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clear textarea onclick


How to pass object from JSF to backing bean

Hi, I have a JSF page using repeater and RichFace Toolbar:         <h:form id="professional-profile">             <a4j:repeat value="#{profilesBean.profiles}" var="lang" binding="#{profilesRepeaterBean.repeater}

H:selectBooleanCheckbox onclick

Hello, Is it possible to use the onclick property of selectBooleanCheckbox to uncheck two other checkboxes? ThanksJANATKash wrote: I have a tag <h:inputTextArea id="area" ... /> when It is converted to html, the id of of <textarea> i

Can't able to enable the Textarea in Google Chrome

Hi, I can't enable(readonly="true") the textarea to enter some text based on radio buttons, if I click 'Yes' the textarea should enable and allow me to type some text, if I click 'No' the textarea should goes to disable(readonly="false"

Using the onClick method to change a default text into a CFTEXTAREA

Hi, I am trying to use the simple following method to change the value of a Textarea field when the internet user click into the field: <cftextarea name="fYourMessage" label="Your Message: " onclick="if(this.value=='You can use

Textarea when Radio Button Clicked Yes

I'm trying to add a textarea for a gift message if the users clicks the "Yes" radio button. The characters have to be limited to 150. I'm not a programmer and know very, very, little coldfusion. The message in the textarea will be stored in a pr

Having trouble making a textarea readonly in Netscape

I have a jsp page with a textarea that I want to disable or make read only, however the "disabled" and "readonly" attributes of textarea only seem to work in IE not in netscape. Any one have any ideas how to disable in netscape?Hi, In

A character counter in a TextArea

Our friend Mário is requesting the following: "I would like to create a character counter in a TextArea with real time actualization, I only could do it after call an action (button), I would like that this happens in real time with the user typing a

How to add html tags to textarea item

hello, i want to have links or bottons that will put html tags in my textarea item for example if i will press a link name bold it will put the bold open and close html tag. i want to be able doing so without erasing the already text i have in my tex

Textarea on editable report.

Hi all, I have an updatable report, which I build using a query where I indicate the type of every field using the functions apex_item.text, apex_item.textarea, apex_item.select_list, etc. The problem is that those fields that are a textarea have a r

Odd dynamic behaviour: tree to textarea

Hi I built an apex page with an apex tree and a textarea. The goal is to be able to click on an item in the tree which then will be added (concatenated) to the already existing value of the textarea. This is working nicely, however everytime I click

Questions on the features of a textarea.

Hi experts, I am working on Documaker 12.0.1. I have some doubt related to the feature of a textarea mentioned below. Could you please put a light on it ? _1. Sizing_      a- Can grow and shrink      b- Can span pages      c- Must fit on page      d-

Losing carriage returns in textarea / using plpdf to generate report

Hello, I'm using Apex 3.1.1 and Oracle 10g database. I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can preserve carriage returns in a textarea when sending the text to a package that generates a report. Please see example of current problem (below code

Unable to capture onClick event of htmlb:image in a controller

Hi, I am trying to capture onClick event of an htmlb:image (which is present in my view) in DO_HANDLE_EVENT method of my controller. Surprisingly, when I click the image, page does refreshes. But the event in not captured in do_handle_event method. C

How to use the nl2br() function - or addressing textarea formatting issues

the textarea does not pass line breaks to mysql - the result in the html output is one long string of text. I would like the user to input into the textarea using the enter key to create new paragraphs. I am not a php programmer and rely on the dream

Playing swf file by onclick in html web page

First time poster so please forgive any protocol lapses.  I'm trying to play an  AS3 swf embedded in my web page by an onclick javascript function in my page.  Have tried many different ways, including the ExternalInterface class but no luck. Any hel

Relative image path for image in textarea

I am trying to include an image into my textarea in my Main.mxml file. The images fail to load, what is wrong with my path? My folder structure's is like this scr-> _____Main.mxml _____images-> _____________green-grass.jpgActually when I ran the pro

What would be the best way to use a list in a textarea to compare to values in a column in a database table?

I'm trying to move a table from a MS Access database to a datasource online so I don't have to be the only one that can perform a specific task. Right now I regularly am having to assess change requests to determine if it impacts the servers my team

How do i grab datalist ID and add it to button onclick to update that item

Hi, I have pulled over some data from my sql server 2012 in VB C# DataList view. I would like to add a custom button to each item that will allow me to delete an item from the database and also update a database column onclick. EG: Update the paid (b

Textarea does not work in android!!

Hello. I need to place a multiline text area for the user to enter and remain in memory. I'm using a "textarea: within a" form "in html5. Everything works fine on iPad, when I test it in Android, the keyboard is not activated. I am new in D

On Windows 8.1 and Firefox 36.0.1 the textarea in forms has no carriage returns. Earlier versions the forms work. Is there a fix for this?

Prior to this version of Firefox 36.0.1, the <textarea> in my HTML forms was working; displaying carriage returns. In version 36.0.1 they no longer function properly. Instead when I enter a carriage return, it displays a space instead of a newline.