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Customize Outlook Appointment to show Default string

Hello Everyone, I have a requirement to customize Outlook Appointment Description field to show some constant string value whenever user creates new Appointment. Like there will be some set of statements  ....Test.... ....Test1.... and whenever anyon

Customize Outlook Today 2013

I would like to customize outlook today so I can see tasks in specific task folders.  I do not want to see just Todays Tasks but I have task folders such as Personal Tasks, Office Tasks, Goals,  and so on.  The alternative would be to show the catego

Mac Outlook 2016 Preview Crashing

Hello I have been using the preview for some time with no issues thus far. Today I logged in and began having Outlook crash on startup. I have searched the forums (on both vendors) and found the examples of deleting com.microsoft.Outlook, etc but it

Outlook 2016 getting crashed and throws an alert message as "microsoft outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close.

Hi, Today i installed Microsoft Office 2016 preview for my Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications are working without any problem. However, Outlook getting crashed and throws an alert message as "microsoft outlook has encoun

Office Preview Outlook 2016 crashes

I installed Office Preview 2016, but when opening Outlook, it initially tried to import from 2011 and then crashed. Now it crashes every time I try to open the application. Here is the error report: Microsoft Error Reporting log version: 2.0 Error Si

Customize Outlook Autodiscover Settings

I would maybe remove anything else you have setup and just use one method for handling autodiscover, generally my preference would just be a basic cname record so autodiscover.yourdomain.com points to autodiscover.hostedprovider.com - this should be

Sync of bold 9930 w software 7.1bundle to outlook home&business 2013 and gmail account

problem with sync of gmail google and blackberry Bold 9930 with 7.1 bundle software. Device has best file current setup not syncing device, computer and account.Hi, I found a similar thread and a solution: Back up all your code / projects etc. Close

No Office 365 connections via Outlook 2013

I am usually able to connect via Outlook 2013 to mny Office 365 Exchange accounts for email etc. But sinice Saturday 18th July have been unable to do this. Outlook truies to connect andcannot ending up in a "disconnected" status. I have re-insta

Create Outlook 2013 Calendar Report

Hi, Can anyone advise me on how I would go about creating my own template/report to print out a daily calendar from my Outlook 2013 (32 bit) running on Windows 7. The default daily print out is good but there are a couple of changes I would like to m

Adding a shared mailbox to a user's Outlook profile, who has reviewer rights only, via PowerShell

Hello Everyone, I'm working on trying to create something like a knowledge base for my company, and what I'm trying to accomplish is to create a shared mailbox on 365, add users to have read-only rights to the Inbox (which I can achieve via PowerShel

ICloud email won't download to Outlook

I just got Outlook 2016 on my desktop (beta) and added my other email accounts. My iCloud .mac address shows on the list of accounts under preferences, with the green radio button indicating 'all good', but there is no corresponding email box or emai

Outlook suddenly prompts for password / Exchange 2013

I just checked the internal DNS and the autodiscover record did not exist so I created it. The old server records were removed.I don't know if adding the record to internal DNS will solve the problem because all the clients are external.I also forgot

Lync 2013 standard deployment: Exchange 2010 Sharepoint 2010 and outlook 2007 collaboration

HI I have Exchange 2010 and sharepoint 2010 with all our user using outlook 2007. what options do I have for collaborations between these systems if I was to install Lync 2013. I have seen posts that mention that you cannot use outlook 2007 and lync

How to customize OI snapshot templates

Hi, Can you customize Outlook Integration snapshot templates? If yes, please provide the detailed steps on how to do this. I attempted this but it seems to have caused problems with the add-on. Thank you, HeatherHi Heather, Have you checked this link

Outlook 2010 profiles via Group Policy

We have already deployed Office 2010.  Currently, we are using Groupwise mail & will soon instead be using Outlook 2010 (with Exchange 2010).  We would like to create an Outlook profile and set it to be the default mail profile by purely using Group

Search by channel name in Vimeo does not work

For example, I enter "ecc" and all I get is a Canon video but if I do search on the Vimeo website I get numerous results. Any idea? Thanks, TimHi, As Cyber mentioned, we should first find out whether the search issue happened on the whole Window

Exchange to imap

we're migrating ~200 users from an internal Exchange 2010 server to an external Exchange 2010 server that will be accessed with a different hostname.  Most will be downgraded from Exchange to IMAP connectivity and some will be Exchange to Exchange. 

Command-X option removed from Mail app

Why was the single most useful Mail keyboard shortcut removed in the latest version of Mail.  I have used the Command-X shortcut to quickly and PERMANENTLY delete emails from the Inbox for YEARS.  This allows me to quickly dispose of mail that I know

The Outlook links do not connect to Firefox even after setting the customize option in Default Programs. Please help.

The''' Outlook links do not connect to Firefox '''even after setting the customize option in Default Programs. Please help.Message to Toad-Hall Thank you, for that. To be sure, I tried your suggestion, and selected "System Proxy" as the choice,

Exchange Server setting for Outlook 2013 in Office Customization Tool

Hello,  I'm try to configure Office Customization Tool such that when a domain user logs into any workstation, their outlook profile is automatically configured and the shared department email account is added as the secondary mailbox but it hasn't w