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Code Function in Excel


Download functionality in EXCEL and PDF format to the  Webdynpro iView

Hi Expert,                   I am using NW 7.0 ehp1 sp3. I developed some Webdynpro RFC model application for the product catalog of the material related data. Now my requirement is to provide the download functionality in EXCEL and PDF format to all

What is the purpose of User-Defined Functions under Excel Service Application?

Hello, I have done a lot of research and have concluded that we cannot use VBA present under Excel sheet code in sharepoint. Today I was reading on excel services in sharepoint. I came across User-defined functions under Excel Service Application set

Updating property value using VBA-EV Codes/Functions

Hi Is there any way, we could update the property value of a particular member using VBA-EV codes/functions? For example, the dimension  FCST_ID (forecast id) has a property called FCST_STATUS which could be either O = Open or C = Closed. For example

How can I run a BW Function from EXCEL-IN-PLACE (BPS)??? Please give any ex

How can I run a BW Function from EXCEL-IN-PLACE (BPS)using VBA??? Please give any example. I would like to run my function module ZMY from EXCEL-IN-PLACE using VBA and get a result.if you are using excel in place in the web application environment I

Cross-company code functionality using Idoc type FIDCCP02

Hello, I have a problem I need to use an IDoc to create incoming invoices from a legacy system, but there are 2 functionalities that need to exist. 1.-  Extended withholding taxes.  2.-  Cross-company code.  I have been using the basic type FIDCCP02,

Can anyone recommended an app for excel spreadsheet. One that I can username iPad that can do the same functions as excel of desktop,or laptop ??

Can anyone recommended an app for excel spreadsheet. One that I can username iPad that can do the same functions as excel of desktop,or laptop ??Thanks for the advice. Just don't want to waste money on apps trying to get the right on. Not looking to

Disable export functionality to Excel

I'm would like to disable the export functionality to Excel (to many statistics are done on excel spreadsheets with outdated data, trying to force users to make use discoverer for their queries instead of exporting the data and manipulate the data in

TREND Function in Excel

I have a large model that makes extensive use of the TREND function in excel to generate a baseline set of numbers from a Trailing Twelve month data array. Since TREND is not a supported function I tried to use the FORECAST function but the results a

Reason Code Functionality in document level

Dear Sir, How to bring Reason codes functionality at document level while posting Debit Note or Credit Note in MIRO.  SyamHello Syam, What Reason code are you referring to  ? Due you mean to say blocking reason ? regards pbbRead other 2 answers

GPI dll for C code functions

Hi, I'm trying to make a call C code functions inside DIAdem, I've been investigating and so far the best option seems to be the GPI .dll registration. Later on I installed all the GPI ToolKit 11.0, but most of the features in the example are not wor

Help with a simple pause-code function

For a week I've been trying to figure out a simple pause-code function fror AS 3.0. I need something that pauses AS code for set amounts of time. People have tried to help me on this forum, but I've still not been able to make the code work. Here is

CRM Tables , Tables Mappings , T-codes , Function modules

Hi All, I am new to CRM , I want to know the tables , table mappings transaction codes , functional modules used . Can any one mention the link / list down all which i have mentioned above . I will be very helpful if i get this information. cheers, C

JAVA code to Convert Excel file To XML file

Hi, I am new to java ,Any one please share me the code to convert Excel file in to xml file. Thanks in advance.Here is a sample code for reading an Excel file. It uses JExcel API: package com.quicklyjava; import jxl.*; import jxl.read.biff.BiffExcept

How can I create multiple QR Codes from an Excel File?

Hi there, I am currently trying to set up business cards with a QR Code on the back of each card. Therefore I have an excel spreadsheet, which contains all the data necessary for the business card like name, function, e-mail adress,... the data is th

Connect to APEX database using VBA+ADO code in Microsoft Excel & Word?

I am looking at APEX as a potential replacement for a growing reporting/analysis system. As yet I have not found a clear answer on an important question. The current system is a shared database and a collection of Microsoft Excel and Word templates.

Code  to dowload excel  .xslx  format

Hi  gourou, We  use  some  function to dowload in xls  format  but  didn't  work  in .xlsx  format   (convert error). Can you provide me a function or method  we  can  use it to download excel  in .xslx   format. Thanks a lot Soufienehi Use this code

"esbapin" function in Excel Macro stopped working in essbase 11 plugin

Hello All, We have an excel file with essbase macros that has been working fine in office 2007/essbase 7 client environment. We recently upgraded to essbase 11 and the file started crashing. Here is the line where it is crashing. Function EssbaseConn

VBA code to update Excel Data in sharePoint list

hi Team, I have excel sheet created having data. I need to upload it in sharepoint List. Please provide me VBA code for the same.Please try this. Sub UpdateSpecificCells() 'If nobody has the file checked out If Workbooks.CanCheckOut("http://excel-pc:

Compiled Code Error Running Excel

Writing to Excel works fine with source code but gives this error with compiled code: Open VI Reference in Dispose Report.vi->Write_to_Excel.vi->Golden_Thread_V2.vi<APPEND> VI Path: <b>C:\Golden Thread\Golden Thread V2.2.exe\Excel_Quit.v

Error when using SUM function in Excel template

I am trying to use the XDO_METADATA to create a sum of a column from my XML data and I am getting the following error in the Template Viewer: [111412_104246459][][PROCEDURE] Log Level is changed to PROCEDURE [111412_104246553][oracle.xdo.common.xml.X