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command click not working chrome


Command click in Yosemite does not open a new window

Command click in Yosemite does not open a new window.  ??Is the checkbox in this screenshot checked for your Finder preferences.  If so uncheck it and try again.Read other 2 answers

I would like all links to open in the active tab, unless I command-click on the link.

I've searched for answers to this question, and I was able to adjust the values for preferences in about:config so that all links open in the active tab, but after doing so I am unable to command-click to open a link in a new tab. Is there any way to

Command + Click on link to open in new tab suddenly not working

I am an enthusiastic user of command + click to open a link in a new tab, but it suddenly stopped working earlier today and I cannot figure out how to re-enable this feature. I'm on the beta release cycle at version 7.0, with several addons installed

Command click to open link in new tab no longer works in google scholar

Well the question basically says it all. Starting a couple of weeks ago, i have not been able to command click links to open in new tabs (I am on a mac, OS X 10.6.8). This includes links to google books as well as library links. This only happens on

Command-Click Channel Icon Selects inverse in CMYK/RGB channels?

Photoshop CS4, Mac, PPC OS 10.5.8. When i command+click on a channel icon to select the contents of a channel in CMYK or RGB mode, it selects the white/highlights instead of the shadow/content of the channel. The opposite is true when I command+click

Command click in 10.4.11 and Safari 3.0.4

I just upgraded to 10.4.11 on my MacBook Pro laptop. Before the upgrade, when I wanted to open a website new window, I would "Command click" on the link and it would open the site in a new window. Now when I "Command click" it does not

Command click to open new window not working

Command clicking my favorites in Safari does not open them in a new window. "Command + Click opens a link in a new tab" is checked under "Tabs" in the preferences plane. MacBook Pro (17-inch) OS X (10.10.2) Safari (Version 8.0.4) Any h

Command clicking in timeline disabled?

I am trying to select multiple clips in the timeline by holding down the Command key and clicking on them. FCPX just keeps jumping to the new clip I click without maintaining the highlight of the previous clip. Command key works with all other key co

Command+Click in bookmarks isn't working properly

before I updated the recent security update, the function works just fine in bookmarks. In Safari, command+click is suppose to open a link in a new tab section (it's set under the safari preferences). This command+click works under bookmarks as well.

Command click in spotlight (mountain lion)

Hi there, Did anyone else notice that command click in spotlight on mountain lion does not open finding in the folder of the file that you clicked on? Worked up till the last version.... Or am I doing something wrong here?I had this bug too until I c

Command Click in edit changes color white balance and tint in edit

Command Click in edit changes color white balance and tint in edit, what is happening?robwouds: Welcome to the Apple Discussions. Must be a hidden keyboard combination for temperature and tint. Not sure if the user can set different settings of each

Can't select multiple objects in Pages 10 with "command+click".

I've always been able to "command+click" to select multiple objects in Pages. However, since I updated to Pages 10, this shortcut does not work. Any thoughts?Apple is trying to make the iOS version and Mac versions match. Some incredibly stupid

Why doesn't command-click always open links new tabs?

Right-clicking on links and selecting "Open link in new tab" always works as described, but command-clicking on links only sometimes opens them in new tabs. I am guessing that it is Javascript related, but why can the contextual menu work, and n

HT2307 How can you shut off the option command click shortcut that minimizes all windows?

I can't find a place to turn off the option click shortcut that minimizes the last window and option command click that minimizes all of the other windows. Is there a way to do this? They don't show up (or I can't find them) in the Dock Preferences o

"When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" option has no effect on command+clicking on links.

Whether this option is ticked or un-ticked, command+clicking a link will open the link in a new tab and immediately switch to it. Is it possible to change this behavior so that command+clicking on a link will open the link in a new tab in the backgro

Command-clicking a layer does not select it in the Layer panel

In earler version of PS, command clicking a layer in the artboard would select the layer in the layer pallet so it could be manipulated. This does not seem to be the case in CS6 (I'm getting the highest level group selected)Command key brings up the

Photoshop CS6 [ Command + Click ] Layer Selection "Problem" Solved

Good afternoon fellas, I've recently noticed something uncommon when working with Photoshop CS6 under Mac OS X 10.8.x. When I naturally tried to select a Layer by the [ Command + Click ] (let's say) shortcut, it failed. This little thing was driving

Command+click and drag to select multiple files

Hi everyone, I switched about a year ago and recently joined this group. I love OS X and will never go back to windoze, however after recently upgrading to Tiger, I went to command+click and drag to select multiple files in order to drag them to the

User form: to execute some operation at server side for a command click

jurajsiska Apr 11, 2006 7:56 AM I'm creating a customer user form. I want to do some thing at server side when a command is clicked, but don't want to save any modified value until user clicks "Save" button. There is property for command display

Unwanted feather when command clicking on a clipping path...

I've been completely stumped by this... every time I command click on the clipping path and either try to duplicate the selected area or mask it, it puts a feather on it. I have checked that all of the feather options have been set to zero in the sel