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My solution (or so I thought) to Power Manager/CPU throttling problems!!!

I have found a solution to all my Power Manager/CPU throttling problems!!! Though there is some good and bad news. {EDIT: The problem has NOT been fixed, even after latest PowerManager (3.62) and BIOS (1.30) versions. Pretty much ignore anything I s

G505s random cpu throttling!

This is really frustrating, my cpu can't decide what frequency it should be at when I'm running fullscreen applications. It keeps jumping between 900, 1400, and 2500 mhz. No this isn't the charging issue and my bios is 2.05. The other issue I have is

CPU Throttling New GT70 2PC GTX 870

Hello friends. I noticed something odd on my new laptop. I have encountered a few of the issues that others have mentioned with regards to wireless and believe I have mostly resolved that but have since started to notice performance issues that corre