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close popup window after submit form


Popup window after submit

When clicking a report column link, putting target="_blank" in the Link attributes launches the link target in a new browser tab/window. Is there a way to do this when the page is submitted as usual and after-submit processing logic causes it to

Passing checkbox values to popup window on page submit

Hello, I'm using APEX 3.2. On one page I have a SQL report with checkboxes that are dynamically created using SQL: select apex_item.checkbox(1, bm_id) as "check", ... I now want to add a button to the page and when a user clicks on the button, t

How to create a popup window that shows detail information when press submi

hi,all how to create a popup window that shows detail information when press the submit button ?I mean,when I press the button "Sumit"there will appear a popup window that shows the detail information you typed before.it means are u sure to subm

Button Item to open a popup window  but not do a submit

Hi, I want to open a popup using a button that is next to an item. I do not want a submit to occur. I've followed the directions in Want Button Item to call popup window and the popup displays correctly. However it also does a submit. How to do I pre

Need help with a popup window problem

I have this code within my certAppB.js page : function AppSubmit() {      str1 = "Submitting this form will begin the approval process.";      str2 = "You will not be able to come back to this form to edit it again.";      str3 = "

How do I get a popup window to stay open with a validation failure?

Environment: APEX on AIX 5.3 Oracle EE on AIX 5.3 Sample app on apex.oracle.com: Workspace: galway User: gwicke Pass: gwicke Steps: 1- run Page 3 2- select J & B Marketing from drop down 3- select only contract from drop down 4-

Refresh only page item while submitting data from the popup window

Hi All, I'm pretty new to Apex ..... I have a form with text items as first few entries and then a radio button list and few text items again. On selecting certain radio button I have a popup window which acts as an interface for the next text item i

Safari on Lion will not allow popup windows to return data to the website

I have a web-based application that uses pop-up windows to capture certain user changes. One example is the user changing the default number of hours to a new specific number. The problem is that with Safari on Lion, the data does not get returned to

How to open URL as a popup window through BRANCH in APEX reports

Hi I am using APEX 4.0 I have a branch with a target type of URL. The branch is triggered by pressing a button. There is also a plsql process on the same button which fires at the process point of "On Submit-After Computations and Validations".

Form in a popup window

Hello I have a button on a page opening a popup window. This popup window includes a page with form and the classical Create Cancel Submit Delete buttons. Of course, when clicking Cancel, Submit or other buttons, the popup does not close and I end up

Unable to enter text in popup window

Hi, I am new to OATS OpenScript. I am unable to enter text in the popup window. Here's my situation in detail: My application is in Oracle Siebel and the pop up is a webpage dialog. When I click on the Button in Siebel application, the webpage dialog

Hi all   report that sends email shows popup window needs to be supressed

hi all i have developed a report that sends email as an attachement, but this report pops up a window in the end ( it says 'no of objext sent') and there i have to press enter, but my report is running in the background (scheduled report) and therefo

Session lost (IE5 & IE6) when opening popup window.

Ok, I've been struggling with this problems for days and spent countless hours with google without finding any decent solutions. I'm building a ecommerce site and if the user want to see additional information + pictures from a product, he/she can op

Rendering popup windows in JSF form on demand

Hello, i have a form with a RichFaces menu bar at the top and several other UI components , eg. commandButtons. When a <rich:menuItem> or a <a4j:commandButton> component is clicked, a hidden modal popup window appears for user interaction. At

How to validate text fields in popup window

Hi All, I need showing empty string validation  as tool tip for the text fields (RichInputText) on popup window when clicking submit button. kindly advice on this.Hi Below link me help u in implementing validation messages http://andrejusb.blogspot.i

Popup window in  servlets

hi all, i have a problem.i have a servlet which generates a loginpage on which i have the username textbox and the password textbox and two buttons , "login" and "New User".when the user clicks on the "NewUser" a registration

Popup window problem in tomcat

I have this code within my certAppB.js page : function AppSubmit() {      str1 = "Submitting this form will begin the approval process.";      str2 = "You will not be able to come back to this form to edit it again.";      str3 = "

Update cfdiv in Parent Window from popup window

I need help trying to update a cfdiv in the parent window from a popup window. The parent window displays a color (red by default) The popup gives you a radio selection which would let you select a different color. I need to have this submit button u

Maintaining search results in popup window

I have a jsp with a link to search .. when i click on the link, i popup a jsp search window.. on submit,it displays the results in a table.. but when i close the popup window and again open it, the search results are not displayed.. How can i once ma

Problem with a navigation from a Popup Window in an other Window

Hi Experts, i have a problem with a popup window. I explain my problem. I have a DC Component in which there are two different Windows (MainWindow and PopupWindow) and one of this Window is a popup Window. I desire to navigate from the popup window t