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cipher block chaining


3DES CBC mode

My task to create a class that take 2 parameters 1)String Key, 2)String text then encrypt the string using the giving key and retrun the base64 encoding. My class seem working but the remote server did not decrypted. one thing of the vendor specifica

Encryption/Decryption  failure for pdf and MSWord files

Hi, Is there anybody to help me to find out what is wrong with my class (listing below)? I am sucessfuly using this class to encrypt and decrypt txt, html files but for unknown reasons I am unable to use it for e.g. pdf files. The encrypion somehow w

Newly Occuring CSS SSL Issue in Chrome, FF10, IE9 with L5 rules; 3 second delay, loss of L5 stickyness

We recently started suffering an issue with our CSS11501S-K9 units not performing URL stickiness on our SSL wrapped L5 rules.  I've spent dozens of manhours working on the problem, and have quite a bit of information to report, including a solution.