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Num + caps lock on MBP 17"

I reinitialized a MBP from the recovery DVD. At the very beginning of the process num + caps lock lighted up and remained so through the complete installation. I did not touch them before and during the installation After the installation war finishe

I suddenly have two flashing lights on my keyboard by the caps lock key and over the end/pg up key.

I encountered a problem waking my laptop (Pavilion dv7-1270us) this morning.  At first it would not wake up and had to do a hard reboot.  Now I have two flashing lights on the keyboard -the caps lock light and the one over the end/pg up keys over the

Caps lock/scrol​l lock/num lock/ LEDs not working - instead pop-ups in bottom RH corner of screen

Specific details; p/n: GS066PA#ABG,  4 GBytes DDR2 RAM, OS Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition 64-bit Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) DirectX 11.0.  LED's were working but during one of the windows automatic updates they stopped working.  I don't know which

Problem that starts with *apparent* sticking caps lock key

I have a mid-2009 MacBook Pro (two weeks outside of AppleCare, of course!).  Last night, it appeared the caps lock key was sticking. It would type in all caps even when I hit the button and the green indicator light went off. Moments later, I noticed

HT1192 caps lock function does not work after latest update

Hi there, I have a Macbook 13" Early 2011 and recently after updating my operating system to Mac OS X 10.7.4, i have found that the caps lock button isn't functioning. At present if i hold or press the button, it is failing to light up or function at

200n Keyboard - Caps Lock inverted = no numbers + all files highlighted

Factory o/s Vista Home + recovery CD Faults occurred sometime after installing wireless printer. Computer left unattended. Son heard lots of beeping. Caps lock worked but text was inverted which also resulted in no numbers. Selecting a file from a li

How can i bind something to caps lock in AwesomeWM?

Recently i've aquired new notebook which doesn't have caps_lock, num_lock and scroll_lock LEDs, so i decided to put keyboard layout indicator to system tray. Currently i am using Xorg config to set XkbLayout and XkbOptions (like so http://paste.pocoo

I need to reprogram the delete and enter key to the left side of a external keyboard for the ipad mini. don't need the caps/lock or ctrl key and due to an injury my daughter can only use her left hand to type. She is using a text to speech app to verbaliz

I need to reprogram the delete and enter key to the left side of a external keyboard for the ipad mini. I don't need the caps/lock or ctrl key. Due to a brain injury my daughter can only use her left hand to type. She also uses a text to speech app t

My caps lock was stuck and I shut down. Now it's coming back up in safe boot and asking for a password. It won't take my password, I believe because of the caps lock problem. So, how can I get in?

My caps lock was stuck when I shut down my computer. It is coming back up in safe boot (I had spilled liquid on it). It's asking for my password - which has some lower case letters...So now how can I get in? Is there a way to change this password or

How do i turn off caps lock/numbe​r lock notificati​on.

I purchased a computer today and the only thing wrong is the caps lock /number lock notification that pops up in the right hand bottom of the screen. Whenever I press CTRL ATL Delete, the app that is runnning is called, HPKEYBOARD status. I tried to

Dv6 Notebook "Black Screen" following "Windows Blue Screen" error message. Caps Lock blinking!

I have a HP DV6 notebook. I left my computer on overnight and the next morning I woke up to find a Windows Blue Screen error message. It said to restart my computer. I was in a rush so I just closed the lid. When I returned I opened the lid and the s

Keyboard Caps Lock Led No Longer Working

I've rarely pressed the caps lock on this keyboard and now the led has stopped working. The computer is barely a year old.Paul_31 wrote: I don't know whether any of these were long-term fixes. All of the fixes suggested can work with the SMC reset se

Ever since installing Mountain LIon my caps lock no longer works.  Any ideas?

ever since downloading Moutain Lion my cap lock no longer works,  Any ideas?First, check your >System Preferences>Keyboard ref:http://tonylocicero.hubpages.com/hub/Kill-thE-CAPS-LOck-KeyRead other 2 answers

[Solved] xmodmap bug? Remapping Caps Lock doesn't work

When I program I like to swap these keys: Esc <-> Tab Ctrl <-> Caps Lock In ~/.xmodmap, I have specified these re-mappings: keycode 66 = Control_L keycode 37 = Caps_Lock keycode 23 = Escape keycode 9 = Tab The Escape and Tab keys swaps, no pro

My macbook pro  is stuck in caps lock, among other problems

my macbook pro (now leopard 10.6) is stuck in caps lock, no matter if the caps lock key is on or if I use shift, and windows close very slowly. I also can't erase the hard drive with my Mac OS X dvd. I can't login because my password requires numbers

My japanese macbook pro (late 2011) physical keyboard does not match with the on screen japanese keyboard in windows 8.1 so does caps lock

I am using windows 8.1 pro on my Japanese macbook pro (Late 2011) and enabled japanese language but the problem is that when i press caps lock (lower left corner) it changes the input method from english to japanese. I checked my on screen keyboard (

How to get Caps lock indicator in windows 8.1

How to get Caps lock indicator in windows 8.1   ??? i am using wireless keyboard KG 1061Hi bhargav0, I understand you would like a caps lock indicator in Windows 8.1. I admit, I don't know of any fix that simply shows you on the screen, but there is 

My "caps lock" key and "P" key do not respond on my 2009 macbook pro unibody

I recently bought a used macbook pro for university. When I bought it the guy who had it before me was running windows 7 on the machine. (why ruin a mac with windows software? I have no idea) I love macs and everything about them so I decided to wipe


can someone please help me before i pull all of my hair out. i have windows vista - 64 bit - the HP IQ500 touchsmart with a wireless keyboard. in the systray the num caps and scroll lock appears as little blue boxes (when on). everynow and again they

My caps lock is off so why is my text in ps cs6 typing in all caps?

Im working on a poster that needs to get done asap but all my lettering are in caps. I tested my caps lock and they are off so why is everything still in caps? All the settings are the same as they were when I lasted opened it and there were no probl