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Installing Oracle Database and SQL Developer

Hi, I was looking for some help/advice in regards to installing an Oracle Database and SQL Developer onto a Windows 7 32bit machine. I have been asked to create a database to store data that I create through reports in Excel so I am required to creat

How to create database from .sql file

how to create database from .sql file..?? i put the sintax query in a sql file.. and i want to call it in java code.. ho to do it..??why do you want to do this from java? i just don't see the point. find your dba and have him/her run it for youRead o

How to start or shut down database using sql developer in windows

Dear Sir/Madam, how we start or shut down database using sql developer in windows we are using oracle 11g release2, unix, java & oracle oracle weblogic administration Thanks & Regards Manish Kumar Datbase Team TCS Ltd.HI, Welcome to OTN form, SHUT

Cannot connect to database using SQL Developer

Ok. Here are the facts: 1) I can connect to the database using PL/SQL Developer. 2) I wanted to try SQL Developer and I am unable to connect to the same database with SQL Developer. I provide username and password and select "network alias" and

Tip in create trigger thru SQL Developer 1.5

I try to create trigger in SQL Developer, which simply delete all the related rows in other tables, the trigger is as below: create or replace trigger delregion after delete on regions for each row begin delete from countries where region_id=:old.reg

How to create a sql server database in SQL DEVELOPER.

I installed the SQL DEVELOPER 1.5.5, but i can't found where to create the sql server database in it. please kindly tell me if you feel free. Thanks so much in advance.Hi, Take a look at the main [ SQL Developer page on OTN|http://www.oracle.com/tech

Creating A New Oracle Database And Sql Developer

Hi, I'm a newbie to Oracle and and a not so newbie to Sql Server and Visual Studio. I am trying to learn Oracle on my local machine. I want to create a new Oracle Database and start learning from there. I have downloaded sql developer, the data model

Can we create a local database in SQl developer 3.1

Hi i am trying to create a local database that i can run in my machine. Which username and password should i use.Do i need it , where to get it. ThanksHi, SQL Developer is a GUI client to an Oracle database - it does not come bundled with one. You di

How to create a database using SQL Developer

Hallo, I am a user of OpenSUSE 11.4 and have Oracle database install in my system. I was reading this page regarding on creating a database. But I don't know how to launch DBCA in my system. May I know how can I launch DBCA in OpenSUSE 11.4? THanks @

I am not able to connect to database in sql developer.how to do?

I downloaded sqldeveloper iam not able to establish connection to database. Can anyone tell me ?Have you created a database (or have one you connect to)? Have you created the Net Service connections for SQL Developer to use? Does SQL Dev

Permission denied when creating database in Sql Server 2008 for SQLExpress

I'm getting an permission error while restoring the database. I'm using SQL Server 2008 SQLEXPRESS I'm able to create the user using this script " CREATE LOGIN [darth\vader] FROM WINDOWS; GO;" But when I try to give role to the user it's still g

Import / Export MySQL database in SQL Developer

Hello, I have version of SQL Developer Data Modeler and version 3.2.09 of SQL Developer installed. When I´m adding a new connection in SQL Developer, I can choose the MySQL tab an create a connection to a MySQL database. The connection test

Import / Export MySQL database in SQL Developer Data Modeler

Hello, I have version of SQL Developer Data Modeler and version 3.2.09 of SQL Developer installed. When I´m adding a new connection in SQL Developer, I can choose the MySQL tab an create a connection to a MySQL database. The connection test

Generating hourly report from oracle database using sql developer .Help

I am working on SQL Developer 1.5.1, i need to prepare hourly record of the activity on the database, for that i have a sql query that gives me the report as per selected columns on hourly basis.I need to prepare 24 reports a day. Each time i have to

Inserting and retrieving data from a al32UTF8 database USING SQL Developer

hi guys, Before i post my questions , i think its better for me to provide you guys with my understandings first so that it easier to understand where/if i have gone wrong.. I am using Window XP and Oracle 10g Non-unicode client - a client program th

Issue in connection with database using SQL Developer.

Hi, I am facing a problem in connecting to a remote oracle database, below are the configuration setting which i am trying to use in sql developer to make the connection TNS Configuration Details (SUDHIR) SUDHIR= (DESCRIPTION= (ADDRESS= (PROTOCOL=TCP

Cannot connect to Database in SQL Developer - TIMEZONE errors

Cannot connect to any database get the following errors. Status : Failure -Test failed: ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-01882: timezone region not found Tried change NLS settings to America (currently South Africa) but to no av

Error while connecting database from SQL developer

Hello experts, i have installed oracle 11g R2 database on WIN32 platform, and my database is working in sql plus but while connecting the same via sql developer am getting the following error: NO more data to read from socket Vendor code 17410 Kindly

About creating functions in SQL Developer

I have successfully installed Oracle SQL Developer.Also I have got a book on Oracle SQL Developer by Dan Hotka. After going through the book I could not a solution for creating and compiling functions without any errors.What errors? How about going t

Can't create connection in SQL developer

hi, i download sql developer from oracle website but when i want to start and start it with making new connection it always give me error saying test faild IO error: the network adapter could not estabilished a connection please help i am using windo