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cisco show interface counters explained


Right way to get interface counters in TCL/EEM

Hello Experts, I am looking for your advise about the best way to deal with interface counters inside TCL/EEM on XR. The ultimate goal is to compare rate (bps/pps) over two 10G interfaces and alert user in case they are differ more than 15-20% . I ca

Cisco 5508 interface design problem

Cisco 5508 interface design now i have connect wlc into infra same picture but ap can't register into wlc. How create interface for this diagram. please help me because access switch is unmanage switch i can't config trunk on this.i can install for t

Cisco Messaging Interface-Not Running

Hi All, On the UCM 6.0 the Cisco Messaging Interface service is activated and when i check the status in 'control center feature services' it shows 'Not Running' and 'Activated'. If i start and refresh the page it again shows as 'Not Running'Hi Vinee

Cisco 3560 interface, not connected

Hello I am in the process of determining available switch ports based on last usage and I came across the following that I don't understand. Switch-3560G-1#sh int | I Last|Gig GigabitEthernet0/7 is down, line protocol is down (notconnect)   Hardware

Cisco Messaging Interface down

Hi all, I'm having an issue on a CUCM machine running If I run the RTMT I get to see numerous of alerts saying: 'Service status is DOWN. Cisco Messaging Interface...' The alert keeps popping up every 30 seconds. Can anyone tell me what

Will Cisco sa520w interface with ProCurve 2626/2650? is the sa520w overkill?

Hey, The company I work for recently bought another company. At the new company there is an old expired Firebox X 550e. I am planning to replace an old expired Firebox X 550e with a Cisco sa520w. Will the Cisco sa520w interface with ProCurve 2626 & P

C3750, SNMP, MRTG, Vlan Interface Counters..

This question HAS to have been asked and answered a thousand times by now, but I've tried for the last half hour to find that info and can't For years now I've just accepted that I can't get correct traffic counts on Vlan interfaces on C3750 switches

Cannot see network interface counters under Solaris 10 with Sun SMA

Hi, Noticed this a few weeks ago. When I do a discovery of a Sun server running the Net-SNMP SMA that is a zone, I can see the network interfaces: . = STRING: lo0:1 . = STRING: ipge1:1 .

How to use SNMP to access interface counters for WAN port when not in bridged mode

Hi All, Can't fault my timecapsule, however just struggling to get one little bit of functionality working.  I'm keen to get access to the WAN port interface counter information via SNMP, so I can track total bandwidth/throughput & also volume.  I ha

How to Clear the Input errors in a Cisco ASA Interface?

Hi Everyone,                   My Expertise with Cisco ASA is Very less. I have observed Input errors in a Couple of Interfaces in Cisco ASA 5540 Firewall.   296867 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 296867 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort 0 pause input, 0 res

RV180 - incorrect SNMP interface counters

I am attempting to monitor bandwidth utilization of the WAN port for the RV180 via SNMP and I am getting strange results.  If a 256MB file is transferred from a remote server (without compression), the ifInOctets counter doesn't increment by anything

Cisco router interface threshold

Hello, I have a question about getting threshold information out of a specific interface. I have a customer with DSL on a cisco 887 router. This customer has 2 different pvc's on the ATM0 interface, 2 dialer's (1 for voice, one for data) 2 vlan's (1

Cisco BackUp Interface Operation Failing

OK Experts, I have made this issue very simple for you guys to help me out. I  have two routers R22 and R23. I have configured the back up interface  on R22 to be interface fas 0/1. Everything appears to be working fine. I  issue the command show bac

Cisco CSS11501 - Interface Configuration

Is it possible to configure the port speed and duplex on the ethernet interfaces? If so, how would I do it?In interface configuration mode, use the 'phy' setting. CSS(config-if[ 2/2])# phy ? 100Mbits-FD 10/100 ports only. Set to 100 Mbits/s, Full-Dup

Moving Cisco ASA interfaces from gigabit to tengigabit

Hi All, I need to confirm, if the only way to move from interfaces gi0/x to ten0/x is: 1) Remove the configurations on gigabit interfaces and reconfigure (copy/past) it on the new "location". (the new configuration will be EXACTLY the same... be

Cisco 6509 with Reliability 255/255, txload 238/255, rxload 8/255 interface

Hi there,    I'm having an issue with my Cisco 6509. One of Internet configured as trunk Interface direct with a HP7500 is showing reliability 255/255, txload 238/255, rxload 8/255.    The Issue is that my Cacti Server show me that only 10% of the li

Cisco 2911 router interface hangs

dears, Please note that the LAN interface (GigabitEthernet0/2) on our 2911 router is hanging. the interface stays up/up but is not reachable and stops passing traffic. the issue is temporary resolved after putting the interface in default configurati

Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS and DLINK 3120 interface errors

Hello,  We are getting  a lot of FCS-Err in one FC- GIgabit trunking  interface between  Cisco Catalyst WS-C3560-48TS running IOS   Version 12.2(25)SEE3 and DLINK 3120 Firmware 4.00.015. Our config in the cisco is the following: interface GigabitEthe

DMVPN in Cisco 3945 output drop in tunnel interface

I configured DMVPN in Cisco 3945 and checked the tunnel interface. I found out that I have output drop. How can I remove that output drop? I already set the ip mtu to 1400. CORE-ROUTER#sh int tunnel 20 Tunnel20 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware i

Is there a labview example which interfaces with the comserver (i.e Cisco 2511) ?

Need an exampleThere was another posting concernging the same question, so I'll just paste here what I responded to the other: I've searched around to try and find one for you, but I haven't seen anything with this. Does the Cisco 2511 have a specifi