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JavaFX 2.2 TextField and TextArea use black text-fill on select.

Two of my applications--one FXML and the other UI-coded on NetBeans7.1.1--both have a problem when user selects text in either TextArea or TextField when editing. When content word is double-clicked, the selection background becomes dark blue (dodger

How to create a muli line text area using JavaFx

Hi all, Since the preview SDK does not contain TextArea any more, I am wondering how to create a muli line text area using JavaFX. The behaviour of this text area/field should be somehow similar to JTextArea in Swing or StyledTextWidget in SWT. Does

Multi Line Text In javaFx

How can i create multi Line Text In javaFx. There is any Method or something else. thanx in advanceUse a TextArea control? Or does this not meet your needs?Read other 2 answers

Textarea: strange vertical scroll bar

Hi, everyone I implemented textarea with JTextPane, code is below. The problem is that, when there is only one pane in the content of HBox, the vertical scroll bar runs normal; but when there is 2 panes, the vertical scroll bar changes between visibl

How can I hide the scroll bar in TextArea?

How can I hide the scroll bar in TextArea?Hi. To remove the horizontal scrollbar you can do this: textArea.setWrapText(true); To remove the vertical scrollbar you can do this: ScrollBar scrollBarv = (ScrollBar)ta.lookup(".scroll-bar:vertical");

Dynamic update to TextArea?

Heres a brief scenario Stage - Scene has 2 component - JTextArea - its text variable is binded to *'textAreaContent'* Button. On click of a button (onMouseClicked) - I am performing a FTP process - lets say that takes upto 10 seconds. during this FTP

Does TextArea support smooth focus navigation?

Hi, I need to be notified when the user try to loose focus on a TextArea component, in order to ensure that the entered text by the user is valid. Same as the InputVerifier in swing I tried using setOnInputMethodTextChanged but It doesn't work. You c

Displaying Unicode (Kannada) characters in HTMLEditor/ TextArea

Dear All, I am newbie to JavaFX and also to java desktop ui applications. Was trying to create a simple text editor in Kannada but was unable to display the Kannada text in the editor. However, I gave the stage a Kannada title and that was displayed.

JavaFX connection with oracle

Hello, Im new in JavaFX, and i have to build a projet with it for my study's... i got lot of problems How can i connect JavaFX components(dataGrid, textarea, label...) with my oracle database like persistance in noraml Java. im working with netbeans

Style TextArea

Hello, I am trying to change the background color of the textarea using in-line css. responseBox = new TextArea(); responseBox.setStyle("-fx-font: 14px 'Courier New';-fx-background-color: #000000;");The background color should be black, but it r

New Features in JavaFX 2.2

Hi All, Greetings! JavaFX 2.2 is released !! :) Can some one provide a detailed list of new changes which are included in this release. Thanks in Advance !! :) Thanks & Regards, Sai Pradeep DandemA list of 2.2 features from jira: RT-19841      Add te

Multiple node mode in textarea

Does anybody know if there is a time plan for the full implementation of the "Multiple node mode" in textarea?jsmith wrote: Something is planned for rich text display (and perhaps also editing) in JavaFX 3.0 - whether it will fit your requiremen

TextArea - Is it possible to get the number of lines?

I was wondering if there's any way to know how many lines of text a textarea has. And also, if it'd be possible to listen for number of lines changes. I'm trying to develop a component which displays just one line at first, and then starts to grow as

Multiple selection in TextArea

Hi , can anyone tell me that how to perform multile selection inside the TextArea.?Log a feature request when the jira system is back up: http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/Read other 2 answers

Which perfomance improvements will JavaFX 8 deliver to us?

Hi there, my whole company consists already of fans of JavaFX 2 - it's fun to work with it and slowly but steady, the team seems solves on the most annoying bugs. But one thing in the 2.x versions seems to be a problem for us. Even on recommended com

TextArea-like control to add nodes into it?

Hi, is there any possibility to make a TextArea-like control, where you can put JavaFX nodes into? I am looking for a textarea like in Skype, where you can put Smileys into and even Quotes from other users and can continue typing before and after it.

Textarea Shortkeys in AE Focus Main AE Window

Using shortkeys (cmd-a, cmd-c, cmd-v, cmd-x, arrow keys) in a <textarea> inside of a CEP5 panel focuses the main AE panel. In Photoshop it works fine though. Using keydown in the main.js also seems to cause problems with certain shortkeys. This is m

TextArea Scrolling Problems

Hi all together! I am writing a GUI for a distributed chat and file-sharing application. I provide a chat window very similar to skype, etc, one big textarea for parsing the chat, and one smaller for sending. Logic etc is all working, I am nearly fin

How to change default open and close effect in JavaFX TabPane

I'm interested how I can change the default effect of closing and opening a tab in JavaFX TabPAne. I found that this can be configured by using:     tabPane.setEffect(Effect ????); But which effects are available?Hi Lionate Welcome to the forum. Make

Questions on the features of a textarea.

Hi experts, I am working on Documaker 12.0.1. I have some doubt related to the feature of a textarea mentioned below. Could you please put a light on it ? _1. Sizing_      a- Can grow and shrink      b- Can span pages      c- Must fit on page      d-