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Can I have multiple text entry boxes on one slide?

Can I have multiple text entry boxes on one slide, each with it's own possible answer without having to have a separte submit button for each? Message was edited by: Suzanne PettyI'm using Captivate 5 - I'm thinking I would like to put two or three t

How to save multiple new entries in one shot?

Hi, I am working on a pretty complex Create form. So apart from the standard form fields to allow user to enter the data, one of the sections in this form is a table which allows user to create multiple entries for this entity. And when hitting the "

QoS: Multiple acl entries cannot be used in match-any in class Match_XY

Hello All, I'm getting below error while trying to add the two extended ACL in the class-map for classifying the traffic. Is there any way I can add two extenteded ACL in the same class-map for classifying the traffic. Error log: "QoS: Multiple acl e

Converted XML not showing multiple data entries correctly

Hello I am creating a PDF Form from a xsd scheme but when I have data that could require multiple entries the converted xml is a mess. I am curently trying to create a way to add fields for multiple children. I created an expanding table and the fiel

Multiple Service Entry Sheet For PO Line Items and One GR Document

Dear All, We have just migrated from ECC 5.0 System to ECC 6.0 System. We are facing a problem while processing service entry sheets and the GR against them. The scenario is: 1. We create a maintenance plan 2. Upon saving the Maintenance Plan, a Purc

How to avoide multiple duplicate entries in adress book?

How to avoide multiple duplicate entries in adress book? I can add the same contact name and number more than twice and the phone isn't warning me at all!!! I's quite a heck for me.not possible from inside AB AFAIK. but you can do the following. in f

Multiple calendar entries in subscribed calendars

I have an IPhone 3GS (software version 4.3.3) and have subscribed to a calendar published from Outlook 2007.  The issue is that I get multiple calendar entries on the IPhone, and only on the IPhone, for calendar entries that have been edited.  If I s

Restricting Select Options to Multiple Single Entries

Hi All,        I have a requirement where we have two select options. I need to restrict only One of the select options to only accept multiple single entries. I have tried using the  'SELECT_OPTIONS_RESTRICT'  Function module. But it provided little

Export multiple response entries to combine PDF.

Is it possible to export multiple response entries into a singe multi-page (combined PDF?  This can be done externally using Adobe Acrobat Pro, but it would be extremely useful for distributing responses to clients especially since some cannot access



Specifying  multiple classpath entries in manifest file

HI all, I want to make one jar file executable so i have created the jar file with specifying manifest file including main-class & class-path. But my class-path is little over 75 bytes .There is restriction of entries should be only 70 lines.so jar f

Multiple Data entry profiles in ESS -Webdynpro?

Hi All, We have an issue here with the data entry profile. The current system(ITS with 4.6c) has multiple data entry profile, from which the employee can select the profile according to the personel area,  he is in. ( Employee can have multiple data

Multiple Sample Entries in the Sample Description (stsd) Box

Hi All, I am trying to play a 3GP clip which has H.264 video and AMR-NB audio. Unlike most other clips, the Sample Description (stsd) Box in the video track has multiple Sample Entries. QT player plays this file for about 2 seconds and then the video

Display Multiple Text Entries

HI, i am very new to Abode authoware 7......infact i just have the demo version so far...and intend to buy it if i find authoware useful.... well i have a project to take feedback from customers, though for now all i need is to display multiple text

About the multiple infotype entry

hi team,               multiple infoytpe  entry with fast entry of action data..............................can any one tell me steps for this............................................Hi, transaction code - PA42. Regards, Manoj.Read other 3 answers

Can't delete cards address book, multiple calendar entries

So far, it's been wonderful to have my information sync across three computers, with two exceptions: 1.     I can't delete an old contact in icloud.  If I delete on one computer, it pops right back up.  I've tried logging onto the icloud site itself,

Synching multiple calendar entries and not displaying events properly

At my work we have Exchange 2003 and all the latest patches / service packs. We setup to synch via SSL on the device. Plus we use Outlook 2003 and 2007 in our environment. Email comes over although delayed at times and contacts, but the calendar is g

Collate multiple calendar entries

Hi Guys, I have a family of 5 all on iPhone's and IPads with thier own calendars.  My wife and I also have work calendars.  To keep track of what our kids are up to we get them to 'invite' us to events in thier calendars (work shifts etc) so that if

Multiple calendar entry replicates

Whenever I try to use iCloud, many of my calendar entries, especially older ones, are replicated, and may be replicated multiple times. For instance, one repeated calendar entry is replicated about 20-25 times on each and every every day. Interesting

Multiple material entry in single notification QM01

Hi, We have a requirement wherein we need to enter multiple materials in single notification. Currently the standard screen of QM01 allows only single material entry. Please help in finding a solution for this. regards, SatyaHi Satya, Putting multipl