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Customize Data Manager Package

Hi m new to sap bpc nw version.Can anybody help me for the following issue 1)I want to copy data from one sorce member to multiple destination members. I have used Copy Data Manager Package  in BPC NW Version,but its not allowing me to select multipl

'Merge Data Values' on data manager package

Hi there I have a query with the 'Copy' data manager package.  We are currently selecting 'Merge Data Values' which appears to be finding anything where the key already exists and replacing it with the new data.  That's fine. However, our user is wan

How to copy data from one BB to another via Desktop Manager

I've got two BBs (8900 and 9300), both actively in use and with different data (contacts, memos, etc.) on them. I need to copy my tasks, memos and contacts from 8900 to 9300. I tried "switch phones" option, but it substitutes data, while I need

Error when Trying to Copy or Import Data via Data Manager

Hello Experts, I was trying to do an Import using the package in Data Manager and i Got this error: [Admin-ProcessPartition]Errors in the OLAP storage engine: The attribute key cannot be found when processing: Table: 'dbo_tblFactAppname', Column: 'AC

Copying the data manager package

HI All, In BPC,  I need the contents and packages of my data manager package to be copied from my production server to Testing server.(I want the entire contents in there, to be copied.) Can anyone suggest me, how can i do that??Hi, I meant that you

Database Management Copy Data - Replace Option

Can anyone provide info on how this works? we are using 9.2.1 When using database management to copy data, when using the replace option, even if we only pick a few accounts to copy, it is erasing all data in the Target scenario. Does the replace opt

Change of sign when running the data management package

Hi All, I have written a script logic for copying my Budget member under category dimension to say another member say "XYZ" under category dimension and this is for my Member Sales under ACcount dimension having acctype as inc. When i run the lo

Error while running data manager

Hi If I run the copy function in the data manager I am getting this error. "[Errcheck] An error occured while checking an error from webservice. 91: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." What should I do now ? Thanks and Regards

I have downloaded an app called My Data Manager but i can no longer find it in App Store to share with friends

My Data Manager by Mobidia appeared in the App Store and I downloaded it for testing. I updated to IOS 7.1.2 I was impressed with the app so I sent the link to other iPhone users for them to try whilst we tried out our iPhone Pilot. When they searche

Copying data to its corresponding type folder is mandatory...?

hey ...if we copy data into our playbook from other source....than we must copy it to its corresponding folder for ex. if want to copy video into PB than we have to copy it into the videos folder of the PB ....why is it so..?no alternative is there..

Using own SQLite DB in combination with Data Management

Hi, Currently on a huge project we're we are using LCDS 3.1 in combination with a AIR 2.5 client. I've been reading "Using Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES2 version 3.1" and I have a question. In the chapter "Building an offline-enabled app

Copy Data from Non CBF Planning Area to CBF Planning Area in APO DP

Hi Experts, I am working in APO implementation in an automative client, here we have material type Vehi and configurable material. I have done my forecasting in Non CBF planning area . Now I want to copy Key figure of final conenses forecast which is

BPC10 - Data manager package for dimension  data export and import

Dear BPC Expers, Need your help. I am trying to set up a data manager package for first time to export dimension - master data from one application and import in another application ( both have same properties) . I created a test data manager package

Prevent Data Manager Package to be startet at certain times of the day

Hi We currently have an issue as described below. During month end closing SAP BW data is updated to BPC 3 times each day. This is done using a Data Package linke performing 8 steps in total. This DP Link works as expected. The problem is that while

Calculated members in Data Manager when run package

Hi All Do you know why calculated members in C_ACCT dim (which has child and are calculated by hierarchy) are not available in data manager when I want to run package. I want copy this calculated members to another account by using script logic and r

Data Manager Package Error in SAP BPC 10

Hi All, I am getting below error message while running the Data manager package /CPMB/LOAD_INFOPROVIDER in SAP BPC 10. Screenshot is attached for your reference. Please help in solving this issue. Thanks & Regards, Ramesh.Hi Vadim, Please find the Ad

Copy data between Apps filtered by  workstatus

Hello all gurus, BPC 7.5 NW I am copying data between apps. I want to do it with abap code because I use BADI. I dont want to copy all data, only data that have been filtered by WorkStatus. I cant use DESTINATION_APP in Script Logic because I need to

Copying data between Applications

Hello all, Is there a recommended approach to copying data between applications within the same application set? I have a cube that's the mirror image of another cube, excluding the difference in dimension names. I want to pass data from one cube to

Execute script logic using data manager

Hi all, Could anyone explain me how to run a script logic using the data manager? The only way I get it working is adding the script logic into the defaul.lgl file and running the default formulas package via data manager. How can I run an specific s

Data Management tools to go along with our PeopleSoft applications.

Hi All.  We're looking into Data Management tools to go along with our PeopleSoft applications.  So far we have done a little looking into solutions from Informatica for Data-Archiving, Data-Subsetting, and Data-Masking.  All three appear to have pre