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Concept Question about EDI and Error Processing

Hello All, This is a concept question, I was wondering how others would approach this scenario. Let's take this scenario. In EDI often the transmission for a purchase order comes in with an invalid material number. Normal error processing is for the

Java Usage Concept Questions

I have a java Command line running program. Which allow input/edit data of clients and store them into a Flat file. The problem is that i have to make a GUI, ( a thin web based client ) and using only HTML and Javascript. The next step is the db shou

Why do questions in presentation pause the playing?

Can anyone resolve these issues? When I place a quiz question (of which there are many types) in a sequence of screens (Captivate 5 on a mac) there are issues: 1. the subsequent screen does not play smoothly...Can I resolve this? Putting in a quiz qu

Java application- database related concept question

hi Friends, I have 2 concept related questions,can someone please help me on how to implement them.I am making a java-based VOTING application.First thing,I am making a generic application,so I don't know how many contestants would be there in each c

INCLUDE File Concept Questions

Hello All! I am extremely new to ABAP development; most of my experience is in Windows Programming. While building a Local Class Hierarchy in an INCLUDE file, I ran into a few "quirks". Hopefully, answers to these questions will help me understa

Concept question

Hello All and Happy Friday, I have a quick question from a newbie. I am running my db on a Redhat5 host in ARCHIVE LOG MODE. I have my archived redos going into two different locations. u02/oradata/CUST/ and s/22/san/flash_recovery_area/CUST

Anyone heard of static Constructor? Pure Concept Question

Hi All, I guess this is a little obscure but let me ask this anyway. Has anyone heard about a "static constructor"? No I am not talking about a static block in your code. I am talking about a static method which will be called every time you mak

Forms-launched Reports - General Concept Question

With client/server forms and reports in 6i I launched reports by selecting them directly off a menu (mmx). This brought up the report's (attached) parameter and then the user ran the report. I'm re-engineering the application in 10gR2 and the documen

Flash question for Presenter

Hey everyone, I would really appreciate any help I can get with this issue. I'm trying to figure out a way to track viewers better. Basically a slide comes up with a quiz created in flash. The user will click a submit button (not in the flash) that h

Concept question on these technologies: Xquery, XSU & XSQL

Hi, I wonder if anyone thought about this: I tried out a few samples on Xquery and that does meet my requirement -- "Convert my relational data into an XML". Recently however, I learned there are also other technologies like XSU or XSQL(?). I te

Concept Question : Migrate SQL Models

Hi Oracle SQL Data Modeler users. I have a question. How, if it at all, do you migrate a Database from Version 1 of the model to version 2? e.g. I've created the tutorial for a library. (Patrons; transactions; books). Now I've generated the DDL and i

NSS/LVMS General concept question

I have an existing SLES10 OES2 server that's just sitting doing iPrint, DNS, and DHCP. Processor-wise its not working hard, but hard drive-wise its pretty full. My question is this: I want a new "Public" directory akin to my old Netware servers.

Simple java2D concept question

Dear all, I am trying to write a chess game, but I am new to java2d. I really need some help on the java2d concept. Here is what I plan 1. A Main Class 2. A Chessboard Class 3. A Chess Class I need to create a chessboard at the begin of the game, the

ASO Concept Question

Hi, I noticed that we have a Dimension sort order and Dimension solve order in ASO Cube ? 1) Can you please let me know the difference between them ? I have always felt ASO as a grey area. 2) How does the ASO perform calculation ? Is the calculation

Concept question: message determination

Hello! My scenario is the next: i have to send an extended idoc when a ZEN1 and ZES1 delivery type is crated. I have to modify user exit in function IDOC_OUTPUT_DELIVERY. All is create through output determination. My question is about how to program

Some concept questions

Still reading Java 2 Exam Cram by Bill Brogden ISBN 1-57610-291-2 in case you need a reference. #1 pg. 44 Chapter 3 Java Operators with Primitives and Objects "One final note on the shift operators: If the right operand is larger than 31 for operatio

Dataguard concept question (data loss?)

Hi! On the primary side I have: - mirrored redo log files - archiver creates a archiving file every 30 minutes for example - archive file gets transfered to to standby system On the standby side (physical or logical) gets updated when it receives an

SID_hostname.env concept question:

Hi. I am cloning from TEST to DEV. In my DEV devappl I see the SID_hostname.env is pointing to this context file: CONTEXT_FILE="/oradbi3/oracle/devappl/admin/DEV_mydb.xml" Yet the DEV_mydb.xml does not exist there - only the DEV_mycl.xml (cl, no

Deploying reports in Oracle portal concept questions

How does the portal know about database instances? Hypothetically, userid parameter is set to abc/[email protected] How does the portal know where the "test" instance is?since you mention the userid parameter i assume you are talking about Oracle Report

Simple Method/Object Concept Question

I really appreciate everyone's help! Thanks you. I know that for action to take place in Java objects, blocks of code called methods are used. Methods tell an application what to do when buttons are clicked, menus are opened, and text is typed. Metho