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TS3274 After upgrading to 5.1, I can not hear other's calling tone during the usage of Skype-to-Skype. But after touching the answer key, I still can hear other's sound. If I use earphone, the calling tone is audible. No problem of test call.  What's goin

After upgrading my iPad 1 to OS 5.1, I got trouble to use Skype. I can not hear the calling tone from other during the usage of Skype-to-Skype. But when I touch the answer key, I still can hear other's voice and other also can hear my voice. If I use

Got my Blackberry 8320 Curve wet..... keyboard and answer key not working

I have a Blackberry 8320 Curve (gold) have not had it to long, but I bought from a friend of a friend...... well my phone recently got soaken wet and now some of the keys on the querty keyboard dont work, by side buttons, like for the camera and voic

Answer key/handout at the end of the quiz?

i'd like to create an answer key that is accessible to learners at the conclusion of the quiz.  the answer key should include: 1) the question type (e.g., Multiple Choice, Matching, etc.) 2) the answer choices 3) indication of the correct answer(s) h

Curve 8530 answer key delay

Hey, does anyone know why I would have to press my answer key 3 times in order to answer calls. Txs in advanceHi pinkiggy, Welcome to BlackBerry support community forums. As a new comer to the community you would be better of checking some quick answ

Looking for answer keys for "Object First with Java"

Where can I find a book with anwser keys for the book " Object First with Java" Third Edition?zxcvbnm wrote: Where can I find a book with anwser keys for the book " Object First with Java" Third Edition?This ought to be an interesting

8350- Is there a way to disable answer key when phone is in lock mode

Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, Go to options/security options/general settings set ALLOW OTGOING CALLS WHILE LOCKED: NO You cannot change the incoming calls feature. Thanks, Bifocals Please remember to resolve your thread. Put the check mark in the green

Need to change call answering and making key in G900 without touchscreen

Need to change call answering and making key in G900  without touchscreenUnfortunately this is not possible. There's no settings to change regarding this in the phone. If you would like to answer a incoming call on a hardware key you will have to use

Nokia x6 answer and slide poblems

Hi.ive recently bought my nokia x6 32gb. And ive noticed some problems, for example: When someone calls me, the arrows on the screen appaer to slide to answer, and i slide and doesnt do any thing, have to press the answer key, When phone unlock the s

[Solved] Python Tkinter Frame interaction

I am trying to have a form talk to another one as per exemple below.  I cannot find a way to make this work.  What am I doing wrong or missing from tkinter import * from tkinter import ttk class FirstFrame(): def __init__(self,root): self.root=root s

N97 Screen Lock / answering call problem.

I have an N97 with software version 11.0.021. If my phone is locked, and someone phones, I can either answer the call or unlock the phone. If I unlock the phone, all is OK. BUT if I choose to answer the call, when the remote caller hangs up, my scree

About my C7, Answering call by touch, Need small h...

Hello guys I've bought Nokia C7 2 weeks ago and it's working more than perfect. My small problem is when someone call me there is two big touch buttons on the screen to answer or reject, Sometimes when I pick the phone from my pocket my finger touche

N95 Stop answering calls on opening slide

Is there a way to disable answering a call by opening the slide on an N95? I want to answer by pressing just the answer key.This is a -great- question. Every time I pull the phone out of my pocket it's already opened the slider and answered the call!

8900 curve loud speaker comes on when for 3 seconds when i answer a call?!?!

8900 curve loud speaker comes on when for 3 seconds when i answer a call,  i use the green answer key to answer. is this something in the settings that is wrong?I had exactly the same problem when I first received my phone. I was using an old sim car

Auto-grading (text-answer type questions)

Hi Adobe I am making a form which include a number of questions that test the students. I've looked at how to set a numerical value to questions but how about questions such as "What does NASA stands for?" Is there a way to set a numerical value

Lag when answering a phone call with new OS

I am a Sprint user and recently upgraded to the above OS.  Since that upgrade when a call is coming in and I push the answer key there is a second delay until the phone actually connects or picks up.  Anyone know what this is?My co-worker and I had t

Launchctl - have never got it to work

I'm looking for some help in getting the lauchctl service to work. I have some python products that work fine when I run them from a command line, but never using the launchctl service. I can load then and I see they are loaded. I can unload them. Bu

Nokia N96 - A long review!

The Nokia N96 Long Review by Jupstejuho v. 1 (Please notice that this is the first published version so I will be making this much longer a bit later if you just want me to do so) In this case I have only reviewed the phone's main software things, no

Oracle Spatial User Conference  - GITA Conference Seattle

http://www.gita.org/events/annual/31/Oracle.asp Oracle Spatial User Conference Please note that online registration for this event is now closed. Thursday, March 13, 2008 Sheraton Seattle Hotel 1400 6th Avenue Seattle, Washington USA GITA invites you

Windows Update Error Code C8000654

Hello, I am getting error C8000654 when checking for updates. How can I fix this? Thank you.Pls check this Kb http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/a4b0fe04-9eeb-411f-9ee1-24f3635db7c1/error-c8000654-windows-update-encountered-an-u

All about Symbian Belle Problems.

Hi, Here are my full list of problems, suggestion i would like to  keep infront of you. I sent the problems via ''CONTACT US'' and to some Nokia employee via PM but they just can't.... No problem is solved in software update. Of Course that's really