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Create Service Account Active Directory


How to create "folders" in Active Directory Users and Computers?

Hello Community     In Windows Server 2008R2 when you go to Active Directory Users and Computer you will see icons of folders such as:     -  Builtin has a folder icon     - Computers has a folder icon     - ForeignSecurityPrinicpals has a folder ico

Error While Configuring the Shared Service with Active Directory

Hi All, I am getting a error while configuring MSAD with Shared Service, when entering the User Id and password and clicking next, the following error is displayed: "EPMCSS-05180:Failed to validate Security configuration. Failed to connect. Invalid v

How to create user in Active directory

Hello, I'm trying to create a user in active directory via the following example: String userName = "cn=Jef Klak,ou=Ps Users,ou=Users,ou=Managed,dc=xxx,dc=local";      Attributes attrs = new BasicAttributes(false);      Attribute oc = new BasicA

How to create a disabled account in Active Directory?

Hi all, I got the assignment to create AD accounts as soon as a new employee is entered into the hr system, which might be several weeks before their contract actually starts. Therefore the account should be disabled until the start of their contract

Automatically create users in SharePoint based on Active Directory OU

Hi, This is one of our client's requirements. Is it possible to automatically create a user in SharePoint and assign him/her read privileges on the portal when ever a new user is created in Active Directory? To re-iterate the above question in a diff