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Create Network Share Windows 10


Crashes when running applications from network share - "Windows cannot access the file for one of the following reasons"

Hi, starting a couple of weeks ago, we get the following error(s) when running applications from a network share. We don't know what causes this, we are not aware of any major changes in our network infrastructure or client/Server configuration. We d

Security Group Creation in Specific OU and Create Network Share For the Security Group

Hi, We would really want to create a PowerShell script that creates a specific Security Group within a selected Organisation Unit. Brief Scenario; We have created several Organisation Units. Each Organisation Unit contains another Organisation Unit c

Window 8.1 system unable to access network shares via VPN connection

Is there something inherent to Windows 8.1 that prevents it from accessing shares on a domain? I know that it cannot join a domain, but does that also mean that it cannot access shares which are on a domain? My problem is that I have several user tha

Creating a symlink directory on a network share to a path below a mapped drive letter, local path, or UNC path does not work

Am I correct in assuming I can not create a `symlinkd` to a network share, local path, or a UNC path on a network share that will be accessible by clients? ###Mapped drive letters don't work: 1) navigate to a network share: pushd \\windows2008server\

Windows 8.1 Network Share 0x8007003b Error Copying Files

Hi All, I'm having an issue when copying files from a Windows network share. If the file is above 5MB it will start copying and then after a minute or two I will get an error such as: Interrupted Action An unexpected error is keeping you from copying

Windows 8.1 laptops losing connect to network share

Good Morning, We have a few laptops that seem to be able to connect to our network file share and then al of a sudden, its unable to find or access this file server.  Trying to isolate what the issue could be.  I am going through GPO setting to see i

Error using Window Server Backup on 2012R2 Hyper-V to network share

Hi I have a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V server. It runs a Windows 2012 R2 VM (called server-1). I want to backup the VM to a network location (\\network-1\server-1_backup$). To do this, I installed Windows Server Backup from the command line and configur

Network share shortcut vanished windows 8.1 after microsoft updates

After updating a windows 8.1 desktop, the user complained that all of their "shortcuts" - which upon investigation are user created shortcuts to network share locations - are gone.    We searched for the shortcuts to see if the user somehow dele

Mapped Drive B:\ to a network share but does not show up in Windows Explorer.

I mapped drive B: to a network share but it does not show up in Windows explorer.  I can go to the drive by typing b:\ but is not visible in explorer.  But if I login as local admin it shows up in windows explorer.  Any suggestions?Hi Lloyd Reeves, B

Windows Network Shares do not work properly

Ever since installing LEOPARD (now running 10.5.2) my network shares on our Windows server are not working properly. I can connect in the office via cifs:// and the share appears. I cannot copy a file to the share. I get the following message: "The o

How do I set access to the same network share on a Windows server for multiple users on an iMac (school set-up) in Lion 10.7.3?

We've got them authenticating/binding with AD (after hours of troubleshooting to get working), and their Home drive on the Windows 2003 server loads in the dock, but they also want to be able to load the same network shares on the server e.g. "Studen

Problems with VPN and Windows Network Shares

I'm in the middle of a Windows domain migration and I've setup the two way trust for the domains. Cisco VPN clients authenticate against the old domain. A user with an account in the new domain and whos laptop is joined to the new domain (also has a

Net Use give error 67 when trying to mount network share in Windows PE

I am trying to deploy Windows 7 Pro by PXE booting Windows PE5 and applying a WIM file over a network share.  The problem that I am running into is that I get an system error 67.  I can ping the server with the network share with both the IP and the

Windows 7 SP1 client file lock on network share hosted ny WIndows 2012 Server

Hello I have one strange problem after migration from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 2012 Server R2 Standard.  All migration tasks went well but two things do not work. In Computer Management you have The Opened Files feature and if you open any file

Network shares in Windows 7: What am I doing wrong?

I bought the extreme 6th gen and it's working rather well however I'm running into issues trying to map network share in windows. I have a Seagate Slim 500gb bus powered external drive hooked up to the USB port on the back of extreme. There are 2 par

After moving shared profiles to Windows 7/32 Pro PC, I can't access them from XP box mapped to the profile share (P:\Profiles...) after editing profiles.ini to point to the network share. I can edit files in the profile directory from XP.

Previous configuration: Shared profiles located at D:\profiles\ on PC1 (XP Pro SP3). 2nd PC (PC2 also XP Pro SP3) mapped to \\PC1\Profiles via mapped drive P: and using absolute reference in profiles.ini on PC2. Remote profiles work OK on PC2. New PC

Windows 8.1 System Image Backup - Unable to backup to network share due to unsupported "version of the file format"

I have a Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit system that I am trying to make a system image backup via Windows 8.1's System Image Backup feature. The backup destination is a network share, but the image creation is failing with the following error:  The version d

Internet Explorer cannot open url in local Windows network share

Windows Server 2012 R2 as a domain controller Internet Explorer 11 64/32 Favorites are redirected to a Windows network share (on the server itself) Issue: When clicking a favourite redirected to the Windows network share, IE does nothing.  For testin

How to remove confirmation prompt when deleting from network share on Windows 8?

Regarding the question, on Windows 7 if I uncheck "Display delete confirmation dialog" I could delete a file without confirmation whether it's on local or network share but in Windows 8 this only affects the data on local drive only and if I try

Windows 7 - Files missing from network share after trying to burn and no data cached to be burned

I ran into an issue trying to burn some file from a network share using Windows 7 Home Professional.  I was trying to burn some .jpg files from a mapped network share drive using explorer.  Every time I would drag the files to be burned from the shar