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Can not view ABC iView on tablet

I am unable to get ABC iView to work on a 10 inch tablet with Android 4. iView works perfectly with the 'Dolphin' browser but I only get a blank screen after iView says to "Tap here to activate plugin".I have tried that and now I just get a blan

Video out from ABC app to my TV

I have ABC's app that allows me to watch their shows. It works fine on the iPad, but when I connect an Apple Composite AV cable to my TV all I get is sound. No video. I have my iPad set to video NTSC but I don't get it on my TV. Any ideas out there?

When trying to view a TV program on ABC network, I get the commercial, but it hangs when the program is supposed to start.

I wanted to watch a video on ABC TV. When I started the process I was able to see the commercial (preceding the program), but after the commercial completed it stopped rather than show the program. I encountered the same problem with Orca (a browser

HT4437 How do you stream live tv from an abc app from my iPad 4 retina to my tv using Apple TV?

How do you stream live tv from an abc app from my iPad 4 retina to my tv using Apple TV?you use airplay mirror if that does not work then it's because the app block the feature how you turn on airplay mirror http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5209Read oth

My iPad 1 streams ABC player app to Apple TV but not consistently, need help troubleshooting.

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that the ABC Player app could be streamed from my iPad 1 to Apple TV, a pleasant surprise, but inconsistent. Last night when I tried it, no joy, just got the error message, no audio or video. However, then I tried t

ABC-analysis in Open Items report

Good day, dear experts! I got a task from my chief to find out how to use menu path "Go to - ABC analysis" in Open Items report FBL1N/FBL5N. Everything I've found is a message "ABC analysis not possible here", Message no. 0K076, and ol

Vendor report for ABC indicator field

Hi All, My client uses field ABC indicator in the purchasing data view of the vendor master. They want to have reports based on this field. Are there any standard reports in SAP which can give total purchased value and quantity for a vendor with spec

Unable to Create Requestor ABCS using AIA Constructor in Jdev

Hi Gurus, I'm currently trying to create ABCS Requester with J developer using the AIA Service Constructor. The Composite Application shows the BPEL Component and the target services under the Composite screen.When we click on the BPEL Compo

Totals, Subtotals and ABC Analysis buttons missing from ALV.

Hi, I have used FM REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY in my report without specifying a PF-STATUS that means STANDARD PF-STATUS is used in ALV, and moved from Quality to Production, till yesterday all the features such as Sort, Filter, Local file along with Tota

Table /xyz/abc does not exist in the database

Hi experienced developers, I created two transparent tables in customer name space in development system, transport to quality together with program using the tables, everything fine, no errors, no warnings. Then transported to production. No errors,

"File does not exist: /etc/apache2/htdocs/ABC/script" why?

Hey all, on Linux error.log I go: "File does not exist: /etc/apache2/htdocs/ABC/script" when I try to use the browser connecting to system. Why? Any help is fine. Thanks a lot in advance and best regards Michaelget it myself ip adress in wgate c

How to define ABC class field in the Customer Master Sales tab

HI All, can any one let me know how to define the new  ABC class in the Customer Master Sales tab like below. u2013 A (> 6,000,000 ) u2013 B (> 1,000,000u20136,000,000 ) u2013 C (> 100,000u20132,000,000 ) u2013 D (< 100,000 ) can any one let m

Scheduling error. ABC said Castle but horid "Scandal" aired instead

EIther there was an error in scheduling or Verizon and ABC are lying! Expecting to see Castle Monday evening, we could only view disgusting new show Scandal. Is there a FAQ for setting the set to box to skip ABC?Indeed there is. You can build a favor

Problem Invoking a EBIZ webservice from ABC Service

Hi, I need to invoke a webservice of EBIZ in a ABC Service.For that I created a partner link of the webservice and created the properties wsseHeaders,wsseUsername,wssePassword in the partnerlink for ebiz service call and I also have this properties d

Error while deploying ABCS with custom XPATH using AID

Hi All, I use a custom xpath function as given below in the Provider ABCS BPEL. <copy> <from expression="sql:queryToWhereClause(ora:getNodes('xxx','xxxx','xxxxxxxx'))"/> <to variable="variableName" part="predicate&q

Unable to deploy a Requester ABCS

Hi All, I am trying to redeploy a requester ABCS service from the JDeveloper IDE. Even though the Build is successful it fails while deploying in the server. I was able to deploy the same interface earlier but not now. Please Help!!! Error Details: [

Hi all....new user here! I currently run (successfully) the ABC "i view" app on ipad

Hi all, I'm a new user of Mac Pro, so hang with me...I run the ABC "i view" app on iphone and ipad..but cannot run it on my Mac via safari. It comes down to an acrobat/adobe issue...I''m probably missing something really obvious, can someone hel

Units field XYZ for field ABC of DataSource ZRST Message no. R8147

HI, When I'm trying to SAVE my datasource ZRST, I've got following error. Units field XYZ for field ABC of DataSource ZRST Message no. R8147 In extraction structure of this datasource thare are at least two fields that use the same unit field. Accord

Select query gives result in abc order instead of creation order

Hi, I used the following command in sql command window to insert some rows to my table: SQL> SQL> insert into regions (Region_ID, Region_Name) values (1 , 'Zafon'); 1 row inserted SQL> insert into regions (Region_ID, Region_Name) values (2 , 'Has

Need to transfer field KLABC (ABC Classification) between CRM and R/3

Hello Group, We plan to make the R/3 field KLABC (ABC Classification) of a customer (R/3 Table KNVV, Attribute KLABC) available in SAP CRM under Customer's sales area data. It should also be maintainable in SAP CRM. After some analysis we found out,