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Configuring Cisco/IronPort plugin for Outlook with CRES

With the discontinuation of the IronPort IEA appliances we are getting ready to move from our on-premise IEA appliances to CRES.  I have a demo key for Encryption that I am running on my C660s and I have an Outlook client configured with the Email Se

Cisco 7206 has with LLQ QOS and cpu 85 %

hi all , i want to mention issue about cisco router 7206 npeg2 : can this router handle traffic  780 Mbps  as download  and 75 MBps as upload ?? with cpu 85 % and with LLQ  qos ?? im asking this question because my QOS althoug it matched alot of traf

SPAM filter setting for CRES secure e-mail

I am using Ironport strictly as an outgoing e-mail encryption engine. We use a different incoming spam filter (Barracuda). I would like to be able to go to the CRES site and send an encrypted message to our internal domain so users can establish thei

Provision of an CRES Profile

Hello, I would like to provision an CRES Profile with our C350, but everytime I try, I got the following error message: Unable to provision profile "profilename" for reason: Unable to send HTTP request Please make sure that you have correctly re

How to create a CRES corporate account?

In the ESA Configuration guide, it lists a step as "If you want to use the hosted key service, create a Cisco Registered Envelope Service corporate account. You create the account by clicking the Provision button after configuring an encryption profi

CRES maintenance coming October 10th, 2009 - New times!

Update - 2009-09-29 Based on your feedback, we are delaying the maintenance start time to 15:00 PST (22:00 UTC). The duration remains 6 hours and the day is still October 10th, 2009. The Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) will be temporarily un

Permissions on Postx Jar for CRES

Hi, When I try to read an incoming secure message (CRES Registered Envelope) using a browser, I get the following error regarding missing permissions on a Postx jar: If I continue to run, I get the following second message. I cannot decrypted the mes

CRES upgrade coming October 10th, 2009 - New Times!

Update - 2009-09-29 Based on your feedback, we are delaying the maintenance start time to 15:00 PST (22:00 UTC). The duration remains 6 hours and the day is still October 10th, 2009. Cisco Systems is pleased to announce a major upgrade of the Cisco R

CRES and Updater Outage

We are currently encountering problems with one of our data centers which hosts the following services: Service Address Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) https://res.cisco.com Cisco Content Security Updates (AsyncOS upgrades, Anti-Virus and An

User registration at CRES

This is probably a really stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer in the Knowledgebase or the manuals... I've got a C-series on trial at the moment, primarily for the encryption feature. I've worked out how to get it to send encrypted me

Two factor auth for CRES portal

This is a wishlist of mine which I hope would get into the plans for future enhancements to CRES service. Some form(s) of two factor authentication for access to CRES service would be very useful. I'm thinking of a low overhead approach for both inte

CRES Maintenance...What will user's see when attempting to open an envelope?

With the CRES maintenance March 21 (https://supportforums.cisco.com/announcement/12425896/cisco-registered-envelope-service-tls-certificates-and-maintenance), if a user does try to open an encrypted message, which directs them to CRES, what will they

CRES and BCE XML Configuration

I have few questions regarding the BCE configuration for CRES (i.e. BCE XML Config file) which I hope someone can help me with: 1) In BCE XML Configuration, under <external> element, there are <secure> and <unsecure> subelements which id


Hola Quisiera saber como se configuraria etherchannel en 3com, para usarlo con un switch cisco. tambien como verificar el trafico de la configuracion de etherchannel. gracias SaludosHola si les sirve yo lo hice en la versión de SAP BO e inicie el año

CRES encrypted mails even without the 'key' word

Hi We have CRES enabled, and it does send out encrypted mails when we type in our "key" word in the subject or body. The issue is at times, when the selected user sends non-encrypted mails, the subject and the body of the email does not contain

CRES email delay

Is anyone else having an issue with encrypted email responses? An example is you send a CRES email to a user. They get the email in the normal amounnt of time but when they open the email and respond it takes a abnormal amount of time to receive the

External user needs to open CRES e-mails in bulk, options?

What would the options be for an external user to open CRES e-mails in bulk? My first thought is they could install the Outlook plug-in, but they would not be able to reply securly without the plug-in being configured for Encryption. Appreciate any t

CRES Registration for Mobile Users

Currently, for mobile users using BCE mobile app, the registration with CRES service is a vey difficult task. Is there any plan on the roadmap to provide a mobile friendly interface to CRES portal via BCE? Thanks, John Sent from Cisco Technical Suppo

Cisco Registered Envelope Service Upgrade coming November 5th, 2011

Cisco Systems is pleased to announce a major upgrade of the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) scheduled for Saturday, November 5th, 2011 from 18:00 – 00:00 PST (Sunday, November 6th 02:00:00 – 08:00:00 UTC). During the maintenance window it wi

CRES Key delivery to ip address tracked?

Does CRES have the IP address that a decryption key was delivered to tracked? I want to know what IP address the key was delivered to. JasonIf you mean is the IP address that made the decryption key request accessible to you in a report or online que