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Convert XML to JSON format

Hi all, I need to do a POC on converting XML format to JSON format,i found that there is rest adapter which we can achieve this  , but i couldn't find the adapter in the list of adapters ,how to download this adapter from sap market place and also is

Matisse Compiler ...convert xml files into java files.....

We have a matisse compiler which reads the *.xml files and converts this into *.java files. Do we have a plugin for this compiler which can by used with MyEclipse or Eclipse.Does anybody know how to convert x.class file back to a x.java file.As Dr.Cl

Convert XML file to Jave  -- URGENT

Hi All, I am new to java xml. I got requirment like that.. source file is xml.. I need to read xml thru java and if any 0(Zeros) are found in any nodes of xml, then I need to comment thta particular node and store the output in new xml file with inse

[OSB] xml to json

Hi all, we need to transform xml into json and as far as we know josn is not supported directly in OSB. We found in http://www.bramstein.com/projects/xsltjson/ a stylesheet to transform XML to JSON but when we try to import that XSLT into OSB 10.3.1

Converting XML to Java in STB

I am trying to convert xml to java. Looking for simple and light way to covert xml to java in STB.Heh - all the tags in your question got stripped out by the forum-to-email bridge :-) Anyway, basically you just parse the XML data. You can use some ki

Converting string(which is an xml from the java side) to xml in flex

Hi,    I have an xml from the java side which i send as string over amf. I need to convert this to xmllist or xml and bind it to a tree. Could some one help me in doing this. My label field needs to be displayName this is my xml that comes as string

How to convert xml file to xsl using java

Hi all, I have an XML file with which i need to convert(transform) it to an xsl file using java. I am new to converting xml file to xslt.Please send me if u have code . Thanks in advance regards RamYou seem to be asking the wrong question. An XSL fil

Java code to convert XML file to ISO XML format

Hi Experts, I need to convert an XML file to ISO Xml format using Java code.I dont have any idea about the ISO XML format.I searched but what i am getting is ISO is an encoding in XML. It will be very helpful if any one can give me a sample ISO XML f

JAXB and inheritance. Converting xml to java object

I have a schema "FreeStyle.xsd" i used JAXB to generate POJO's . I get around 15 classes. I have a config.xml which is compliant to this schema . Now i want to write a java program which takes the config.xml and converts it into a java object .

Problem reading an xml file using java

i have a Com File which is called through .Net application and i made another java application that call the same COM file using JNI . but the problem is that the xml format generated from the Com file in case of the .Net application is approx 49.9K

Convert xml file to a 2D list - Urgent!!!

I have a xml file like: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE map SYSTEM "map.dtd"> <map width="5" height="3" goal="6" name="Hallways of Dooom">      <ra

Problem in converting XML to XML file

Hi, I am trying to convert xml file to another xml through command-line interface but failed. java oracle.xml.parser.v2.oraxsl data.xml data.xsl data_new.xml My xml and xsl files are: 1. XML file <employee_data> <employee_row> <employee_num

Converting xml/xsl to pdf

Hi, I am using apache's FOP 0.20.3, xerces 2.0.0.beta4 and xalan j.2.2.0 to convert xml/xsl file to pdf. The code is same as the one given in the org.apache.fop.apps.Driver class. <pre>      Driver driver = new Driver();      driver.setRenderer(Driv

Convert XML to SAP internal table

Hi gurus, My program is suppose to get current exchange rate file from website and upload it in SAP. by using FM 'HTTP_GET', im getting the data in XML format.My problem is..i have tried to use transformation but failed to map it against XML data ele

Convert XML string into XML

Hi All, Can you please let me know for any sample code in xslt/java mapping for converting XML string into XML. We use SAP Pi 7.0 My XML string starts like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>  - <ns0:MT_ReceiverFileSt

HTTP transport error: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: java.security.PrivilegedActionException: javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: Message send failed: String index out of range: -7

All - I'm new to consuming web services in JDeveloper. I'm using Oracle JDEV  I'm using this version since it is compatible with Oracle EBS 12.1.3.  My intent is to pull data from our third party recruitment app (Success Factors) and l

Installing XML Parser for Java v2

I downloaded Oracle XML Parser for Java v2 and looked in the doc directory of the unzipped files but couldn't find any doc about installation. Can anyone point me in the right the direction or tell me how to install and use it to convert XML files st

How to connect to external web service and convert XML to a table

Hi experts,   I need to connect to external/non-SAP web service and convert XML in that site to a SAP table? Is there a function call(SE37) to do this? Is it a must for me to install AS JAVA or PI and configure enterprise service? Please provide a li

How to convert xml to non xml in business service

I have created a business service which routes the data to the respective given email addresses.But the body of the body is in the form of xml tags but need the body to be in normal document type format. I have tried converting xml to mlf format(with

Convert XML string into DOM

Hi all, I have a question here regarding converting XML string into a DOM document. How can I do this in Java? The Document.Parse() methods do not have one that takes in String as its parameter. I'm not sure what is the best way to do this in Java. A