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What is a website that can assist with getting student loans under control?

I've seen in previous post people refer others to a website that will assist you in getting your loans under control. I have multiple loans with different loan companies and I want to speak with someone to guide me through getting on the right track?

Paid School loans off but not reporting as paid off

Ok so here is the story, back in November of 2009 I received a large settlement so one of first things I did was payed my school loans off directly to Sallie Mae. I made sure that I paid them all off before hanging up with the person on the phone and

Still no sound in Flash Player 11.7.202, I surrender

I have been dealing with no sounds & videos freezing for a month.  I have Windows Vista 32 bit Internet Explorer.  I have uninstalled & reinstalled, followed all the FAQ suggestions, cleared cache, etc.  Flash Player 11.7.202 was a required update

Can Demantra Forecast at a National level?

Good afternoon Forum, I posted a thread about a month ago and am back again to hear some more good advice and information. I work in a business group which supplies spare parts nationally through regional distribution centers for a large industrial e

Issue in Loan Infotype

Dear Experts, I have come across a very weird scenario. In IT45, for eg., if an employee is taking loan of Rs. 570, 614, with effect from 01.01.2014. Now for 2 months, deduction is done @ Rs. 22500. So, Jan - Rs. 22500 + Feb - Rs. 22500 = 45000. Same

Income tax rule 2014-15:issue in Loan Interest Limit in infotype 584 for tcode-pa30

Currently when we are using existed limit which is 1,50000 for income from other sources. it is displaying in pay slip.in any other income colum as  Deds S24 (104692.00 -) pa30-infotype-584 –limit-150000 As per new tax rules for year 2014-15,we have

Pension Pro-ration and Loans

Has anyone who has implemented pension pro-ration based on WPBP splits experienced problems with loans being recovered through the payroll? We have recently activated node 9 of feature GBCHG - 'Proration based on WPBP splits.' We have now discovered

National Freeview TV Guide Update – 17th October

National Freeview TV Guide Update – 17th October On the 17th October the Freeview TV Guide will be updated.  This update will create extra capacity for new Freeview services and make the guide easier to navigate. As a result of the update, some chann

Is there a free loan calculator that I can put on my iweb site

Does anyone know of a free loan calculator that I can embed in my iweb site? I need a simple interest loan calculator where you can choose different terms, rates & amount financed. Thanks.777 Development group has something similar, contact them: htt

Type of service during national roaming (MVNO)

I'm using the MVNO network BOB in Austria which is part of A1 and uses A1 national roaming. I'm not seeing the type of service (4G, 3G, GPRS) because its only showing the "R" symbol all the time. This issue does not exist on the AOSP or Google P

Closed Auto Loan Reporting As Open Question

I have an auto loan reporting across all bureaus as open but in good standing. I suppose that is well and good except for the fact that the loan was closed in Dec of last year. My question...would having the loan shown as open reduce my credit score

How to get loan balance

Dear Friends, How to get loan balance in HR module. any help higly appricated. Regards, MalikHi, Use the Function Module "PYXX_READ_PAYROLL_RESULT". Check Tables PA0045 & PA0078 (If loan amount is more than Salary). Cheers, Sunil B.Read othe

Interest calculation on secured loans

Hi guys, I have a customer invoice at 1000 rs after that i have been paid to customer for 5000 rs. The difference amount of 4000 rs (5000 - 1000 ) we have considered as a secured loan. So how can i calculated the interest on the 4000 rs only. Please

Interest calculation on bank loan

Hi guru, we have taken long term loan from 10 banks.we have to calculate interest on loan from each bank.we have maintained each bank loan a/c as a vendor.As we know the procedure as given by sap for balance interest calculation will be followed here

Interest accrual method calculation for loan interest

Hello, Our company is using the Trsy module for intercompany loans with these settings on the deal: - Interest calculation method of 7 360/360 - Linear Interest Calculation and the - Pro Rata Temporis Calculation selected for both the first and last

Report for loans given to customer

hi to all,            i m new to abap, i have requirement for developing a report that list loans given to customer.im unable to find table for loans please help me out .its very very urgent.Are you talking about monetary loans or goods such as equip

Unicode Migration using National Characterset data types - Best Practice ?

I know that Oracle discourages the use of the national characterset and national characterset data types(NCHAR, NVARCHAR) but that is the route my company has decide to take and I would like to know what is the best practice regarding this specifical

Cosigning Student Loans - Learn From My Mistakes - Please Read

I have gone through a nightmare due to a student loan that I co-signed on, and I am creating this post in the hopes that you will learn from my mistakes. Please pass this post on to anyone who you think would benefit, and hopefully save them a lot of

NASA Auto Loan Questions

So I recently got approved for NASA membership and CC. I am also toying with the idea of getting a new car or truck. Currently drive a 07 Accord that has been paid of for a few years now. While I love having 0 car payments I kinda want something more

NASS Auto Loan Questions

So I recently got approved for NASA membership and CC. I am also toying with the idea of getting a new car or truck. Currently drive a 07 Accord that has been paid of for a few years now. While I love having 0 car payments I kinda want something more