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Circle Symbol WIth Lock In It Near Battery Symbol - What is it?

My IPhone 4 stopped rotating the display horizontally when viewing web pages and I am also noticing a circle symbol with a little padlock in the circle located next to the battery indicator. I am assuming that this symbol is indicating that a lock of

Line through a circle symbol, can't find a way around it! Help please!

On start up of my MDD G4 I am getting a no entry symbol, a circle with a line through it. To give the full background of events, 2 evenings ago the Mac froze up for no reason, at the point I think where the screensaver would’ve activated due to inact

How to mark (psd) Images with the Circle Symbol without duplicating them

I would like to import my layered images in Aperture. The problem is i would like to further adjust them in photoshop cs3 without creating a duplicate. Is there a possibility to mark this images with the Circle Symbol (for edited with external editor

Symbol & Text Substitution

Pages 09 seems to use a similar symbol & text substitution facility to Snow Leopard; why it doesn't use the OS's I don't know. But I found a way of entering another 2,000 typos in the OS's version through this web-site http://db.tidbits.com/article/1

How to create a circle with text that is transparent

I am trying to achieve this affect. I want a black circle with text in it but where ever I place the circle the text needs to be transparent and you see through it. Any help would be much appreciated. I am using Illustrator CC 2014 ThanksI am using C

Dashed circle symbol next to songs.

I put 4 albums on my computer from Google Play. Added them to ITunes and then synced with IPod Touch. 2 albums transferred no problem, other 2 show up with dashed circle symbol next to the songs and they aren't really on my IPod. I accidentally delet

Black circle obscures text

Been having issues with xfi extreme games for first time in 2 years and trying to find optional drivers using this forum, but I am finding it difficult to track things down because of a large black semi-transparent circle that obscures posts and head

Curves Circle Symbol Disappeared in Photoshop - Replaced With Curves Icon. Need help

Today I watched a YouTube video on how to get rid of under eye darkness in Photoshop (I use CC). It worked beautifully! So easy. I opened another photo to do the same thing, left my computer for a couple hours, came back, and the Curves symbol disapp

Load external data to symbol (text + images)

Hi there! I would like to make a symbol that contains one image and one textfield. I've got three buttons, and when I click on each button the symbol shows a different content (so an image and a text depending on what button was clicked, but always i

Circle on text

Hi Guys: I have some strange requirement. Experts can tell whether its po'ble or not. I need <b>circle around the text</b> on Report Header. Suggestions are welcome and any doubt on thread please lemme know. Regards Suresh Babu KaranamThis is

Lion bonus: Turn symbol & text substitution as a shorthand expander or frequent error fixer

I know auto-correct is irritating a lot of people. And it has limitiations in its smartness: Why doesn't it auto-correct when one makes the fairly common error of capitalizing the first two letters in a word? MS Office's auto-correct did that as stan

Acrobat 9 Forms - create circle around text on mouse click?

Hello.  I've searched all through the Help documents, this forum, acrobatusers.com, google, and haven't been able to find what I need.  So if this question has previously been answered, accept my deepest apologies and point me in the direction of sai

Symbol & Text Substitution Is Case Insensitive But "Forgets" Case

For example, when mistyping "The Republic" as "Teh Republic", text substitution will replace "Teh" with "the" in lower case, "forgetting" the original case. An understandable response from the software, bu

My yahoo will no longer open and I tried adjusting settings and it is worse. Please help. When I log on, in the loading area, instead of the circling symbol, it continues to load numbers, symbols, letters and does not stop.

On Tuesday, I downloaded 4.0 Firefox as Yahoo recommended. After that, every time I tried to log onto Yahoo, the above problem started. I went in and removed 4.0 to the earlier version. It still does not work. I am receiving messages through my husba

Not able to make change of text in text symbol which are stored in txt pool

Hi Experts, I have new problem today. I have been told to make changes of header text which is displayed after running one customized program. Program name : ZSDXXXXX1 which is attached in one Tcode: ZSDXX2.But when I goto SE38 and display the progra

Assigning a Value to a Text Symbol: DEFINE

Hi all, I am printing some text in the form. The text is in the database table and is retrieved. say the field name is fld06 in the table ztfin. Previously it is code as &zfin-fld06& in the form edotir. Now my requiremnet is to dispay some other t

Adobe printing web pages - prints symbols not text

I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Version 9.5.0 on a PC running Windows 7 with IE 9 V9.0.8112.16421. When I print from certain web pages, for example flight documents using the printer icon and printing to the Adobe PDF printer the resulting pdf file ha

"copy and paste text within symbol" bug

I am sure this has been discussed, but have not found it using search. Follow these steps to demonstrate a "Symbol Text" bug (CS5 through CC 2014): Create Symbol containing editable text. Edit symbol by selecting and copying a portion of text at

Table containing Program Texts(Text Symbols, SelectionTexts, List Heading)

Hi All,          I would like to know which is the standard SAP std. table which stores the data regarding Text Symbols, SelectionTexts, and List Heading of every program we create. There should definitly be a table where it is stored (otherwise we w

What is the difference between Standard text and Text Symbols?

Hi,             1.Difference between Standard text and text symbol,?             2. Which we use Standard symbol?Text symbol Text symbols are symbols representing text elements. In fact, a text symbol can be defined for every text elements. The readi