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Cisco Jabber for Mac - Directory Lookup and Contact Fields

Hello, After having issues myself with Cisco Jabber for Mac 9.2 specifically with Active Directory lookups not working, or contact information not populating (and therefore not being able to call users from the contact list as no telephone informatio

Call/video not working between Cisco jabber for Windows and VCS control C40s

Hello, I've been struggling with no luck how to make a call using Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.6.0 registered to CM 8.6.2 with intercluster ICT to another CM 8.6.2 where we have a VCS Control 7.0.2 via GK H225, and all C40s are registered as H.323. The

CISCO Jabber 8.6.2 and CME 8.6

Hello, I want to use Cisco Jabber 8.6.2 with Call manager Express 8.6 I configured the IPhone on CME and is working ok on local wireless LAN, When I’m using the VPN I can place call's inside the network but I can't use on outside line. I have no soun

Cisco Jabber for Windows - Anti-Virus Software

Hello, Cisco Jabber for Windows could not resolve outlook contacts, when a client has installed McAffee Anti-Virus Software. Is there any documentation available, how to setup a Anti-Virus Software, to get Cisco Jabber for Windows running? Cisco Jabb

Cisco Jabber for Windows - SSO

Is it possible with the Cisco Jabber Client for Windows Release 1.0 to Support Single Sign ON (Smartcard). Or at least in which Release is SSO planned. Thx Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad AppHi all, 1/ I really miss a step by step instruction

Transfer VOIP Calls Between Cisco Desk Phone and Cisco Jabber For IPhone 9.5

Does anyone know how to transfer an active voip call from a Cisco IP Desk Phone to Cisco Jabber for IPhone?  I can transfer a call from Cisco Jabber for IPhone to my Cisco IP Desk Phone no problem.  I put the call on hold and then click "Resume"

Hi Team, I wuold like to know if you have any app to make Firefox OS working with cisco Call Manager 10.5. Something like Cisco Jabber for Android or iOS.

I'm interesting on buying a Firefox Smart Phone, but I would like to know if are any app to install on Firefox OS smart phone in order to work with cisco call manager 10.5. Something like Cisco Jabber for Android o iOS. Thanks,Hi Itech, If Cisco Jabb

Cannot login to Cisco Jabber 10.5.1 over Mobile and Remote Access

Hi, We have deployed sucessfully VCS Expressway-C and VCS Expressway-E with only 1 zone which is "Unified Communication Traversal" and is for Mobile and Remote Access only. VCS-C and VCS-E are communicating and in statuses everything is active a

Cisco Jabber for Windows Voicemail issue

At this I'm in processing of implementation Cisco Jabber UC solution for big Company. I use CUCM 9.1.2, Cisco IM and Presence 9.1.2, CUC 9.1.2, Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.6.1. I have issue in Cisco Jabber with VoiceMail Integration - when I leave voi

Login failure - Cisco Jabber 9.2.4 for windows

I have built up CUCM 8.6(2a), CUPS 8.6(5), and integrated them according to the cisco official docs. Now, I finished the configuration according to the Jabber install guide & Server Setup Guide. However, the first login experience indicates that Jabb

Cisco Jabber 9.2.1 connect LDAP fail

Hi all, I am using CUCM 9.1 and CUP 9.1 Here is my UC service settings Product type          : Enhanced Directory Port                    : 389 Protocol          : TCP Connecction Type: Ldap Serivce profile has been created and assigned to the end-us

Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.6 (setting registry keys)

All, I would like to be able to set the general option for Cisco Jabber to force the client to, "Start Ciso Jabber when my computer starts" option.  Is this a registry setting I can force?  I'd also like to force calendar intergration with Micro

Differences between Cisco Jabber 9.2.6 and Cisco Jabber 9.7.1 for windows 7 PC?

It could cover the features or technical aspects of Cisco JabberCurrently our users are using Cisco Jabber 9.2.6, while we are planning to move to 9.7.1... Looking for a simplified way to explain the difference to the users.Read other 2 answers

Cisco Jabber for windows directory issue

Hello , i have cucm 9x and cup 9.x , Cisco jabber is showing directory but its all user from MS out look User not LDAP user and also user and on Jabber client connection window Directory is showing not connected . please advise .J4W does NOT use the