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Adobe Cloud membership - I am stuck in the loop of Licensing VERY Frustrating!!!

I have an Adobe Cloud membership - I am stuck in the loop of Licensing as well VERY Frustrating - I have a project due and have been troubleshooting for days - Un Installing - Re installing - NIGHTMARE  - Please someone help me!!! Thanks in advance -

DPS Enterprise License for Apple's B2B Store

Hey everyone, we developed an app and successfully tested it on our iPads via DPS. We aim to distribute the app via the B2B store from Apple and the tutorial PDF from Adobe tells me that we need an "Enterprise license" for DPS. Our company uses

Adobe Muse APTEE Licensing NOT WORKING!!

Hi, I am an IT Professional working for a major University in Missouri. We have an Apple computer lab of 26 20" iMacs, all running Adobe Creative Cloud with an Enterprise license. This license includes Adobe Muse (with its own serial number). We use

App-V 5 Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Enterprise Licensing Error 213:19

Hello, I've posted this on Adobe forums but also posting here to see if anyone else has experienced/overcome this issue. I'm attempting to create an App-V 5 sequence for Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise software, but I appear to be getting licensing e

How can I transfer licenses from one account to another?

Since the 90s I've created a few different accounts (different email addresses) and have licenses scattered across a couple. I'd love to get those licenses merged into one. Can anyone help me with this?Lie to the website until the chat option or phon

How can I transfer licenses from a PC to another one?

Dear Sir/Madam, in the course of the next week (Mon April 9, 2012 – Sun April 15, 2012) I will replace my present PC with a new PC. The older PC will not be used any longer. I should deeply appreciate receiving detailed step by step instructions to e

Microsoft Office can't find your license for this application - multiple copies of Office 2013 x32 failing to start, Software Protection Service timing out

We're experiencing a growing problem with our users in several different domains running in to Microsoft Office 2013 x32 'activation' issues.  We use KMS for licensing, which works properly, but some of the machines (~20-30 out of 1000+) sporadically

Want to use Adobe forms departmentally.  How many users per license?

How many people can use Adobe Forms per license/how many computers can we download software to?Adobe FormsCentral is a web-based app so there is nothing to download - you access from the web browser. Each users who creates forms needs a license of Fo

One license for OSX and PC?

Is there any way that I can purchase one license (with educational discount) and use it for BOTH my Mac and PC? Per the licensing: when I buy a copy I can install it on two PCs OR two Macs, but not one of each, correct? I personally think this is a b

How many times can you install Lightroom 5? My problem is that I have saved my programs on C. To I have more space, I want to save my programs now on E. Can I now uninstall Lightroom and reinstall from C to E? Can I use the same license code as the first

Please help!! How many times can you install Lightroom 5? My problem is that I have saved my programs on C. To I have more space, I want to save my programs now on E. Can I now uninstall Lightroom and reinstall from C to E? Can I use the same license

Windows 8.0 Volume License machines reboot and windows 8.1 is installed??

We are a small private university with 484 computers running Windows 8.0 with MAK key. This week we have had 2 Windows 8.0 computers spontaneously upgrade to Windows 8.1. Since we do have a windows 8.1 MAK key all we had to do was enter the correct k

I am having to reinstall Adobe Pro because of a hard drive failure. I have lost the License Key and need to know how to retrieve it so I can reinstall the product.

How do I retrieve the Adobe Pro License key/# so I can reinstall on my computer. I had to have the hard drive replaced due to failure and don't have the necessary information to reinstall Adobe Pro.As this was a 1,000 USD + purchase I did registered

How do i get win 8.1. *pro* for mac parallels, deauthorizing win 8.1 pro and license rules for windows vms

ok, i've seen this question asked a number of times.  i know the general procedure: - first download some installer things to a window box so i can make a bootable DVD / flash drive - go the mac and use the DVD / usb stick to install the virtual mach

Reporting Services Add-in for Sharepoint- does it need an SQL Server license?

In a new project we will be creating an SSRS in Sharepoint integrated mode. For this we'll need SQL Server and Sharepoint on that box. We'll also have one or more SharePoint Web Front End (WFE) servers. To allow them to connect to the SSRS-in-sharepo

ISE 1.2 Active Base License

We are using ISE 1.2 for authentication on wireless and have noticed that base licenses are being consumed and show as an active endpoint for devices that attempt to connect to the SSID.  Is a license consumed for any type of radius authentication re

Licensing Error 6 After Clean Installing Mac OS 10.8.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that I forgot to back up the Photoshop Elements Library and Application Support files...I can't find any of the stuff they reference in the Licensing Error 6 Troubleshooting guide. Is there way I ca

Photoshop CS4 - Licensing Error 150:30

I have a MacBook with the OS X Maverick Operating System and have had no prior issues using my Photoshop CS4. My computer recently crashed and had to have my operating system re-installed. I tried to open up Photoshop today and this window popped up:

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended, owned for ages, licensing for this product has expired? Was using it two months ago.

Hello, I have been trying to get Adobe's help for over a month now. I've been on the phone twice to them, opened up three seperate cases and still arrived at no solution. I was bought Photoshop CS4 Extended awhile ago and use it for my studies (I'm a

How do I install the FM10 licensing fix when Adobe Update Installer won't run?

Adobe Update Installer won't run so can't install FM10 licensing fix This question is Not Answered.(Mark as assumed answered) Aug 9, 2013 12:09 PM        Tags (edit): none (add)   Because FM10 began crashing with "fatal" errors whenever I tried

License code error in Adobe Photoshop Elemens 7

Hi, I've bought a new PC, and I have an OEM license for Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 from my old Packard Bell computer. I have retrieved the license code from Adobe, as I registered the software, so the code is valid, but I have downloaded the Photosho