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crontab shell script with arguments


How to run a java class from a shell script with passing arguments

hi, I have a jar with all the required classes. I was using ant to run the classes i needed. But now i want to use a shell script to run the class, also the class accepts some arguments so when script is run it should accept arguments. So can any one

Do shell script problem in Applescript

Hi, I am an Applescript novice and have been trying to write a code to go to a particular folder, look for all files in the folder tree with extension .m2v and run an executable file to decode them. My problem is that when I run my code (containing d

Commands in shell script

Hai all, I need to write a script to add in the cron      a) exec a procedure if successful ,then      b) Truncate one schema table in the DB      c) exec a procedure Can anyone let me know how to do this ? if anyone have any pointers, for the same ,

Problem-Report generation using shell script

Hi We have the Production database and the Reporting database (copy of Production database), both on Oracle and Solaris 5.8. There is a package inside the Oracle database, which extracts some data from inside the database, and would generate

Error in calling SQL plus program with parameter from Shell script

This is my Shell script. I am trying to call in the SQL plus program with the parameter and the shell script is registered as a concurrent program. PARAMETERS=`echo $1 |tr -d '\"'` DB_USER_ID=`echo $PARAMETERS|cut -d" " -f3|cut -d"=&qu

Error while executing unix shell script from java program

Hi All, I am trying to execute unix shell script from a java program using Runtime.execute() method by passing script name and additional arguments. Code snippet : Java Class : try{      String fileName ="test.ksh";      String argValue ="s

Help in Shell Scripts

Hi, I am new to shell scripting, i am getting an error while i am running a concurrent program, the executable method is host. Below are the details. I am trying to copy the file from one directory to another one using the shell script. I created the

How I run a shell script from the scheduler on ?

Hello Oracle People, I'd like to run a shell script from the Scheduler in my 10g database. Right now it is a simple shell script. Eventually it will wrap RMAN commands to back up my DB. I wrote a simple pl/sql script to create a job: -- cr_job10.sql

Running Shell scripts from the desktop

Hi, I'm from the UNIX world rather than the mac one so have written a number of shell scripts. Lets call them foo.sh and bar.bash for the sake of argument. These are sitting in a folder on my desktop I can happily open a terminal session and run the