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create datagrid dynamically c# wpf


SilverLight Header Column should be the Checkbox in dynamically created datagrid

Hi, here I'm Creating the Dynamic datagrid for this DataGridTemplateColumn I'm creating using the StringBuilder and I'm assigning using append method. But I need the header to be the Checkbox ..How can I create the Header of the particular datagrid c

How to select all checkbox programmatically in a dynamically created dataGrid

How to select all checkbox programmatically in a dynamically created dataGrid as shown below <![CDATA[               import mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;                 import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;                 import mx.c

How to insert data into datagrid dynamically and also programatically with data and column names being retrived from a xml file..

iam not able to insert data into datagrid corresponding to the column names..as iam inserting both data and column names programatically..ie iam not able to co relate the data with the column names.plzzz help me asapA DataGrid is row-based rather tha

How to create database dynamically

Hi, Some one suggest, how to create database dynamically in oracle standard edition with an example. Thanks in advance,Hello, I'd ask in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) forum. Karl When you see answers and helpful posts, please cl

Creating a dynamic array in Actionscript

I am wondering how I would create a dynamic array in Acionscript, i.e. one that utilizes fields for mapping data like this: public var SMITH:Array = [            {date:"29-Aug-05", close:45.87, profit:52},            {date:"23-Aug-05",

Create a dynamic form where selected text boxes appears, based on options chosen in a drop-down box

HELP!!! Can anyone please provide some guidance on how to create a dynamic form where selected text boxes appears, based on options chosen in a drop-down box. I have a form which – based on the department that's selected from a drop-down box – will h

How to create a dynamic RTF report which creates dynamic columns based on dynamic column selection from a table?

Hi All, Suppose I have table, whose structure changes frequently on daily basis. For eg. desc my_table gives you following column name on Day 1 SQL > desc my_table; Output Name Age Phone On Day 2, two more columns are added, viz, Address and Salary.

How to create the dynamic report

Hi, please help me, how to create the dynamic reportHi,   Try this.. DATA: p_temp(30)  TYPE c DEFAULT 'ZTEST_REPORT'. TYPES: BEGIN OF t_abapcode occurs 0,         row(72) TYPE c,        END OF t_abapcod. T_ABAPCODE-ROW = 'REPORT ZTEST_REPORT.'. APPEN

How to create a dynamic hyperlink which point to a BLOB column

Hello, I am fighting with the issue for about 2 days. My purpose is to use Oracle Report Builder to build a report of our employee directory which contains employee's information and also employee's picture. The requirement is that our report is goin

How to create a dynamic form with bind variables :schema & :table_name

My application has two LOV's, one to select a schema, and the next to select a table within that schema. I then have a button which passes me to a report which displays the data in that table.schema. I now want to create a link to a form where I can

How to create a dynamic action from link column in classic report

I Have an apex page that display a modal window utilizing jquery. In the modal window I have a classic report with a link column that I want to capture its click event. I was thinking I could create a dynamic action with selection type=jquery selecto

How to create Exchange dynamic distribution list using multivalue extension custom attribute

I am trying to create a dynamic distribution list using an ExtensionCustomAttribute.  I am in hybrid mode with Exchange 2013.  The syntax I have is this:  New-DynamicDistributionGroup -Name "DG_NH" -RecipientFilter {(ExtensionCustomAttribute2 -e

How to create a dynamic view

I have 5 tables of which one table is transaction table which stores all the trasanctions it has near about 30 colms from which i need create a dynamic view... where user have to passed 5, 6 parameters and get the result . how can i create a precompi

Create a dynamic attribute for each user

Hi All, I request you all to let me know how to give an approach to the following requirement. REQUIREMENT: I have to create a dynamic attribute in UME for each user and the read the attribute on lead selection of a table having list of Users.       

Creating a dynamic lov based on a column

Hi, I want to create a dynamic lov based on a column in a database-table. Eg. the query 'select code, description from code_table' is the contents of the column 'lov_query' in the table 'parameters'. For every parameter there can be a different lov-q

How to create a dynamic mapping of columnar at the Runtime using ADF or JSF

How to create a dynamic GUI at the Runtime using ADF or JSF in JDeveloper 11g. What I am trying to build is to allow the user to map one column to another at the run time. Say the column A has rows 1 to 10, and column B has rows 1 to 15. 1. Allow the

How to create a Dynamic IAF in WD

Dear all, We'd like to create a dynamic interactive form based on a XDP in a WebDynpro application. How can we achieve this? We tried to use setDynamicPDF() and setInteractive(), but it looks like ADS doesn't create a dynamic pdf. Only the master pag

How to create a dynamic link in a Form to link to a specific FOLDER

Hello, I have created a reports of all employees of my department. This reports shows me the empno and ename When I clicked on a empno ( for example empno = 1 ) then then I got a MASTER DETAIL FORM about that employee(empno = 1) . Who he or she is an

Error while creating a dynamic internal table refers to custom field

Hi all, I am getting the exception TYPE_NOT_FOUND when I try to create a dynamic internal table using:- DATA: gr_desc TYPE REF TO cl_abap_typedescr. gr_desc = cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_name( p_field ). The field p_field is a Z-field inside a DB

Error while creating VO dynamically and assigning it to Table Region

Hi, I am getting the below exception while running my OAF page oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: Programming error. Row ([email protected]) must be of type oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OARow. I've created a dynamic VO using createVie