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create secondary cost element in sap


Line item report on secondary cost element (cat - 21)

Hi Gurus, Secondary cost element with category 21 is used for internat settlement from order to wbs or wbs to cost center. But can we see line item report on this cost element. Or we cannot see any line item report on this cost element. it is just us

Reports for display secondary cost element

Dear SAP consultant After run settlement cycles we going to display reports for secondary cost elements but it is return zero balance, i know that when i am trying to drill down it will get the whole data. but it is not practical because the huge amo

Secondary Cost Element data in CO-PA

Hi, I have a doubt in CO-PA, regarding the flow of secondary cost element costs. I want to report the costs flowing through the Secondary cost elements (activity costs) in Profitability Analysis. Can someone advise me on process to do this. Thanks in

Update Functional Area on Secondary Cost Element

Hi gurus, I'm trying to update Functional Area on Secondary Cost Element. I've created a LSMW to make it but when I run the bacthinput the system give me a message in order to inform me that this changes might need a lot of time because there are sev

Secondary Cost Element Values doesn't display in Profit Center Report

Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with our Profit Center plan/actual/variance reports wherein it doesn't display the postings I made to the Secondary cost element when I executed an assessment cycle (KSU5). I already set in the configuration that all

Display of secondary cost elements in KSB1

Hi One of our customers wants to delete the view of Secondary Costs to a particular cost center in Actual View of Cost Line Items (through T Code KSB1). The costs flow to the secondary cost elements based on the activity type carried out. The system

CO-PA: COGS accounts created as cost elements

hello, I have a question regarding COGS accounts, being created as cost elements. This was not causing problems, because client was using real internal orders for profit analysis. In the next phase of project, during implementation of costing based C

Difference between type of Secondary Cost Element Category?

Hi, I checked the system, and during the secondary cost element (CE) creation, I can select some of the CE category as follows: 21 Internal settlement 31 Order/project results analysis 41 Overheads 42 Assessment 43 Internal activity allocation 50 Pro

In controlling secondary cost element cost is considerble for financial rep

in controlling secondary cost element cost is it considerble for financial reporting requirment. In controlling for pm orders based on planning in kp26 they are booking man hours  activity price. when at time of confirm of the order planning converte