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Can I use my China iPhone 4S (MD242CH) in Canada with a Canada MicroSIM card

I live in China and have a China iPhone 4S Model MD242CH currently subscribed to China Mobile. I will be going on vacation in Canada and I want to be able to take my iPhine 4S with me and change out my China Mobile MicroSIM card for a Canadian carrie

China iphone ios7 does not have facetime audio feature

I had buy iphone5 from chian, shanghai and i had update the latest IOS7 to my iphone5 and later i noticed that my iphone 5 does not have factime audio feature ,at first i thought my ios did not installed proplerly later i asked my 2 friends to check

Thanks for the cheap 4GB iPhone!

I'd just like to publicly thank Apple for lowering the price of the iPhones. I'm now the proud owner of a 4GB iPhone, picked up about an hour after the event ended, for $299. I'm glad I waited. I'm sorry so many people are upset about the price decre

I bought an iPhone 5s in China and the maps app is different.  When I go to the US will I be able to use Apple's native app or will I be stuck with this one?

So I wanted to ask a question that my googlefoo couldn't help me solve. I bought an iphone at a reputable electronics market here in China and it is an AT&T model phone.  I bought it at one of the grey market locations because they were sold out else

Can iphone bought from US be repaired using warantty in China

HI I bought 5s last Nov and used it in China right. And it has some problem with the screen. Can I use the warantty to repair the 5s in China?Apple will NOT repair a US-purchased (made in China) iPhone in China even if you offer to pay for the repair

Where can I buy a iPhone 1st. Generation?

Hello I want to buy a cheap, old iPhone.CraigsList? Local papers? Ask your friends and co-workers? But if you don't want to be able to run current apps, which the first-gen iPhone will not do since iOS 3.1.3 is the last version of the operating syste

Does anyone know a site where i can get a new iphone WITHOUT A CONTRTACT!!!

MY phone got water damaged and i want a cheaper new iphone but i already have a contract..so i need a site where i can just buy the iphone without a contract so it would be cheaper and i can just put old sim in new iphone! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE HELP!!!!!

Who is on strike and when will the iphone 5 be available again?

We are unable to purchase the iphone 5 at Best Buy through AT&T because someone is on strike?  Who? and When will it be available again?A simple google search would find an answer: Foxconn workers strike over iPhone 5 demands, labor group says ... Fo

Is iphone 5 still available for purchase?

As the IPhone 5C and IPhone 5S come out on 9/20/2013, will consumers still be able to buy the IPhone 5 at retail at a cheaper price?Nope. The point of the 5C was to offer the cheaper alternative (iPhone 5 for al intents and purposes) in more colors.

Iphone locked itself? I did not create any password!!

When I was in China Iphone locked keypad itself? I did not create any password before!!You should have set up a password. It is important to have one in order to prevent other users from installing applications and to make your Mac safer. If you have

Hi! When arrive the iPhone 5 to Mexico again?

Hello to every one in this community. I have a question, if some body could answer me. When arrive the iPhone 5 to Mexico again?A simple google search would find an answer: Foxconn workers strike over iPhone 5 demands, labor group says ... Foxconn de

HT5622 iPhone 5 has been stolen.need help

someone stolen my iPhone 5 3days ago.a lot of personal information there.. So I use my iPad get on fine my iPhone location,. But today my app password has changed,that means there is  no iPhone 5location anymore ,I can't find it,I need help.i was bou

My english iPhone5 does not work in China! it is unlocked in the UK

Hi, I live in china and I have just purchased an iphone 5 from the UK. In the UK this is unlocked and I was using it with a O2 simcard for a month. I have since moved to China and I am being told that if I purchased my phone in the UK it will not wor

HT4528 If I buy an iPhone 4s how much would i pay every month?

Hi! I would like to get an iPhone 4s, but i don't want it to be too expansive every month. It says that it's starting with $99 so, what i'd like to know is how much would i have to pay every month.. and which one is cheaper the iPhone 4 or the iPhone

My iPhone 4S Died

My iPhone 4s died.  This is the second time that this has happened to me. I didn't drop it or anything.  My power button died a couple of weeks ago so I can't even try to manually reboot my phone.  I'm so annoyed.  Any advice? Apple and AT&T haven't

E 51 ON


New battery is not working on Satellite C855-29N

I purchased a battery. I've put it in to the laptop and the battery light is just flashing orange. I tried removing the ac adaptor and battery and holding down the power butter for 30-40 seconds before putting the new battery back in again, plugging

Add a line calculations? Opinions welcomed

My mom and I or on the 65 plus share plan 59/month. However it only allows for two lines. So in order to get the iphone4s at a discounted price, we'd have to switch to a family share plan 69/month then add a line at $10/month. That's $20/month more t

Unfortunate Incident

ok you're going to say i am an id1ot and i agree that what i did was pretty stup1d however if the phone was designed differently it wouldn't have happened. i ride my bike while listening to music on the iPhone and every once in a while i need to take

Was anyone able to transfer audio to bluetooth headset in windows 7?

I have a bluetooth stereo headset. Its a cheap china made headset called skywing. I am able to pair it and use it with my cell phone. It used to work with my old dell laptop. I recently purchased a HP tx2z touchsmart laptop and now I installed window