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FA create accounting?

Dear all, I have a problem during the month end closing for Fixed Assets. I did run "Subledger Period Close Exception Report" before I close the period. There are 5 unprocesses transactions showing on the "Subledger Period Close Exception R

R12 AP create account process success while no journal entries produced

Hi, Enviroment:12.0.4 in AP, the invoice validate and create account all done successfully. while to query journal entries, there isn't any produced journal entries. During the create account process, there is no error message, therefore i cann't fin

Create Accounting-R12

Hi Friends, In R12, while running the create accounting, in the report parameters we have to select Include User Transaction Identifiers as Yes or No. What is the purpose of this one? What is the exactly meant by user Transaction Identifiers? regards

R12 : Disable "Create accounting" action in AR Transactions

Hi, I would like to disable the Create accounting" action in AR Transactions for a responsibility. Could somebody help me please? Thank you TianaHi Tiana; What is your EBS version. Please check below: http://oraclefinancial.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/h

R12 Difference between 'Submit Accounting' and 'Create Accounting' program

Please can anyone clarify the difference between 'Submit Accounting' and 'Create Accounting' program in AR in Oracle Applications Release 12?Balu, All concurrent programs are explained in the module user's manual. Oracle Receivables User Guide (zippe

Error:"Transaction type is not valid in GL Account(Asset Recon)",MIRO

Hi, We are getting an error "Transaction type is valid in GL Account XXXX" while posting invoice through MIRO. This GL account is Asset recon. account.The PO is created for asset aquisition for a quantity of 9. Initially GR was done for 9 but IR

Error when creating an asset

Hi All, My client uses an year dependent fiscal yr variant. I have maintained values for period 2008 and 2009. And generated period controls for the Yr 2009. When I try to create an asset the following error occures SYST: Error when caclulating fisca

Error when i create accounting

frist of all sorry if i put this message in wrong subject or wrong thread.this is my frist time in forum dear all, i use ebs r12 12.1.2 os Linux x86-64 when i create accounting i meet error this log : Application Object Library: Version : 12.0.0 Copy

Create fixed assets from within the transaction for creating the purchase order

Hello All, I have gone through the notes on help.sap.com related to automatic creation of asset master record at the time of creating purchase order.  I am not sure how do we achieve this? Link to the notes on help.sap.com SAP Library - Asset Account

Forgot to create Goodwill asset during asset migration

Hi In the migration process ,w eforgot to create a goodwill as an asset in asset accounting,but we migrated the balances into the respective GL accounts now we need to create this asset because for local balances we have to post the depreciation plea

Field to create accounting in AP-Payment

Actually I have EBS r12 on win2003, sysdate is today 1/15/2012 Oracle apps year still in 2009 which the same year of installation, I will close the prior year and open the current year as a physical year, but before that i want to insert the opening

Transfer assets collectively to new class and create new assets like ABUMN

We need to change the account determination for a few Asset Classes that already have assets with postings.  As a result we must create new asset classes and assign a new account determination. Is there a program that would allow transfer assets coll

Unable to create an asset

Dear All, While creating an asset for asset class came across an error message "Depr Key "LINS" not allowed (check your entry)" Need help to rectify this error. Regards, SultanDear Sultan, In this case you have not activated the deprec

Create accounting in Inventory

Hi All! I would like to know, how to do Create Accounting in Inventory and post it to GL? Typically, I have a receipt and its transaction details. I want to see theM in GL. Can I do it? If yes, how can I? Please let me know. Thank you. Arvi Edited by

Error -creating Recurring Invoice-R12, Version 12.1.1.

Hi, When I am creating the Recurring invoice in accounts Payable( R12, Version 12.1.1.) I got the following error message "APP-SQLAP-10000: ORA-04062: signature of package "APPS.AP_ETAX_PKG" has been changed occurred in Get_Quote<-Calcul

Transfer Button in Siebel Accounts Assets

Hello all, The Transfer button in the Accounts > Assets screen is showing the following error: Cannot create business component 'Bulk Inventory Txn Popup VBC' for applet 'Asset Bulk Inventory Txn Popup Applet'.(SBL-UIF-00300) We added the Business Co

Create accounting fails validate accounting def. completes normal

12.1.3 11gr2 windows 2003 32 bit Validate accounting report Subledger Accounting Application Report Date: Application Accounting Definition Validation Report Page: 1 Application Application Accounting Definition Owner Event Class Status Assets Assets

Query for Transaction number in Create Accounting = Draft Mode

Hi al!! I run the Create Accounting program concurrent in my R12 instance in DRAFT MODE, and when the concurrent program finish i want to obtain the TRANSACTION number of the transactions in the XLA_AE_LINES table, how can i do that ???... it's for A

Creat acquisition asset from affiliated company

Hi everybody I have some question about creating acquisition asset from affiliated company             When I creat acquisition asset from affiliated company, it appear wrong "contact your system administrater" (According to its Customizing defi

AR : Create Accounting

Hi All : Can any one help me in my problem when i going to create accounting in AR the Reguest give me error said __The subledger journal entry does not balance in the entered currency. Please verify the entered amounts on the journal entry lines_._