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Challenges faced by SAP customers in taking their solutions mobile

Can you please list out the challenges faced by enterprises using SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) in taking their SAP or other ERP solutions onto Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, Blackberries and Androids ? Vinaya Kurpad Enterprise Mobility team

RichTextEditor ADF Component challenges faced.

I want to use ADF Richtext editor but facing few challenges : 1.I want a character counter for the user to check how many character user is typing. 2. I also want to implement spell check . Any idea about how to implement the above requirement would

Some Challenges facing in Desigening WF

We are facing some challenges in designing the workflow as mentioned below. The "Action" dropdown in forms is not getting populated. We added values in choice list in initform dialog box.We also selected "Include route name in form data&quo

Captivate Facing Problem - Opening a PDF

Hi, I am using Captivate 4.0. I have developed a course which has a link to open a PDF file. I have created a link and also I am able to open the PDF, but the problem is it is opening in a new browser window. I want the PDF to open in a new tab in th

Facing problems to open PDF files in iBooks in my Mac, how can I fix it?

I didn't use to have problems opening and reading my PDF files in iBooks. However, yesterday my MacBookPro started not to open any PDF files. Its books, the app would open normally, but PDF files it just blinks the apps at the bottom of its screen bu

Exporting to a PDF with facing pages

Please help, I have encounter a problem with InDesign CS4, which I didn't have with CS3 version. When I export an InDesign document with facing pages into a PDF, it turns it into a PDF document with consecutive pages (spreads are broken into individu

How to open a pdf in its native reader in iOS using AIR?

Hi there, I am wondering if there is any feasability of opening a pdf directly in its native reader in iOS environment. I needed this to happen from an AIR application. I have found that AIR can be extended using a java program to do the above task f

Is there any part of a PDF Form that is ignored when digitally signing?

I'm building a simplified workflow process using PDF forms. Users would add a Submit button to a form that posted to an internal web service, which would add the forms to an internal document system for further processing. Part of the process involve

Unable to see report in pdf format in BI Publisher

Hi I am new to BIP and I am facing problem to display pdf format in BI Publisher Here is my my generated by 10g Report Developer. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDOWS-1256"?> <!-- Generated by Oracle Reports version

Is there a way to merge Static PDF files and PDF Forms

Hi All, The issue I am facing is this: 1200+ PDF forms that employees will need to sign. The docs are being created in MS Word, and all have a standard signature block. We have prototyped using LiveCycle Designer 8 to add fields to static PDF files (

Error in pasting from PDF document

I am able to copy the contents from the PDF file.However when i tried to paste it in word/excel/notepad i endup pasting gibberish. The PDF file has 42 pages full of text and tables but i am unable to copy and paste it in any format. The Properties st

Error in certifying a PDF document

When I try to certify a PDF document containing an editable PDF XFA form using the Digital Signature web service. I get the following error: ALC-DSS-300-017 Certification of Static Shell XFA Form PDFs is not supported. A Shell PDF is a special type o

We are not able to generate pdf-files.

Hi , I am facing issue to generate pdf files in BI .Can anyone please help me in this. i am getting error "Error while generating pdf" Regards Brijesh Prasadhi brijesh, make sure that ur ADS cofiguration is correct. also u must know that max pdf

PDF preview in windows 8.1

I am facing a problem previewing PDF file from my application. It was working find in windows xp and windows 7 machines, but showing error line "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component" in windows 8.1 machine. my ap

Bugs in Apple iBooks 5.0.1: PDF support & remaining pages

Bugs in Apple iBooks 5.0.1: 1) Adobe Acrobat PDF file format support: With iOS 5.0.1 I am still faced with severe Acrobat PDF file format incompatibility problems with the Apple iBooks app. Pictures in PDF documents partially disappear, characters ar

Pdf report not saving in to the local system

Hi, I am facing some issue with PDF report. We have written code to generate PDF report using java to generate the report we have used the jasper API. We were able to generate the pdf report and we have written a code to appear the ��save as�� dialog

PDF Export Exception in  Weblogic 11g on Linux.

Dear Experts, The problem we are facing is while exporting PDF  thrugh  JRC 12. The exception is given below, Report printer was not valid, switching to default printer. Start time for exporting: 3525442149541 - Disk Exporter: no output file was crea

Acrobat Hangs Creating PDF from Word Doc - Possible Solution

For the last several months, I had been working on converting a 20MB Word document into a PDF. The Word doc has external hyperlinks as well as many internal hyperlinks. It also has many sections and uses the TOC generator. I found that when I convert

How do I distribute a PDF form to an outlook contact group?

How do I distribute a PDF form to an outlook contact group?I've had better luck converting my PDF forms to WORD documents by first printing to PDF so that I get a "non-form" PDF then saving as try67 noted.  The conversion came out much cleaner. 

Opening pdf file in ole container in forms 6i

Dear Sir, I have am working on Rental property system , i have to save the PDF of original agreement document along with the agreement transaction data entry form, but when i open those agreement in adobe writer there is issue that user can save as i