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Error while creating connection pool "FATAL: database "null" does not exist

Hi, Iam trying to create a XA connection pool using postgres driver (postgresql-8.3-603.jdbc3.jar) on Weblogic from the Admin Console. I have provided the following info in the JDBC config Driver Class Name: org.postgresql.xa.PGXADataSource.

RFC_FAILURE affects Connection Pool

Using VB.NET (2003) with .Net Connector 2.0. An intermittent problem causes a RFC Call to fail, and an exception is raised in the .NET code. The Exception message is:      See RFC trace file or SAP system log for more details The Trace file shows: ER

Connection pool / db failure

WLS6.0 sp2 / Win2k Oracle 8.1.7 / Solaris 8 problem is if DB fails, the connection pool fails, and will not restart. If I run a java weblogic.Admin EXISTS_POOL command, it says the pool doesnt exist. If i run a RESET_POOL, using the system user passw

RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: Time limit exceeded. Connection Pool - JCO api

Hi Everyone My Connection  Pool parameters JCO api. client=300 user=SISGERAL_RFC passwd=****** ashost= sysnr=00 size=10 I have these parameters on my Connection Pool and sometimes appear these wrongs in my application: 1. 2006-01-07 13:20:

Connection Pool Failure: "No suitable driver"

Hi, Upon server startup, I get the following result: <Nov 7, 2001 4:18:32 PM CST> <Error> <JDBC> <Cannot startup connection pool "ora cleTrufflePool" No suitable driver> I assumed it was a path problem, but in the startWe

Connection Pool Failure

Hello. I'm using wls 5.1 and Oracle 8i and an unable to make a connection pool. I keep getting the following with the message below. Where and how do I change my path? weblogic.common.ResourceException: weblogic.common.ResourceException: Could not cr

Easy JNDI + Connection Pool Question

This is an easy question: Once I get the object represented by my connection pool from the Weblogic JNDI tree, how do I get a connection from the returned object of type weblogic.common.internal.ResourceAllocator? I keep getting ClassCastExceptions.

Create A Connection Pool In the ServletContextListener

The Specification says that we should create the connection pool in the ServletContextListener. I have the code for creating a connection pool (see below). How do I create it in the ServletContextListener? import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.

Issue JDBC connection pool with Glassfish and Oracle XE 11gR2

Hello, I am experiencing an issue with pinging a JDBC connection Pool. I installed the following without any warnings or errors: Operating System: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Oracle XE 11gR2 ( database Glassfish I will refer to the s

Configuring JCo3 Connection Pool with single sign on on non SAP Java server

Hi Everyone, i have configured a connection pool on JBoss as per JCo3 Documentation and is working great. Now I need help to configure this connection pool with single sign on so that RFc on SAP ECC systems are executed using end users credential rat

Recognizing alternate connection pool

hi.. Currently, If a connection pool fails due to a TNS failure, application instance also fails, it has lost connectivity. But I need, my application to recognize an alternate connection pool, such that if transactions time out on one connection, ap

JDBC Connection pool recovery after DB server restart

I am finding that Kodo is throwing the following exception after I restart my database server (mysql). I am doing the database server restart while my application server is idle, so it is not during a transaction. Communication link failure: java.net

RCA Connection Pool idle Time-Out takes no effect !

My question description goes here. According to JCA specification, I developed my 'ManagedConnectionImpl' class from the interface 'ManagedConnection'. I realize the 'destroy()' function to send out logout request to the EIS. Then I deployed the conn

Serious connection pool problem on Tomcat

Hi, We are deploying our JSF creator-made app onto Tomcat 1.5. We set up our JNDI datasource on Tomcat (using the i-net driver ). Initially the pages load ok but after a short period of time we are getting these errors: Initialization Failure: javax.

JDBC connection pool failures when used by JMS stores

          We are using WebLogic 6.1 sp2. We defined a separate connection pool for use by           a JMS Store.           <JDBCConnectionPool Name="sybaseJMSPool"           Targets="cluster00"           InitialCapacity="2"

External Connection Pool - No Available Connections

I am using Toplink 9.0.4 in an application deployed on WebLogic 7. Toplink is configured to use an external connection pool. Under heavy load we sometimes exhaust the connection pool. When this occurs we start to get failures when trying to acquire c

Dynamic Connection Pool Creation Failing in a cluster

Hi, I am trying to create a connection pool in a clustered environment. This connection pool is created lazily behind a Stateless Session Bean. We first attempt to determine whether, the connection pool exists using JdbcServices.poolExists(someName),

Oracle connection pool problem (dbcp binded with  jtom)

Hi, my webserver is Tomcat5.0.18, I want to offer the connection pool and transaction management in my currently system I know in Tomcat5.0 version, we can use the DBCP to offer the database connection pool service, to apply the transaction managemen

WL Connection Pool bad behaviour

My WebLogic server is configurated with two connection pools towards an Oracle and a Sql db servers. Unfortunately, when a DB server goes down the WebLogic connection pool is not refreshed until I RE-START the WebLogic server. In particular, it seesm