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Sharepoint 2013 Download registration issue

this is what is get when I go to register. 3 different machines. Server Error in '/en-us/evalcenter/wizards' Application Server Error in '/en-us/evalcenter/wizards' Application. 'countryCode' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not e

SharePoint 2013 - Document Set Capture Version History. Does each version captured for each document set keep a copy of all the document stored in the document set?

Hi All, We have currently encountered an issue where even though version control is turned on in a document library, changes made to the metadata of a document set is not tracked in a version history.  We have found that in order to this a user will

Copy sharepoint 2013 subsite names to top level site list

How could I copy sharepoint 2013 subsite names to a top site list by using workflow?Hi, In SharePoint 2013, we can use REST API to get all the subsite names in workflow, then add the values in to the list. REST URI: http://WEBAPPURL/sites/SITENAME/_a

Formatting issues in sharepoint 2013 when copy/paste from word document

Hi,  When we copy/paste content(rich text, tables, styles) from a word document to SharePoint site whole formatting is messed up. is this the limitation of SharePoint 2013? Thanks,  Shiva.Hi Shiva, Some styles for font of rich text aren't be kept whe

Problem with uploading files to SharePoint 2013 in cloud using web services. Keep getting error message and don't know why.

Hello everyone. I am having trouble writing a utility that uses SharePoint web services to upload a file and metatag it. It keeps throwing the following error message: "The request failed with the error message: -- <html><head><title&g

SharePoint 2013 Reporting Services

I have setup SSRS properly on SharePoint 2013 server. Most of the reports are working fine. I have one report which is not working. I have opened the report in report builder and it has a data source define as http://servername/_layouts/SPASMXService

Can't change the master page after upgrading to SharePoint 2013.

After upgrading our farm to SharePoint 2013 we are having trouble changing the master page for sites that don't have sub-sites. We are still using the v4 UI version, and that appears to be what is causing the problem. The error we get when going to /

Files are not getting updated in sharepoint 2013 because of office upload center error

Dear Team, I am getting upload failed/upload error in Office Upload Center. Scenario: I opened excel(version is 2013) file from sharepoint 2013 application and closed and after updating. Later when I opened the file I got error like "UPLOAD FAILED We

Hybrid Search not working from SharePoint 2013 Online to SharePoint On-premise

Hi, I have setup a SharePoint 2013 Hybrid environment setup with the following – Windows Server 2012 R2 SharePoint Server 2013 with April 2014 CU SQL Server 2014 ADFS 3.0 using SSO with Web proxy and DirSync SharePoint 2013 Online tenant on Office 36

How do I show/refresh data from an Access Web App in an Excel spreadsheet saved in a Document Library on Sharepoint 2013 online

I have an Access 2013 Web App in my Sharepoint 2013 online website. It contains a query to report on its data (several, actually, but let's keep it simple). I want to connect an Excel spreadsheet to the query, visualise the data in pivot tables/graph

SharePoint 2013 event receiver error

I am currently working on a SharePoint online project. I am facing a strange issue. My code generates 6 documents in 6 different document libraries along with other metadata. When I save data to a List, the event receiver fires and creates all the 6

Unable to save lookup field data in SharePoint 2013 online list

Dear Support, I had successfully created provider hosted app and deployed on SharePoint 2013 online site, in my project I created orderservice.asmx.cs web service and write a code for save record on SharePoint 2013 online list as I mentioned below an

OOTB Left Navigation error in Page Layout SharePoint 2013

I created a SharePoint 2013 master page through Design Manager in Sharepoint 2013 and created a page layout like we do trough sharepoint designer as in sharepoint 2010 steps are below SharePoint Designer--->Page Layouts---->New Page Layout now i wan

Sharepoint 2013 foundation central admin "something went wrong"

I recently installed SP1 (the bad version before it was pulled) on my SharePoint 2013 foundation server. I ran psconfig and made sure my databases were up to date after SP1. I checked central admin after psconfig and everything was working and good t

Sharepoint 2013 vs Exchange 2010 SP3 search (Error while crawling LOB contents)

Hi there: We are trying to solve the problem: ERROR CRAWLING LOB CONTENTS when we wish to search Exchange 2010 SP3 public folder content on Sharepoint 2013 Foundation. Quick briefing: Followed this instructions: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/lib

[Forum FAQ] SharePoint 2013: Extracting values from a multi-value enabled lookup column and merge values to a multi-value enabled column

For some business requirements, users want to extract values from a multi-value enabled lookup column and add items to another list based on each separate value. In contrast, others want to find duplicate values in the list and merge associated value

ADFS SSO and SharePoint 2013 on-premise Hybrid outbound search results from SharePoint Online - does it work?

Hi,  I want to setup an outpund hybrid search for SharePoint 2013 on-premise to SharePoint Online. But I'm not shure if this works with ADFS SSO. Has somebody experience with this setup? Here's my guide which I'm going to use for this installation: I

How to open and read Excel Sheet from SharePoint 2013 Document Library using C# Visual Studio 2012

Hi, To achieve these are the steps that I had followed : 1. Add the document Library path into Central Admin -> Application Mgmt -> Manage Service App -> Excel Service App -> Trusted File Locations 2. Add Documnet Library link to Trusted Conne

Migrating to Sharepoint 2013 from 2010 - Can you use the same URL for the Web Application without affecting the 2010 environment?

Hi, I am currently trying to migrate our SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint 2013. The first thing I'm doing is creating a 2013 development environment to verify that this migration goes smoothly. I'm also doing this so that we will have a test

Saving/Opening documents to SharePoint 2013 from within Office 2010 applications

I was hoping that Office 2010 would work nicely together in terms of saving to and opening documents from SharePoint 2013. Alas, I was disappointed and somewhat surprised to see that opening/saving documents in SharePoint from within Office still inv