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convert iso 8859 1 to utf 8 linux


Cannot change charset from 'ISO-8859-1' to 'UTF-8' ?

I've programed a web application with Facelets. As I start the first page "index.html" I got the following exception: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Attempt to change ContentType after calling getWriter() (cannot change charset from 'ISO

Iso-8859-1 to UTF-8

JExpert, The encoding of my current servlet is iso-8859-1 when i execute the following method. How can I change it into UTF-8?      public void displaySkinFile(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp, String skinFile) throws ServletException

How convert ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) to char

i use java read some web page, it contain ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters, like this: &#233 &#234(i removed ";" at end) how convert it to char? thanks.Tin, I think you're looking for Charset.decode and maybe encode. keith.Read other 3 an

How to interface greek fonts (iso-8859-7) with labview for linux 8.5.1

I am trying to interface an Labview Linux application with greek fonts ,how i can achieve this out ? I want to use iso-8859-7 icharset. I am using a gentoo distro. Can anyone help me  ? thanks.... Ελευθερία σημαίνει ότι μαθαίνεις να έχεις απαιτήσεις

Convert from ISO 8859-1 encoding to UTF-8

Hi My Os name is 'SunOS ut51109 5.10 Generic_144500-19 sun4v sparc SUNW,T5440'. I want to change the encoding of the existing .bcp file from ISO 8859-1 to UTF-8 with out using any temp files as these .bcp file will be pointed by an external table. he

UTF-8 encoding vs ISO 8859-1 encoding

The iTunes tech specs call for UTF-8 encoding of the XML feed file; a friend of mine uses feed generator software through his blog that uses ISO 8859 encoding. Is there a way to convert the latter to UTF-8 so that iTunes tags may be successfully adde

Conversion  ISO-8859-7- UTF-8  and UTF-8 - ISO-8859-7

Hi, I written this function to do a Charset conversion from ISO-8859-7 to UTF-8 and vice versa void ChangeChersetEncoding(String EncodingType) String GrammarText; try GrammarText = Editor.getText(); b = GrammarText.getBytes(LastEncoding); String strT

British Pound Sterling with UTF-8 and ISO-8859-15

Please excuse my long-windedness ... I'm simply trying to answer all possible questions up front and give the most possible information. I've searched through tons of forums and all over various sites and references and am not able to come up with a

How to set the Xml Encoding ISO-8859-1 to Transformer or DOMSource

I have a xml string and it already contains an xml declaration with encoding="ISO-8859-1". (In my real product, since some of the element/attribute value contains a Spanish character, I need to use this encoding instead of UTF-8.) Also, in my pr

Big5 to ISO-8859-1

Hi, I want to convert a big5 chinese character to ISO-8859-1 character (&#xxxxx;) Here is my code: String record = "���~"; //a big5 string System.out.println("BIG5: " + record); //Display ok byte[] b = record.getBytes("ISO-885

Convert utf-8 to iso-8859-1

Hello, sorry for my very bad english i use httpxmlrequest to answer a database and show resultin a div the string means utf-8 encoded by my javascript fonction and, of course, no result are found in the database. How can i convert the string to iso-8

Convert a UTF-8 string to ISO-8859-1 string

Hello. As you can see from my other post, I am working on internationalization. I could not find an appropriate entry in the forum already. I want to convert form data (submitted from an HTML UTF-8 charset page) from the UTF-8 format to ISO-8859-1 fo

Convert UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 in JMS receiver

Hi Freinds, We are sending an XML message to the MQ via JMS receiver channel and I need to change the character set from UTF-8 to the ISO-8859-1 while sending it to the MQ queues. Will this be possile? Please suggest how can I acheive this. Regards,

Convert XML-String from Codepage utf-16 to ISO-8859-1

Hi to all experts, our system is now unicode with codepage 4102 (UTF-16) and we do an Simple Transformation for creating an XML-String. before UniCode : xml_data = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>#<transactionReques

Abap Proxy Convert UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1

Dear, I have the following scenario: Abap Proxy-> PI -> WebService. I need to change the encondig UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 when the SAP ECC sends data to the PI. How do I do this? I have a XSLT program that performs the this conversion, UTF-8 to ISO-8859

XML Encoding Issue - Format UTF-16 to ISO-8859-1

Dear Groupmates, I have data in my Internal table which i am converting to XML using custom Transformation. Data is going to third party.The third party system requires data in ISO-8859-1 Format but SAP is generating the same in UTF-16 Format.I have

Decode UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1

I am using the Google Maps API, it return in utf-8, so for some countries, caracters are wrong, My server is ISO-8859-1 So, how to convert the result from utf-8 to iso-8859-1 ? I tried : <cfprocessingdirective pageEncoding="UTF-8"> <cfc

HTTP-Receiver: Code page conversion error from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1

Hello experts, In one of our interfaces we are using the payload manipulation of the HTTP receiver channel to change the payload code page from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1. And from time to time we are facing the following error: u201CCode page conversion er

Changing the xml encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1

Hi, I have created an xml file in xMII transaction that I feed into a webservice as input. As of now, the data in the xml file is entirely english text (it would be changing to have European text soon).  I gave the encoding as UTF-8. I get an error o

XML data encoding iso-8859-1 . Currently utf-16 is default encoding

Hello ABAP Gurus , Need a help from you . Scenario : We have SAP4.7 enterprise version which we have now converted to Unicode system . There is a BSP application which talks to an external web application (Non Unicode) thru HTTP protocol and sends da