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Command Prompt Basic Commands


Installing XP with OEM + Upgrade

I found this post in a recent thread: From: Blah_jg I had the same issue using a OEM full version of XP Pro. The OEM version did not present me with the option to reformat. I had an Windows XP Update version from a previous PC install. I used it and

Encountering a RunTime error when I try running from command prompt

When I try to load my class from the command prompt I get the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: MiniTriangle Since this seems like a pretty basic error, I'm hoping there's a black and white solution to it. Unfortu

Is it possible to run a java program without using the command prompt?

Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to run a Java program (not an applet) without using a command line in the command prompt? Basically I want to run a program that will be continually running in the background and hence I don't want to have a

How to save a fmb in the database thru command prompt?

Hi, How to save a fmb in the database thru command prompt? I have around 25 fmb template files which needs to be saved in the database.Every time when we apply the new dump , we need to resave the templates in the database to compile other applicatio