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Comcast Phone system down? Customer Service unavailable?

It appears that Comcast's phone system is on the fritz.  If you call their customer service number, no matter what menu options you take (I tried multiple), it just circles you back to the main menu again.  Over and over again. Any announcements on t

I am having an issue regarding a placed order via customer service department

I recently relocated to Anchorage Alaska as part of a permanent change of station per the United States Air Force. I was initially located on the East Coast in the lower 48 and at the time of activating my contract I had purchased two separate Iphone

Poor Customer Service

I am shocked at the level of poor customer service I get from Adobe sales reps on a consistent basis. It is as if Adobe assumes their products are without peer - so the sales team can take its customers for granted. I recently subscribed to the $19.9

Problems with Customer Service AND unexplained charges!

I've been with Verizon for I-don't-know-how-many years, and through the years you are bound to have a few problems here and there but some of the problems are just ridiculous! It's also the same reocurring problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was with Alltel fi

EE is committed to providing excellent "Customer Service"

I act on behalf of the account holder, my sister Ms Katharine ***** who is unable to deal with the account due to being registered with mental illness. She has difficulty processing too much information and at times back ground noise and general conv

Store rep signed me up under the wrong plan and no one in customer service has fixed it in over a month

I was bait and switched. I signed up under the pretense that I was getting the promotional rate of 40gb/$150 that was scheduled to end on November 5 2014. I walked  into a Verizon wireless store on November 4th with the intent to trade in my iPhone 5

Customer Service

I am having real difficulty in getting someone to take this issue on because I am not a number (RMA). We bought the MP3 player in July 200 for my son who is autistic. It is very important to him that his stuff looks right and he simply will not use s

Customer service issues, no complaint department!

Not sure I'm really asking a question here, just looking for a place to be heard!  Up to now my experience with Verizon has been good, however I've always been on the buying end, Verizon on the selling.  Recently though, I needed to cancel a line on

Customer Service Issue

I just finished speaking with your customer service department and have found myself MORE frustrated then when I called.  I have been a LONG standing Verizon customer (longer then the 2003 that I was told) and have always spoken quite highly about yo

Bought new, discovered it was tampered with or refurbished, now at a loss with horrible customer service and dead phone

I'm wondering where to go after 2 weeks playing CS phone tag, started with a tech call reguarding Iphone 5, battery issue, tech ran test, batt is consumed, went thru warranty talk then to Apple, as to our surprise once the serial number was ran , I p

Update to STB created a brick and poor customer service

To whom it may concern,  I honestly have lost all faith in Verizon FIOS and will start pricing to replace your service first thing in the morning. This evening I spent 1.5 hours on the phone trying to get my set top box fixed. This was a total waste

My experience in Toshibas product and customer services

Just a warning to people who may be considering purchasing a Qosmio based on my own experiences and the research I have done in the last week. Toshibas customer service is simply not what it once was and there are 100s of reports of Qosmios of all ge

Open-box warranty customer service despair

Hi evrerybody, I'm addressing you guys at the forums because I couldn't get a proper support from BestBuy customer service. They referred me to GeekSquad. GeekSquad referred me back to BestBuy customer service... On 23rd of March I ordered an open-bo

My email Conversation with Creative Customer Service Regarding MicroPhoto Rep

So I am having a problem with my MicroPhoto because it is goign to recovery mode and is not detected by P.C. (my original post, http://forums.creative.com/creativel...ssage.id=98326 ) Here is my conversation after sending in my info about my player M

Verizon sales associates and or customer service personnel practice deceitful behavior in order to eliminate unlimited plans in any way they can..

I called up customer service n order to shut off one of my lines as a disciplinary action towards one of my children. I'm sure its a fairly common event. As I was completing this task, the representative advised me that instead of paying the data pla

Appalled by the lack of customer service - NEW PHONE is DEFECTIVE

I was leaving for California at the end of July and needed a battery for my Galaxy Note 2. There were none to be found. Verizon agreed to allow me early upgrade to the Galaxy Note 3. After daily phone conversations with customer service, I finally go

What a dumb customer service!!!! and where the heck is my payment?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so furious right now to the point my whole body is shaking and I feel dizzy! I've been mailing out the check for $55 every month on 1st or 2nd of each month for past 2, 3 years now.  I don't get statements in mail, so I typed one page with the a

Customer service Complaint!​! Beware of hidden charges!!

I recently decided to install cable into two additional rooms in my apartment. I placed a call to Verizon and the rep quoted me $129.00  for the installation (new jacks and wiring included).  It did feel steep but I decided to go ahead and place the

Customer Service Complaint - Need Assistance ASAP and not getting it!

I sent in my Yoga Laptop for repairs two weeks ago. When I spoke with technical support, I was told that my laptop would be fixed within 7 business days, and returned to me. These 7 business days have since passed and I have yet to receive an update

What is the number for Verizon Wireless  Corporate Customer Service Complaint for CA

My Complaint:  I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for approx 20 years.  I called customer service to seek an early upgrade for my daughter's phone. She is away in college and her phone is malfunctioning.  She is eligible for an upgrade in approx