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Linked Image with CSS Hover background Color Jerks in IE8

Please see http://www.rrmuseumpa.org/about/musviews/index.shtml and hover over any of the five slideshow images, using IE8. Note that the hover causes a jerk when the assigned background color for hover kicks in, apparently by adding some vertical ma

CSS  coloumn background color Issue in IE8

Hi, JDev: The following style class is not working in ie8 where as it is working in FireFox. <af:column sortProperty="Description" filterable="true" headerText="#{bindings.SetupVO1.hints.Description.label}" style

Dreamweaver CSS div background color doesn't match .png menu button color on PC

Hello, I created a menu with buttons the same background color (CSS) as the background color on my CSS template. However, for some reason, the colors don't look the same on mac and a pc. The background on the menu buttons that I created (.png) match

Custom Action to change selected column's Background color for a table in CEWP

I have a OOTB CEWP. When I insert a table to this, I would like to see a context menu that would give me an option to change the selected cell's/row's/table's properties like cell padding/cell spacing/background color etc. How can this be achieved us

Background color missing

I'm a newbie just working on the Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial. It instructs me to go to modify>page properties> click on the background color box and select black (#000000). I did this and the background color is still without color. When I open the p

Change background color of document

Hello, With Design2003, the background color is gray. I would like to change it and put white. I saw that I can use <body bgcolor=" white"> but it doesn't work. I think I don't write it in the good place. Here is the main attribute of my B

Help setting the background color in the browser

I'm setting up my web pages to be 960 x 600 pixels (or possibly 960 x 660).  How do I define a background color for the overflow in case people are viewing on higher than 1024 x 768 resolution -  right now everything outside of my webpage shows up as

Region Header Background Color different to the theme template

Hello, for my apex application i configured the theme Blue Gray - 13. I want that my application displays all region-, report headers on every page in a different color, for example "magenta". My CSS Code in the page header on page1: <style t

Re:Setting background color in BSP using HTMLB

Hi All, I am new to BSP's and i am using htmlb tags .The problem is i am able to set the background color of the page using html but i want the same using htmlb tags.Is there any tag to do this or shall i have to use themes?.Please help me in this is

Header background color does not work

Hi, I would like to change the background color of the header element, but it does not work as I imagined First of all, here is the HTML: <body> <div id="wraper">   <header>     <h1><span>Pacific</span> Coasta

Can't update background color of library item.

I used a library item as a nav bar on my site pages.  I have changed the background color of the pages, but a different, older, background color is overriding the new one.  I get this error message: making this change would require changing code that

Background-color css ignored?

Hi there. I am designing the layout for a new site, but for some reason, on my footer the background colour is being ignored by browsers. I have checked in firebug and it doesn't even appear in the style window as having a background color property,

Css background color

I'm trying to have a color background that extends to the edge of the browser. For some reason I'm not getting the same results in different size monitor screens.... not browsers... different screens. For example. If I include html {height: 100%;} ..

CSS -- background color doesn't show with scroll bar

I have a nav bar with a background-color that shows up fine if the image opens to the right size.  If, however, the window opens small and I have to use the scroll bar to move things over, the color for the nav bar isn't there. Any thoughts would be

What CSS styles affect the background color of new suite bar?

There is a new suite bar in O365. What CSS styles affect the background color of the bar, app launcher button and the Office 365 text in SharePoint Online? I want to hide Office 365 text and add my logo there.Hi, What new suite bar did you refer to?

New App Launcher Suite Bar in 365: what CSS styles affect the background color?

There is a new suite bar in O365. What CSS styles affect the background color of the bar, app launcher button and the Office 365 text in SharePoint Online? I want to hide Office 365 text and add my logo there.Hi, Per my understanding, you might want

Unable to Edit CSS style panel to change Wiget background colors

Hello my name is Gabriel and Im designing a website using the Sprymenu Bar: Menu Bar 1 that I found on the adobie free template 1. I was able to edit the spry menu bar to drop down sub menu's but I was curious hoy to bring up the CSS Style panel so I

Is there any way to search CSS for a certain background color?

I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not. But I know a background color by using the pixie tool. I just don't know where the CSS Style sheet is for the button in question. Is there any way that I can do a search of CSS style sheets in a fold

Siebel 8 bits CSS background color

Whether accessed from XP or Windows Server, and regardless the version of Internet Explorer (6.7 or 8), changes made in .clsJLCMain section of the jctrls.css file are not taken into account by the High Interactivity Framework when the setting color o

Edit Band.css file to change datasheet view background color causes adverse effects

Hi. I'm using SharePoint 2007 still and we are using the blueglassband.master theme.  With this theme the background color of the site is a dark blue but this causes datasheet view grids to be extremely dark. I have found fixes to edit the .body tag