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Types of tables for databases

I'm making a table for a recordset which is ultimately for a Log In User behavior. What do i need to do with my table values to properly create a website that users can log into and have information that they can alter to make their profiles personal

Cannot get Hostgator email with IMAP to work with Thunderbird

I have cpanel for VPS hostig with Hostgator.com One of my domains, www.fasttractionmarketing.com has webmail with hostgator wihich is working properly. I have been trying for hours to get email set up with Thuderbird client. I have dlownloaded Thunde

Hosting Software - cPanel, Plesk, others?

What hosting software have you had the most success with? We're having horrible problems with cPanel right now, and I would like to confirm it's our host, rather than the software itself. I have used Plesk, and never found it really lacking, though I

My sites have been hacked and hostgator has told me to "Disable javascript - Use the firefox addon noscript" and I don't know how to. Are all updates always sent to me as that was another point made to prevent hackers? Thanks you. David. in English

What are malicious scripts and what causes them? Over the years hackers found it hard to trick people into visiting suspicious sites so they're now targeting legit sites and using them to infect unknowing customers. In most cases an FTP account's pas

Popup windows are small and cannot be resized in Firefox v31.0. v30.0 and earlier does not have this problem. Example: Hostgator's SmarterMail. XP, 7, 8.1.

My webmail interface is SmarterMail from Plesk as supplied by Hostgator. When Firefox updated to v31.0, I lost the ability to send mail because the popup windows for "New", "Reply", "Reply All", and "Forward" are to

My website only shows the bottom half of my page once uploaded to my cPanel direct from Dreamweaver CS5.

My website only shows the bottom half of my page once uploaded to my cPanel direct from Dreamweaver CS5. Please see here www. cmenco .com It has a slider and pictures above like the image below: This does not show and I have tried everything. Help wi

Linking Azure website with Remote mysql database in Cpanel

I am creating an azure website eg calvynlee.azurewebsites.net In my hosting cpanel account, I create a mysql db & user, in order to link the azure website with this mysql db, I had place a "%" in the remote mysql section. It works, but when

Can't FTP or use CPanel with router; okay without

We have a WRT-54G router connected to a Surfboard SBV5222 cable modem. Recently I started having problems connecting to one particular website via FTP and via CPanel.  I get error 530 "Login authentication failed".    I get this error from any c

How to make changes with HostGator using Iweb

Hello I can not seem to make any changes to my web site created in iWeb on HostGator. Thier IT folks can not seem to figure it out, please advise. MPs: how do I clear history/etc so I can see any changes ? Clear your browser's cache (Command+Option+E

I cannot access the cpanel of my website

I have a personal website, but I cannot access the cpanel (http://www.*insertaddresshere*.co.uk/cpanel) or (http://*insertaddresshere*.co.uk:2082/) Firefox does not even give an error, it just shows a blank white page and says 'done' in the status ba

Problem uploading iWeb site to Hostgator

I just created a site with iWeb, and got a host account with HostGator. My domain name came from NameCheap.com, so I changed the DNS as instructed. I then tried to publish my site. I entered the IP address that HostGator provided to me in iWeb's Serv

IMAP migration HostGator to Exchange online

The email migration tutorial provided by Microsoft provides detailed instructions for using a mail administrator account in the CSV upload file to avoid having to reset user passwords during an email migration, however it does not work when migrating

I changed my website's host and although I can access all existing mail and folders via the cpanel at my new host, my PC account now doesn't show the folders?

I had to change the details of my mail accounts to the new mail server details of the new host and also the port. All files have been deleted off the previous server. I did have a lot of folders with emails stored and I can access these through the m

Residential FioS unable to connect to HostGator servers since 10-5-13

Very frustrating. I haven't been able to connect to my servers, check email or conduct business due to this issue. According to HostGator, this is a Verizon issue that is supposedly being worked on. How long does this take?? I'm about to call Time Wa

Safari 3 (Leopard), Proxy and CPANEL access = crash

Just downright strange.. I host a few sites on a shared linux server with cpanel/whm as the site management platform... Updated to Leopard and now if I access the cpanel through a proxy server, Safari Crashes.. If I access the same sites without goin

Can't use Cpanel Web Disk in Mac OS

I can use a Cpanel Web Disk fine on a windows machine, but when I try to use it on my main computer which is an apple it doesn't work. It gives me a -51 error message.Not that it helps, but I'm having the same problem. Funny thing is, WebDisk worked

Anybody Used WHG FTP Backup Script for Cpanel?

Has anybody had experience with this script for automated backup with thier Cpanel software? http://www.webhostgear.com/174.html TIA, Jon Parkhurst PriivaWeb http://priiva.net.Or this service, or any data backup service? http://www.tranxactglobal.com

CPanel autodiscover conflict with Exchange

I'm curious how (mostly hosters) are dealing with the cPanel autodiscover conflict? The problem is it seems cPanel uses the same /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml setup as Exchange does. When Outlook does an autodiscover lookup it starts in this order:

Hostgator POP account configuration in Mail (Mountain Lion)

Hi, I have a little problem with configuring a Hostgator POP account in Mail (Mountain Lion). The following info is from Hostgator: Secure SSL/TLS Settings: Username: [email protected] Password: mypassword Incoming Server: gator4113.hostgator.com - P

How to migrate a CMS website to iWebServer, any possibility to access cpanel

How to migrate a CMS website to iWebServer, any possibility to access cpanel ?How to migrate a CMS website to iWebServer, any possibility to access cpanel ?Read other 6 answers