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Re-Start a Live Stream using AMS 5 through Cloudfront

We have AMS 5 running on an Amazon EC2 instance. We send a Live Stream from an FMLE encoder using H.264/AAC. If we do an Origin Pull from that instance running the AMS 5 and Live steam through one of our commercial CDN accounts, we can stop and re-st

Can no longer change bit rate in AAC custom import settings

I've been re-ripping all my CDs at the new higher bit rate. My import settings were AAC Encoder -- custom, originally set to 256 kbps, VBR, and auto for the other two settings. However, some CDs I wanted at a lower setting, so I would go change the b

Different shop variants / reg. customer doesn't work

Dear Experts, we customized two different shop variants. 1) for switzerland with swiss francs and 7.6% VAT 2) for germany with euro and 19% VAT Now we have following issue: If we use an existing registered customer (original add in shop variant 1) fo

Does Azure support origin pull?

Is it possible that Azure pulling the Media content from my website and cache it. Its called Web Distribution aka Custom Origin or Pull Origin at Amazon AWS Does Azure has same feature so that I can use CDN for my website?  One may ask, Amazon is Per

Creating custom ringtones without GarageBand . . . is it possible?

Is it possible to create a custom (original content) ringtone in a pro app such as Final Cut Pro or Soundtrack pro? I removed the consumer apps - Garage Band, iDVD, iMovie - from my system since they never get used. I can always reinstall if necessar

Discoverer Report - SQL Query to retrieve list of parameters

Hi We have around 100 Discoverer reports and I'm trying to find the list of parameters used in each report. Is there any SQL query that I can use to find the parameters used for each report or should I open the reports one by one to fetch the list of

LMS 3.2 (solaris 10); RME 4.3.1 - ArchivePurge Job continuously failing

currently there are 2134 devices in DCR; the customer originally had problems with UT reports and the error message "ogs_server_urn not found"; During troubleshooting I noticed that there were around 30000 instances in the job history; cleaning

ERROR:java.lang.NullPointerException after upgrade 5.5 to 6.0sp1

Hellos. I get this error message after upgrading from IdM 5.5 to Idm 6.0. I use mysql as repository so the upgrade was not easy. The ERROR appears when I click on the "List Accounts" tab on the main menu. However, I can listUsers from the $WSHOM

Incompletion log in delivery for foreign trade data

Hi all, I am doing export delivery and i want to put foreign trade date as in incompletion log. This log i want to do only for export document types (zex) which i have created separately. Delivery header > foreign trade / custom >geography > 1. E

Is there any issue in using postChanges()?

Is there any issue in using postChanges()?I can think of such case only if you pick memory id of some standard name. Anyhow I can't imagine this happens w/o running any standard report on you machine from your custom report. ABAP memory is user depen

Pause button for Captivate 4

I've done a lot of work for a customer, originally I used a shortened playbar with next/back and play/pause.  Now with issues in Captivate 4 (The playbar appears below the course instead of on top) I need to import a Pause button as I cant use the sk

Export/Import Procedure for Foreign Trade

Dear all, Could you please explain me the field "Export procedure"? This can be found in the delivery: Transaction: VL03n --> Item --> Foreign Trade/ Customs --> Origine / Destination / Business I know how the default value of this fiel

BW and Calculation Contexts

Hi All, I have a Universe on top of a BW cube and in my report definition I get data for the object supplier, supplier group (which is a detail object to supplier), a few other dimensions and a measure revenue. A table in the report shows columns sup

Re: creating zoom for my canvas

HI I am trying to add zoom feature to the canvas which is the super class of the class zoom. As you can see when you run the code below. I have partially succeded in zooming in and zooming out with mouse drag. Although, the shapes dont zoom about the

Is there any issue in using ABAP Memory ID to exchange between the programs

Hi All, Do we expect any issues if we use ABAP Memory ID's to exchange the data between different programs? I was told by my colleagues that, we can expect some unforeseen issues if we use ABAP Memory ID's. These issues could be because of refresh of

Skype obduracy.

Customer  service  ? " Hello  Ree-Ann B I  suppose  there  is  no  point  in  me  stating  that  you  did  NOT  read  the  entire  e-mail  Ree-Ann B, as  a different Customer  Service  person  answers  each  sorry  e-mail  in  this  shambles. I  have

BADI for VL03n transaction

Dear people, My requirement is like, i want to add some fields under Foreign Trade/customs --> Origin/Destination/Business tab in VL01n item details. Is there any method which enables me to do that? Regards, Sandeep Sivan Edited by: sandeep sivan on

Locks number

Hi, on 10g R2, on AIX, the response time is very bad. I have this : SQL> select count(*) from v$lock;   COUNT(*)        225Is it realy a problem ? Any idea to investigate ? In alertlog no error message. I ran AWR and I have this Top 5 Timed Events   

BUPA_MAIN is not posting BPs to kna1 in ECC

Dear experts, I am trying to download customers from CRM to ECC through BUPA_MAIN. All settings has been done in pide, however the data is only written in table but000 in ECC, not in kna1. Can anyone help me understand why and fix this? Thanks, MiaHi

Printing with HP 4215 - Using the scanning feature of the printer

Is there any work-around in order to be able to scan using my HP4215 with 10.5? This used to work fine with the other 10.x systems of Apple. HP seems to want everybody to just (as usual) throw away their perfectly fine printer in order to recover a f