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Command Prompt Basic Commands


Installing XP with OEM + Upgrade

I found this post in a recent thread: From: Blah_jg I had the same issue using a OEM full version of XP Pro. The OEM version did not present me with the option to reformat. I had an Windows XP Update version from a previous PC install. I used it and

Column format for Describe

Hi guys, I got a small question here. The question is regarding the column formating in SQL prompt. basically we can use DESCRIBE <table_name> to see the columns existed in a table. the column headers appear are "Name", "Null", a

Xdb and authentication-mode

hi, i use xdb's httpserver as gateway to plsql, instead of apache's mod_plsql. i set a DAD and configured it with basic authentication. everything works fine. but basic authentication uses db users, however i need to use application users to authenti

Custom Login Module for Tomcat to procted apps using Oracle Access Manager

Hi all, I have the following scenario. A web application deployed in Tomcat to be protected using OAM. One solution is to use Access Gate though we have other alternative as Proxy infront of Tomcat with a webgate. Now I am implementing the Access Gat

Deployment of software through Group policy does not work

Hi all, I am trying to deploy a program through Group policy, specifically winrar, any client computer is able to install the program. Please find below the events from the workstation: Log Name:      Application Source:        Microsoft-Windows-WMI

Memory/BSOD issue with MB 790XT-G45

System Specs: MSI MB 790XT-G45 (ms7388) AMD Phenom II X4 940 processor (AMD heat sink) EVGA GTX 460 Video Card Crucial Ram  BL25664AR80A.16FE5 DDR2 Ballistix - PC2-6400 (800MHz) SPD (default) Timings = 5-5-5-12 Maximum Timings = 4-4-4-12 Voltage= 2.0

I want to effect a change for about 100 users - basically I want a command-line solution in CentOS. Is there a reasonable way to automatically associate .ica files with /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfica so we don't get prompted by Firefox? TIA.

I would like to write a script to do this for about a 100 CentOS users. I don't want each of them changing preferences on their browser.Hello Oddsbodkin, It looks like the creator of Netflix Desktop has a site for the project here: https://answers.la

Encountering a RunTime error when I try running from command prompt

When I try to load my class from the command prompt I get the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: MiniTriangle Since this seems like a pretty basic error, I'm hoping there's a black and white solution to it. Unfortu

Is it possible to run a java program without using the command prompt?

Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to run a Java program (not an applet) without using a command line in the command prompt? Basically I want to run a program that will be continually running in the background and hence I don't want to have a

How to save a fmb in the database thru command prompt?

Hi, How to save a fmb in the database thru command prompt? I have around 25 fmb template files which needs to be saved in the database.Every time when we apply the new dump , we need to resave the templates in the database to compile other applicatio

How to call the javascript through Command prompt?

I need to call the .js file through command prompt. And also through programming language like c++, java. Could you please advice me with samples.This is for "illustrator cs".You can also look into use of COM scripting interface to the Adobe pro

DIsabling printing of the sql statement in command prompt

Hi. I am connecting to an access database with my java application. Problem is, it prints the connection and the sql statement there. Is there any way to disable it? Example of what is seen at my command prompt: connection is dbc:odbc:Inventory Syste

Reading states of usb-6501 kit from command prompt?

Hi all! I have been planning to use USB-6501 kit as one part of my test bench. There will be need of checking state of some relays on  tested  unit. I would like to connect  6501  to those relays and read those states using bare command prompt comman

Darwin/BSD Command Prompt after Logging into OSX 10.2.4

I just installed OSX 10.2.4 and after I log in, it sends me to a black command prompt which says the following: Darwin/BSD (Macintosh.local.) (console) Login: I tried using the login and password I use at the OSX login screen, but it doesnt work. Any

Executing multiple command lines in command prompt (windows)

Hi, I am currrently using the command prompt in the windows to try to send a command to the microcontroller that is connected through TCP connection. I am able to use the normal cmd.exe to send the command but am unable to send all the command succes

MDX Qyery from Command Prompt

Hi All, Can i execute MDX query from Command Prompt. If yes how can i execute please give me example i want to execute the below query. SELECT [Year].[Qtr1].Level.Members ON COLUMNS, [Product].Levels(0).Members ON ROWS FROM Sample.Basic. Thanks a ton

Prompt command with JBuilder

i have just purchased my first JAVA book "A Framework for Programming and Problem Solving" Anyway, I have not gotten far at all because it asks me to use the prompt command early on to find the directory or make up one. I don't understand what t

Hiding the command prompt when executing bat file

Hi, I hava a bat file which contains following java -jar MyJar.jar When I execute the bat file, the jar file is executed. But a command prompt also opens along with it. I dont want to display the command prompt to the user. Is there any way to hide t

Command prompt UI

Hi. Is it possible to create a UI like those command prompts and terminals in Operating Systems like Windows , Linux , Mac ...etc using Swing ? How should I do so ? The basic way which I can think of is using a text area a display and a textfield to

Can you specify the RH version from a command prompt?

When using command prompts to generate WebHelp output, is there a way to specify which version of Robohelp will be used? Here's the situation: We recently upgraded all of our help projects to RH8, installed RH8 on our software build server, and are n