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SA Color Finesse v2 and CS5 or CS5.5

Does any one know if SA Color Finesse vers2xx .... will run properly in CS5 or CS5.5?Color Finesse v2 will not, but CF3 will on CS5, and as of the 3.0.4 update, on CS5.5.Read other 3 answers

Color Finesse in AE - preview within Plug-in is not the same as results in timeline

I don't know if we're alone, and it's more than likely that we're doing something very wrong, but we've never been able to get an accurate display in the preview within Color Finesse. The footage always displays too washed out --not at all how it loo

Final Cut Pro - Recently downloaded Quicklooks and Color Finesse Wont show in FCP

This is really confusing. Quicklooks originally worked, then I got an old copy of motion and installed it and it messed everything up (Quicklooks stopped showing and Motion just kept crashing). I removed Motion, uninstalled Quicklooks and reinstalled

Color Finesse in Premiere Pro?

In the November Issue of Sound on Sound Magazine Mark Butler did a review of CS5 Production Premium, and states the following: "The version bundled with After Effects is Color Finesse 3 LE, and it can also be used directly in Premiere Pro if you like

Color Finesse for Premiere CS6

Enjoying Color Finesse in AE but would like to use the Premiere version.  I have downloaded the program from the website but it requires a serial number to active in Premiere.  It is my understanding that this serial number comes with my purchase of

, why do I get "Color Finesse requires a minimum screen size of 1024x768 yet I've got two full HD sc

Hello, Once I try to open 'full interface' on color finesse 3 on After Effects CS5.5, why do I get: "Color Finesse requires a minimum screen size of 1024x768" yet I've got two full HD screens? Thanks.In addition to Dave's suggestions, if you hav

Sa Color Finesse in After Effects Cs6 is locked how to unlock?

I have a cloud subscription and After Effects Cs 6 will not unlock SA Color Finesse 3. How do I unlock?The Adobe AE installer always installs Color Finesse for you with no extra work on your part. It is then automatically serialized the first time yo

In After Effects when I use the Color Finesse 3, A grid appears in the display window. How do I turn that off?

When I click on Affects, then Synthetic Aperture, then SA Color Finesse 3 in the Creative Cloud a grid appears over the video in the display window, and I am un sure how to take that off?Color Finesse 3 LE is included with After Effects and is instal

Where can I download Color Finesse and how I can install them with Premier Pro or After Affect ?

I recently purchased master collection 5 DVD version. On DVD box I have three serial numbers: Master collection, Ppro/AE CS4 32 Bit and Color Finesse. I used Master collection serial to activate my product. I am having 64 bit os, so I did not use Ppr

Did I need to pay for use Color finesse?

Hello, I want to ask about Color finesse. I have that Effect in my After Effect CS 5.5 but when I want to use it the program ask me about registration. I want to ask if I need to pay after the regisration color finesse or the registration is free wit

Install of Color Finesse for CS5 Is A Mystery

Hello: I just installed CS5 Master Collection, and I have a left-over serial number for Color Finesse.  After posting questions to Adobe support, searching the contents of my "Contents" disk, and just about everything else, I still don't see the

Color Finesse for PPro CS5??

CS5 Production Premium comes with a plug in version of Color Finesse, and on my system, I see that it is installed in AE, but I cannot find it in PPro, nor can I find an obvious way to install it to PPro. I don't see any installation options on the C

Color Finesse 3 & Premier CS6 ?

Hello i have Production Premium CS6 on my Win 7 x64, i am still new to  editing, just learning, but what i noticed is that i have in my AE -  Color Finesse 3, but for now AE is too complicated for me and i dont  like working in AE as when i import my

Color Finesse 3 and AME CS4

I'm sorry, I'll have to be brief, but I came up with an issue regarding Color Finesse and AME. I already had used the plugin once without problems and exported at least one video with it, but now, everytime I export a video and AME opens, the followi

Color Finesse problem...

Hi, I'm using Color Finesse 2 in PP CS3 and when I use the Full Interface Mode of Color Finesse the preview screen shows absolute inacurate colors. When I apply my settings (ignoring the preview screen), the output effect is okay - it's just very ann

Premiere 5.5 and Color Finesse

Folks I have a strange problem.  I converted a project from CS3 to CS5.5 and now my color finesse settings have disappeared and returned to default.  I have spent weeks perfecting the color matching to have it all goto waste.  Is there anything that

Adobe's Color Finesse vs FCP's Color -mask tracking capability

I just came back from the HD expo in NYC and one of the speakers/presenters there was a colorist.  He showed a commercial that he had colored using FCP's Color Application.  I came home to check out Adobe's Color Finesse for comparison and noticed th

CS5 Color Finesse Serial Number caution

Adobe supplied me with the wrong serial number for Color Finesse 3 in CS5. I started a case with Tech Support but after exchanging emails this weekend then an hour and a half phone conversation with 2 reps today, they were unable to assist me. In fac

Often I can only right click or double click in after effects (usually while using Color Finesse)

Hey, I can't seem to find anyone else that is having this issue. I use Dynamic linking from Premiere to color a project using Color Finesse in After Effects. Whats the timeline is dropped in, I'll drop in the color finesse effect, open up color fines

What is CS5 Color Finesse??

Hi I have just installed adobe master collection. as part of the package i received 3 serial numbers. I used 2 - one for the master collection and one for adobe acrobat. the third serial number is for cs5 color finesse. I was not asked to use it - i