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Convert char to currency

Hi all, i searched alot but couldn't find solution. i have l_value char(45) field value has 4560 I need to convert this into vbak-netwr field in sales order user exit MV45AFZZ when i assign vbak-netwr = l_value. I am getting 45.60 in vbak-netwr field

Convert Char to Date format - Evaluate

Hi, Could anyone provide us the Evaluate formula to convert Char to Date format 2009-06-20 should be converted to 06/20/2009 Regards, VinayHi, Refer the below threads... Re: How to convert string to date format? how to convert character string into d

Convert char to ascii code and vice versa

HI Is there any function module to convert char to ascii code and vice versa. Thanks in advanceHi, be careful if you have unicode running in your system. URL_ASCII_CODE_GET is platform-dependent so it will return the internal HERX representation of t

Convert Char to Date in SQL Server

Hello Experts, I am trying to convert Char to Date but getting error in Universe designer. Can anybody advise please? Thanks, RaviHi, Try with CAST() and CONVERT() functions. For more information refer use this url : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/l

Convert char to dec

Dear all ,     I have to convert char to dec , my requirement is to covert  12344434 to 123444.34 . note i don't want 12344434 to 12344434.00 . Thanks in advance DebeshYou can try like this. DATA : v_tot_len TYPE i,         v_off_len TYPE i. DATA : v

Convert char * to LPCTSTR

How I can convert char * to LPCTSTR. I reading msdn but I don't know nothing sensible to do. Thx for all hepl.If your program is not using Unicode as the default, then "char *" is the same thing as LPCTSTR; the compiler will see the same thing,