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Keynote and multiple choice quizes

Does anyone know of a way to create a multiple-choice quiz with Keynote? What I mean is, can you create links from a question page (with video and text) with 4 options and then create pages responding to the users' choice...correct or incorrect... th

Need Help Fast! Page is dispalying twice in quiz

I have created a quiz using tips from another post in this forum. I insterted a regular slide with a continue button before the quiz questions. I insterted another regular slide at the end of the questions with a re-take button that points to that fi

User cannot Click Anywhere to Continue on some quiz slides

In Captivate 4, on some quiz slides, after the correct answer has been submitted, the user must click on the "click anywhere to continue" box in order to move ahead. This happens only on some quiz slides. Others, the user really can click anywhe

How do I create a reader extended quiz that cannot be saved after submitting form

I'm trying to creat a quiz (using a form) that can be submitted via e-mail from the client. I cannot use "distribute form" as this will be used in a factory environment on a shared computer. How do I make the form so the quiz is not saved with t

How to get the output .pdf file of a quiz to report to the quiz results analyzer on my internal server (mamp)

I created a quiz. Created an internal server on my compute rising a MAMP. When I publish my quiz using the multi-file publishing options... I am able to use both the "HTML" and the "swf" output files to complete a quiz and reporting th

Quiz in Adobe captivate???Please help???

I am trying to create a 5 question quiz for customers at a tradeshow. customers walk by the computer, enter their name, answer the quiz, submits it. once it is submitted, it displays the screen where a new customer has to enter his name again and sta

Outputting quiz results to E-mail / Excel

Hi everyone, I am a multimedia computing student currently on placement at an organisation. I am designing an e-learning package at the moment and am fairly new to Captivate. I have designed a package which consists of 6 question slides. I have set t

Next button in Review Quiz not working in HTML5.

Hey folks, We've created a course in CP7 and when I take the course on a Computer (SWF) everthing works fine, but when I take the course on an iPad (HTML5), and go into the Review Quiz section, the Next button is not working. When I click it you can

"False" in quiz is always graded as "True"

I'm new to Captivate.....using version 6.  I've created 3 short quizzes with a variety of questions. The problem is, there are several true/false questions, and each time the students answer True to a question that is actually False, it grades them a

How can I delete Quiz results???

I don't know and that's what I am trying to figure out. It seems that once the results are captured by Quiz Results Analyzer, it's not easy to remove them. Sounds like they are in some database somewhere. I can UNINSTALL the Captivate Quiz Results An

Inconsistent Continue button function when Retake Quiz button is present

Hi, I am using Captivate 4 on a Win7 computer.  My problem is this.  I have setup a 10 question quiz at the end of my module.  On the results page (slide 37), I have a Review Quiz button, a Retake Quiz button, and a Continue button.  The user can ret

Quiz Reporting - No results are populated! Please HELP

Greetings, I am currently developing a quiz for internal use. Something very simple. I publish in flash, I have only 7 (short answer) questions. However when I complete the questionaire, my email client launches with the proper subject line, but that

How to edit quiz for children

I teach kids who've failed to learn to read at school. I can't figure out how to start a quiz page and enlarge the text greatly, move the locations of the three words I'm comparing, and use a smiley face for the right answer. It's beyond me at this p

Sending results of Quiz via email

We are playing with the email function here, sending the results of a quiz to an email address. This seems to work fine however we all have outlook email accounts assigned to our usernames here at the college. The problem or issue is: When this quiz

Can you provide descriptions for a Windows Computer in SCOM 2012?

I have a customer who uses a very generic naming scheme for their desktops which makes it hard to know which machine is which.  The naming scheme basically uses a 3 letter acronym for the departments followed by a set of 4 numbers.  So it looks somet

Cap 6.1 - Error with .flv videos in quiz

I have 5 .flv videos in a quiz and they used to work flawlessly. I had some install/uninstall/subscription issues and inadvertently updated captivate from 6.0 to 6.1 (dont know if this is the issue) and ever since I have had errors. The error is easi

Incorrect fonts on Quiz results screen

Hello, I'm using font Frutiger for a captivate course, upon a client request. On my computer, everything is fine. On the client's computer, all screens show frutiger, except the quiz results screen. The labels do appear in Frutiger, but the variables

Can I make multiple set of Quiz in one project ?

My project is a computer multimedia lesson , It's contain 12 Units and there are 12 exams and 12 test , Can I make 12+12 Quiz and there individual result pages... or another way i can manage It ,,, in off-line base. thank you...A simple approach woul

Quiz Timings in Captivate 5.5

Hi I just had a couple of questions to ask about quiz timings and wondered if anyone could help? 1. I understand that you can apply a time limit  to a question slide and then present a timeout caption when that time is up but can you do that for the

Captivate 7 - project to HTML5 video (external) and back into project at Quiz location

Hi, I am new to using Captivate and my company has me using Captivate 7. I am tasked with creating a project (blank project) importing a video, and then returning to the Captivate project to take a quiz. The video quality is not good in HTML5 or MP4