). Kind of all-in-one radio interface controlling. simple to use and you will need to reboot after you install it to see it in the drop dow

Application status in Software Center "installing" for hours

Hello, I have sequenced SPSS, application installs on the client and works but... in the Software Center remains status "installing" for hours. Once the status changes to installed, no errors in aapenforce.log.  CAppV5XHandler::InstallApp() comp

Job application Status change

  What if I submitted a job application and a few days later the job status changed to 'Closed'  in Jobvite? Have I missed my shot and they've already found someone? or do they only keep postings up for a pre determined period of time? I just want to

Need help for printer application status

Hi, I am using jdeveloper11. standalone java application,I want to know status of the printer,If there is no paper inside printer then message should be display no paper in the printer, if i did printout but after 2 second i want to c

Monitoring a Database's Status as well as Application Status

I am wondering how one would use a BPEL workflow to monitor the status of a database relative to it being active or not???? Also, the same goes for applications..... Thank youHi user, Seems to me that for a database, you could set up a simple partner

How to find out application status on a server?

Hi, How can i find whether the application is running or not on specific system and port in core java? //Gupta.By using the JDK's jConsole tool. YOu can connect to any JVM and display all the threads, memory consumption, etc. Just inspect the running

Showing search service application status error in SharePoint 2013

Hi All, I'm unable to configure search service application in SharePoint 2013.When I go to CA > manage services , it is showing below issue. On the place of started or stopped it shows 'error'. I'm using admin credentials here. Then, when click on se